Terraced in Toronto – Garden Bloggers’ Fling 2015


I often get searches on gardens that are terraced and I guess this is good as time as any to profile a few. Currently taking a tour of more Canada gardens, so see you with more coming up. Continue reading

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Do Annuals Attract Butterflies?


Of course they do!  I have made a point to prove butterflies like a lot of annuals by planting them in my garden. Not every gardener thinks annuals really help insects, but quite a few annuals do. Continue reading

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Gaura – Everybody Wants Butterflies, but What About Moths?


Do you want a plant of loose texture and spidery form that is perfect for a relaxed, carefree border? A plant that lasts all summer and can take a bit of drought to still bloom?  Maybe a plant that even works a garden that goes shaggy and could grow through the grass. It’s a prairie plant after all.

Gaura looks best with the support from neighboring perennials. I have a very closely planted garden, so I have that covered for the three varieties of Gaura in my garden shown below. Also, it can get very weedy in warmer climates if it reseeds freely. But what about pollinators?
Continue reading

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