Going Dark


I will be gone from blogging for a month and hope my readers will continue to follow my posts when I return. There are over 760 posts on GWGT and it only takes finding something to spark your interest that you may have missed. I hope you have enjoyed GWGT these last four years and will continue to be interested upon my return. I will be back October 1, but will be gone again October 10 through October 30. See you when I return. Lots in store.


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Open Gardens a Treat for the Public


What does that mean to you? Here in Western New York it pretty much means a summer-long string of gardens open to the public, where gardeners invite in the public on designated days to view their private gardens. Many times these gardens are larger than the city gardens of Garden Walk Buffalo being in surrounding towns and villages. Others, like above are public gardens that are open without special invitation. Garden Walk Buffalo gardens do participate as well, but these are gardens visitors might not venture to because of distance and time. They are well worth the gas it takes to get there.

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Garden Bloggers Fling – Toronto – What Will Be Blooming? Let’s See.


I wish I knew the answer to that question. Living here in Niagara Falls, NY, it is 80 miles driving and about 1 hour and 26 minutes to Toronto. They are North and a slight bit West of us around a very big lake. Boat across and it is a bit over 30 miles across Lake Ontario. We share much of the same weather benefiting from the Great Lakes being that close. The Fling is a long time off, but to get an idea what the attendees might see, let’s look at my garden and why it is a good indicator of bloom times.

I know the 2015 Toronto Garden Bloggers Fling is not my concern being in a different country, but it is so darn close to me, so I thought to post what happens in my garden June 5-7 each year, and give you an idea of what blooms – even one week later. This time of year is always a surprise.

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