On and On, Show Us Already


Red tailed Hawk photographed with the Nikon P510

What would you think if I go on and on about all the wildlife I see, like eagles flying overhead and big game wandering through my gardens? But not once did I ever photograph the said wildlife? Instead I show you some nameless country road or distant mountain and expect you to imagine this wealth of wildlife trotting down the asphalt route. I get a little disappointed when bloggers go on and on about all these cool animals and you never even see one photo! OK, that is off my chest now, so what is this post about?

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Charles Cresson Gardens – Part 3

Charles-and-ClematisHere we are in the Swarthmore, Pennsylvania gardens of Charles Cresson in May 2014. I showed you his Hedgleigh Spring gardens from the rear of the property in the last two posts. Charles lives in his family home that his grandfather built many years before.

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No Ugly Landscapes

Tundra-Swans-flyingThis is just a view of a large water body of the Niagara River where the Tundra Swan can be found. It is not the prettiest landscape, but it certainly is not an ugly one either.

“God never made an ugly landscape, so long as it is wild.”  John Muir

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