Buffalo GOT BLASTED but We Get a Nice Day

Clouded-SkyBuffalo is under an epic 7 feet of snow today in some places, so no traveling this week. Roofs creaked then some fell. Niagara Falls only got much less than a foot, so I can take you around our area. Want to know about the famed lake effect snow? It occurs in the snowbelt areas of the Great Lakes Region and a few other places in North America. You just don’t see it everywhere that gets snow.

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Pack to Travel – Make Your Travel Life a Breeze


St. Lucia

I love to travel, but all my friends knew how tentative I was to travel to Eastern Europe in the unsettling climate of current world affairs. My love of new experiences won out as usual, so planning to travel became the priority.

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Markets in Eastern Europe

Indoor-Market-1What I really liked about Eastern Europe was the markets, both indoor and open air. You get a real sense of community when visiting the markets, along with knowing you are getting fresh produce and meat. Not only food is for sale, but many products, handmade and those that appear so. Artisans and craftsmen are common vendors.

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