Swimmingly Enchanting

This is one of the prettiest ponds I have seen and it is sited in the perfect location. It is down on the farm of my friend, the nurseryman and landscaper.

His parents have a home sited very near the pond which their son constructed for them. There is a beautifully paved surface from which to view the koi and experience the serenity, sights and sounds.

The image above is a white koi I picked out at the local IGC for my friend to give to his mom on Mother’s Day a while back. When I got him, he was only about 5 inches long. Today, he is a strapping 18 inches, if not more. He has avoided the heron and other big birds that have tried to snatch a few of the fish, probably dodged a few raccoons too. I check on him often, to make sure he is still in the pond.

Before we check out the pond, let us have a look at the gardens surrounding the pond. Many of them are accentuated with garden ornament. These statues are a fine siting of the statuary. Even the moss is finding them agreeable. Notice the spotlight for evening viewing above? Check out the large stone imbedded into the paving. Meteor dropped from the sky? Don’t think so.

This property has many interesting art pieces. The act of discovery is a very worthwhile element of design and architecture for that matter. Good design has you following a path to encounter an experience of some sort on your travel. Many times it is used with going from a dark, cramped space into one of light and height, but it can mean finding a great object as well. These objects do not take anything away from the picturesque qualities of the gardens surrounding the pond. They act in concert with the design and play second fiddle to the pond and fish which is the strong destination point.

Here are a few more examples on the same property. Please comment if you like.

There is just the right amount of ornament and it in no way distracts from the experience of the space. See if you can find these pieces and a dragonfly in the images. The balls are fish toys in case you were wondering.

I have no problem with the green lizard above either. Long live cute handmade sheet metal ornament.

I will let you enjoy the pond in the morning light without much commentary from me. Take the tour, it is really a lovely garden.

Chow Time

Thanks for coming along on my garden walk. There will be more from this walk tomorrow.

These fish are every bit as pretty as the butterflies that I was seeking at the farm. But, I will settle for the fat, 6 inch goldfish that I have here at 664. The cats and escarpment hawks would have a field day if they were outside on my property. I would be feeding a whole host of creatures.

Ponds are beautiful but do require care and understanding. If it is a manmade habitat for living creatures, planning is really important for a successful school of large fish such as these. But, if your love of koi is like mine, and you are unable to maintain a pond, you can always take inspiration from them in the form of ornament. Just don’t be too hard on the artist, these were very early projects.

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6 Responses to Swimmingly Enchanting

  1. Andrew says:

    Really nice garden and pond. Nice use of ornaments too, with most of the garden (at least what’s been shown here) being shades of green with only a few flowers around ornaments can really add a lot to a garden. I don’t use much myself but I can definitely see their value here (my own garden’s busy and crowded enough as it is).

  2. Enchanting is right! Lovely garden around the pond and you are correct in caring for it and its life. I love your stain glass! Just beautiful work… the movement is poetic, the colors calming. ;>)

  3. Beth says:

    The stained glass is beautiful! So simple and soothing. The real koi pond is enchanting! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  4. FlowerLady says:

    Good morning. What a wonderful garden. So serene and lovely with great statuary and garden art. I love the stained glass windows too.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments.


  5. That is a beautiful pond! I hesitate to put one in because I think it might be beyond my skills. But I certainly can appreciate them from a distance. Thanks for sharing!

  6. ann says:

    I have just discovered you web site. I love the photographs and especially the one of the train garden. My daughter, a horticulturist, has just discovered the miniature trees this gardener has included in his train-scape.

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