Down on the Farm

Animals and More Animals

This is not a typical farm, at least not what you are probably thinking. They do grow corn, some fruit and vegetables. The corn is grown for the wild deer, I think. It keeps the deer from browsing on the nursery trees in winter.

But if you have been following the last two days with my butterfly trek and koi pond posts, they have so much more. It is a beautiful place with wild animals, both domesticated and free.

Marty as a Baby

Marty as a Big Zebra

Marty the Zebra came from a farm that raises zebra when he was just six days old. When I met him he was just a tiny foal. He is not so tiny anymore. He is an attraction for the kids during Christmas, but here he is today, grazing in his summer field.

The deer are a business here on the farm, yet they are all named. We have Savannah and Dottie, Dakota, Marco Polo and Moe, to name a few.

The owner has Buckeye Scents which is a product sold to hunters. All the deer at the farm have huge pens to in which to roam. They are very well cared for and many were raised here on the farm as fawns. They are also are an attraction for the kids at Christmas. The kids can feed the deer and have their picture taken with them, like the little girl at the left feeding apples.

There is huge elk at Erway Farms too. Billy Bob and Big Jim.

If you go in the field, you will see turkey, skunks, turtles, coyotes, raccoons, and groundhogs. There are geese and ducks on the large ponds.

I saw the Canada Geese but did not get their photo. They were leaving as I drove up, I must have scared them.

Out in the fields you can find goldenrod, thistles and many wild flowers.

Even the boots are colorful and fun.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. I am off now for a little fun myself. I am a little weather worn from work this week like my friend below. Bye for now, but stop in next week for an unbelievable theme garden and I have photos of it under construction. Hint…Choo Choo.


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  1. One says:

    I love all these animal photos. The last one is really cute and its symmetrical too.

  2. Thanks for being my lone commenter on this post. I love animals and this was my least visited post. I thought more people would enjoy these big, pampered pets.

  3. Karen says:

    There are so many animals at this farm! A zebra? Now that’s different! What a fascinating place to see. I am amazed at the diversity!

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