The Blue Danube – Take a Day Trip With Me

DanubeThe first thing I learned is that the Danube is NOT blue. I was expecting it to be a little like the Niagara River here at home, where some days it is green, other days gray, and the occasional rarity, a deep blue. It depends on the erosive power of water with sediments washed from the river’s bottom and weather conditions as to the appearance for the day. For ten days sailing, not once was it blue. The river was clean of debris, although there was a day of floating oil or gas slicks. Click the galleries, images are worth a look.

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Back Home From Eastern Europe


I returned home yesterday after being awake for 32 hours straight. Boy was I tired. To make the long flight from Bucharest, Romania, we landed in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the endless flight to Minneapolis. Can you believe our flight went 1,468 miles out of the way? That added about five hours to an already long day. The images you are seeing are from the boat in Budapest at night and in the gallery below, two from during the day for contrast. Click galleries to enlarge because the scenery is very appealing.

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Town Life in Prague

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