Across the Bridge – Part One

Howdy from Niagara Falls, Canada. These are images from across the bridge in Canada. I walked to Canada with passport in hand and my small Nikon 5000 to shoot the beautiful gardens and the falls one bright and sunny day. See the clear sky?

These gardens are designed and maintained by the School of Horticulture students in Canada, at Niagara Parks, Canada.

I did come back with some pretty decent photos. At least I thought so, since my little point and shoot Nikon was such a good little trooper. No sense in taking the film (Nikon FE) or digital (Nikon D80) DSR for such a long hike up and down the river walk. Both with various lens are quite heavy. You will see why I said this much further down the post.

First look at the pretty gardens, the rushing water of the falls and have a well deserved coffee break.

Flowing, Wildly Delicious, Perennial Beds do Exist

You can see from the image above that not all beds are perfectly manicured and coiffed, but they are all well maintained and full to the brim. Images like the perennial bed will be part of a Part Two posting. I don’t want some readers liking a more informal look to be left out. Part Three will be images from the American side of the falls that I will take this weekend. I have a nice little video, but am not sure how to upload that as of yet.

After a few hours of picture taking, having fun and talking to tourists (I guess I was kinda one, being in another country and all) I was ready to head home. The walk home was only about 15 minutes or so, including customs.

But, by the end of my tour, it started to rain slightly, then, when I was walking back home, out of nowhere, came the thunderstorm. That is the day my Nikon 5000 died, but not due to the rain.

This is what the camera did to about 100 of my photos. The photo at left and one below to the right, are how the photos were destroyed. I resized the images in Photoshop to post to the blog. Even Photoshop asked to save them at the highest resolution, I guess the application thought I was off my rocker to want this image in this condition. Photoshop all but begged me to fix it, which can not be done by the way. I tried to fix the image below. Click on it and you can see what I mean.

I was happily photographing , unsuspecting that there was anything “wrong with this picture.” And many, many more like it.

I sent the camera into Nikon and $200 later, the camera still does not work properly. I liked the size of the camera for when I was garden walking. Now the poor camera only can shoot about 16 shots at a time. The battery, which is no longer produced, is the culprit at this point. Was not the problem before I sent it in.  Before it was a shutter issue.

I know. Cameras and water do not mix, but I did have on rain gear so I had my little darling safely tucked away. Not enough rain gear to keep me completely dry but fine for the camera. This water-proof jacket and little 5000 were in the Costa Rica jungles during monsoon season. Both in Costa Rica and in Canada, the little 5000 and the top half of me were perfectly dry. Well enough ranting. This episode was three years ago, but it still stings since I was out $200 and over 100 photos ruined.

Speaking of rants, I wonder if this garden; so well maintained and magazine worthy; green grass and tree-lined plazas as far as the eye can see; little shrubs clipped to all sorts of shapes; beds topped with deep, dark mulch; not an insect or weed to be found; and beds perfectly color coordinated; will provoke the ire, raise the hackles, ruffle the feathers, boil the blood, chill the bone of the bloggers who abhor and write about this type of landscaping?

What do ya think? I’m guessing the milk in their coffee just curdled.

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5 Responses to Across the Bridge – Part One

  1. Although I am not from Niagara Falls, I grew up about 20 minutes away. The Falls were always a favourite place to visit growing up, (especially to meet cute tourists, when I was a teenager) and I always loved it. At one time I actually thought of attending the Niagara School of Horticulture, it is an amazing program, but you have to live on site and I was newly married, so it was not to be. Looking forward to your next installment.

    • I know what you mean about the cute tourists. Fourteen years ago, I was there walking my Samoyed puppy, and this to-die-for Frenchman asked to purchase her. He wanted her right on the spot and thought she was absolutely adorable. No sale, but he was the one adorable.

  2. That’s sad about your little camera. I love Nikons. They are my favorite with their wonderful lenses. I have the D40X and the D90. I take the D90 with me, but sometimes I wish for something smaller when I gadding about. As far as the manicured gardens, I was in Niagara Falls and saw the falls from the American and Canadian sides, and as you know, I loved the more natural American side.

    I just don’t get those Versailles styled gardens. Not my thing. Hope you find a decent P&S to replace you beloved Nikon.~~Dee

    • I know. These gardens are a pain to maintain. Lucky they have all those eager slaves, woops, students to clip and prune. I just found a battery on line for the 5000. Hope it is new and hope to fits. It was awfully cheap. i also hope it does not re-kill the camera. You know about how things happen in threes?

  3. Artie says:

    I LOVE that place, Donna. We haven’t been there in 2 years, but the last time we were there they had black mondo grass. I’m still convinced I can make it work! LOL! 🙂

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