Photo Blogs – Not What I Thought

Vespa-crabroMicro Nikkor 105mm

I always thought photo blogs were smoking hot in high visitation numbers. I even thought they were popular among those photo snatchers too.

I always assumed garden blogs were much less visited. But what floored me…

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Meadows – Natural and Man-Made – Is There a Difference?


Posted meadow

Here we go again, differentiating nature and the wildlife that use native gardens. Replicate, “improve” and alter nature. Why do we do it, especially in urban gardens? Sometimes for aesthetics, other times for wildlife, but sometimes the two shall meet. So we want to make a meadow.  How long do they last is always the question. Nature will find a way to “mess up” our beautiful plans and revert to native plants (or non-native) we might not desire. Almost all the time, it happens in meadows. Wildflower meadows by nature are in a transitional stage, always becoming something else. Have a look at all the meadows pictured and see how you feel about the natural meadows and the man-made meadows. Also, at the end of the post, a garden walk garden that is all natural.

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Angry Red-tailed Hawk Conundrum – Day 2

Battle Worn Hawk

Battle Worn Hawk

This hawk has been angry and battle worn for two days now. I posted it on Nature and Wildlife Pics and some of you may have seen the photos of the angry hawk. It was bothering me why I have seen it in the same location for days, still exhibiting the aggressive behavior.

I called one of our expert bird watchers to ask what I might be seeing.

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