Teeny Tiny Red House with Drifts of Orange

How cute is this home, too cute for words. Really, but I will try to tell you the joy I felt as I was driving down the street and screeched to a halt right in front of this beauty. I pulled over illegally, jumped out with a big gardener grin, camera in hand, and got the shots as fast as I could. I did not even care that the image would be flat due to the rain clouds looming overhead. Flat, I say, no way. This little hot tamales was blazing. The predominantly red and orange color scheme almost reverberated happiness.

This house was so interesting, I had to come back to shoot it later in the day, when I could find a parking space. Only the front was open for view, but being a corner lot, I got a little sneaky. I shot the side yard, because it was a corner lot for gosh sakes.

Then I ran around front to keep the guy guessing. I shot the front planting all the way to the sidewalk. Then when he was sure I would behave, he went inside. I ran around back because I had to know what was there. After all, it had to be better because it was completely private. I did peer in through the shrubs and trees, but did not want to intrude any more. We gardeners are almost a stalking bunch. We just have to know.

As you can see, not much to see. A large potted tree and a small water feature was sited near the seating area. Many pieces of art decorated the garden in the most elegant way. Colorful umbrellas dotted the space. I could not get an image of the art without a telephoto lens. A little too paparazzi for me.

One thing I did not mention, but certainly can not overlook, is the big honking walnut in the front yard. Funny thing though, it was not the first thing that drew my eye. In fact, I looked beyond it initially. It does play an integral part of this design. Small gravel paths weave in and out and around it. These paths actually make the small space seem more expansive. A trick of the eye because you do not feel small, you fell just right.

The paths are probably maintenance paths for caring for the perennials, but they draw you into the space. You want to explore and see all the little details that were carefully executed. The color and texture of the garden are so expertly combined, almost like a painting on canvas.

Although the tree is large and a two-story house is next door, this little home holds its own because of the mass of landscaping grounding it to the site. It almost looks as if it has grown from the site. The two larger elements do put it into scale, where you can actually see the diminutive stature.

Well, I had to do a little painting of this house, since I feel that it should be put to canvas, actually illustration board.

As I mentioned above, this was not the only little red house on the walk. This cutie was not too far away. Tea anyone?


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  1. Dave says:

    Very cool painting.

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