Not a Green Leaf in Sight, Only a Green Dinosaur

These are amazing images. I am a member of the Niagara Falls Historic Preservation Commission, and I received this link to a wonderful blog posting old historic images of Niagara Falls.

The landscape of the Falls is almost unsurpassed, both in summer, with the falls raging and in winter with the storms railing. These are rare images with the falls frozen or slowed to a trickle. Brave does not describe the guy at left, or the hundred or so other individuals below.

The flow of water stopped over both the American Falls and the Canadian Bridal Falls on March 29, 1848, due to an ice jam in the upper river for several hours. This is the only recordable time that both falls were virtually stopped. The water did not cease to flow, but the surface became solid enough for people to walk out to the brink of the falls.

An ice bridge forms which stretches across the river and allows the surface to freeze. Until 1912, visitors were allowed to walk out on the ice bridge as shown above. In February of 1912, three tourist lost their lives as the ice bridge broke up.

Today, icebergs flow down the river from frozen Lake Erie, as a result of an installation of an ice boom on Lake Erie. The boom is made up of floating steel chains stretching from Buffalo to Fort Erie, Ontario. The ice boom helps to keep the ice from clogging the river and the hydroelectric water intakes.

If you had any doubts about if it is cold in Niagara Falls….

And you wanted to move to warmer climes….

Just hitch up the horses,

and go. But before you go, make sure take a few photos so you can remember the wonder and miracle of the Falls. Even Popsicle, the first Ice Age Visitor to Niagara Falls got his photo taken 18,000 years ago on the brink of the Falls.

My Drawing of Popsicle and Falls Facts

  • Height: 176 feet to the base of the rocks below.
  • Water Volume: 150,000 gallons per second, depending on a few factors.
  • Gets: About 12 million tourists to New York State Park per year.
  • Legacy: Of the last Ice Age

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I have some old photos my family has taken of the Falls in its “Ice Stage”. I will have to show you sometime.

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