Eastern Europe Does Outdoor Cafés Really Well

Cafe-5Happy Thanksgiving. It’s time for festive food and family if you are lucky enough to have both.

When I was in Eastern Europe last month, I noticed how important family was to Eastern Europeans. Food was also something they took very seriously, using fresh food bought at large markets or grown at home. I will have a post on “home” cooked meals we had in private homes. It was part of the program we had to experience life in the countries we visited. Another food related activity I found charming, was all the outdoor cafés all over cities of Eastern Europe. Why are they good for cities?

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You Want Brrrrr, We Got it! Rime and Fog

Base-of-falls11-21-14-2Can you imagine walking those icy stairs? That is at the base of Niagara Falls with the huge plume of mist rising and falling to make that ice. Take a look at these images  and also the ones on rime fog. It is weather conditions that you probably won’t see for yourself first hand. Travel to Niagara Falls in winter to see the trees in ice and you just might see these sites. We are not even in winter yet, but local media has given November in social media the hashtag #Snowvember.

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Buffalo GOT BLASTED but We Get a Nice Day

Clouded-SkyBuffalo is under an epic 7 feet of snow today in some places, so no traveling this week. Roofs creaked then some fell. Niagara Falls only got much less than a foot, so I can take you around our area. Want to know about the famed lake effect snow? It occurs in the snowbelt areas of the Great Lakes Region and a few other places in North America. You just don’t see it everywhere that gets snow.

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