Ospreys Mating

This has been a busy pair of Osprey. I watched them for an hour and they mated twice in that time. Continue reading

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Singing the Song of Spring

Here we are a few weeks from winter, but I can hear the faint songs of spring off in the distance. It won’t be long again, birds are on their way to summering grounds. Many birds remain in our area through winter (see a number of posts on this blog featuring them), so there are many things to notice and study about birds. One thing that always intrigued me is not why birds sing, but when they do so.

I know from personal experience, how I enjoy listening to the early risers in my own garden, but when going to nature preserves and parks, I think I would miss the song of these grassland birds if we don’t protect their fields and meadows. It is what brings me to these places.

The world over, birds sing mostly around dawn, but it was never understood as to why.

Studies surmise dawn has the least wind disturbance and the air makes the sound carry, but it could be as simple as the cool morning air is too heavy with mist for the insects to start their day. If birds are not feeding in the morning then singing for mates is a reasonable activity.

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Niagara Falls – Snow in March

It is not so uncommon to get snow in March here on the Canadian border, but the weather was rather frightening. Continue reading

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