A Life More Ordinary – Part One


Meadow Garden at Longwood Gardens

A trip “home” had me thinking about the importance of a life more ordinary. One of less complications. Continue reading

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Longwood Idea Garden – Use Annuals Like Perennials in Design for Impact


I never thought I would see a good example of using exclusively annuals like one would use perennials in border design. When I first looked at the trial garden beds, the view “read” perennial. Upon closer inspection, the beds were filled with drifts of many tall annuals. It read differently because of the height of the plants and how the plants worked so seamlessly together.

Additionally, the trial gardens were neighboring the Idea Garden, showing innovative pairings of plant varieties that could be used reliably in gardens in the Eastern Pennsylvania area. They used selections for beds of annuals, perennials, vegetables, and small fruit to provide inspiration for the viewer. The 5 acre Idea Garden was formally the vegetable garden for the estate. Check out the images and see what could work for you! Continue reading

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Traveling in Comfort


… If you are willing to pay the big bucks for first-class leg room, fully reclining seats, decent meals, premium entertainment and room to move. Today, I am on a weary nine-hour bus ride from Pennsylvania after garden-hopping all week. Continue reading

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