The Garden Bloggers’ Fling 2015 – What Will Be Blooming?


I wish I still knew the answer to this question. I did this post last year in August without knowing we would have the coldest February on record here in Niagara. We may have topped snowfall in Western New York since the Buffalo area had over seven feet of snow in November alone. Here are some photos of Niagara Falls in Canada on Saturday. That is a lot of ice yet to melt. Our Spring is still on hold, today (Sunday morning) it is 16°F. In Canada, it was frigid on Saturday.

Let’s have a look a few months ahead…

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This Week is for the Birds


This weekend, I hopefully am going with the birders for the Lake Ontario Plains field trip for early migrants. I say hopefully since we had a snowstorm all day Thursday and flurries on Friday. Continue reading

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Gardening With Allium


One of my favorite bulbs is Allium. Squirrels, chipmunks and deer detest it, and that is a huge plus. It naturalizes where so many more Allium fill the gardens. Each year, I look forward to them blooming.

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