Angry Red-tailed Hawk Conundrum – Day 2

Battle Worn Hawk

Battle Worn Hawk

This hawk has been angry and battle worn for two days now. I posted it on Nature and Wildlife Pics and some of you may have seen the photos of the angry hawk. It was bothering me why I have seen it in the same location for days, still exhibiting the aggressive behavior.

I called one of our expert bird watchers to ask what I might be seeing.

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Making a Garden that Welcomes Wildlife – Warner Gulf Gardens


This garden has it all! It is heaven on earth to live in such a special spot, complete with everything to make peace with nature and wildlife. No pesticides were ever used on this piece of paradise. Want to take the tour? This little guy will serenade us…

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Making a Garden Live Like a Storybook – Canterbury Gardens


Enough of my garden, welcome to Canterbury Lane. It is an acre and a half of pure staycation. Why would anyone want to travel when you have this beauty and creativity at home?

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