What the Photo Experts Say


I recently was at a few photography club presentations to see what the experts had to say, one, a photography club juried meeting. Images were displayed and a judge critiqued them.

I did not enter my images, I was just there to watch the process. It really got me thinking on how much should you show, like I explored last post. The subject was not mentioned in this particular judging, but it jumped out at me because of a number of points critiqued.

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How Much Should We Show in Photographs?


This is a question that faces all photographers, experienced and novice I believe. Garden, landscape and wildlife photographers alike look at a scene and make a decision on how to make their photos paint a mental picture for the viewer. Do you?


Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve

A question of how much to include.

The two images above both have geese, but one shows where the geese live a bit more than the other. Both images share the same dilemma of “how much do you show”.

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Playing Tourist – Or Photos of Substance?


That is a question I ask myself often. Many times it seems that way as the excitement builds getting to see animals and birds not often seen. In fact, I recently have seen quite a few birds new to me on birding trips, and yes, I was giddy.

Most of the birds were seen through my binoculars or borrowed scopes being so far away, like the Bald Eagles at the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.

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