Train Garden, All Aboard!

Last week I visited a lovely garden with the most gracious of gardener hosts. This property had so much to offer in the way of beautiful gardens, wildlife visits, and areas to sit, relax to take it all in. But one of the most interesting aspects of all was the homeowners hand crafted, built or grown from mere saplings all of the creations. This is one talented family of gardeners, painters, crafters, floral designers, and woodworkers, and I am betting I left out a few talents.

These owners lovingly tend their gardens with the greatest care and attention to detail that you would only expect at a fine arboretum. I have a weeks worth of images to show and will start with the most unique component. Follow me down the path to the Train Garden and the town of Jerryville.

Of course, mayor of Jerryville is none other than the fine host Jerry, shown below, right building the railroad. But first, let’s see it from the ground up.

Our mayor and his tireless helpers created Jerryville in July, 2004. Mrs. Mayor, I think, was the one that told the construction crew to leave the lilac where it stands. So, Jerryville encircled the shrub as you can see behind Mayor Jerry.

The dirt was brought to Jerryville and moved by a motorized buggy. About 14 loads were used.

The foundation of Jerryville under construction was photographed in 2004. Special thanks go out to Craig, Chris, Bob and Becky for the wonderfully illustrated and worded journal that provide some of the information and photos for this post. The book was lovingly crafted by them and journalized all the memories of this project.

The railroad ties are reinforced with rebar drilled through them to stabilize the structure. The interior is lined to maintain the soil. Well thought out, Jerry.

Let us skip ahead to the fun part. Jerryville gets a town. The locomotive has a new tiny, engineer and it is off and running. Now supplies can be transported to build the town.

Little card board mock-up buildings are built to properly scale and position the little structures. These models proved invaluable in the design I am sure.

All the plants are REAL in Jerryville. See how many you can identify.

Many are clipped as bonsai shrubs, like the Arborvitae. The miniature iris are right in front of the train above. Hens and Chicks are forming a groundcover.

Mosses are the grass and Alyssum, the Bridal Wreath spiraea shrubs. So many annuals and perennials become representations of other plants in their new form.

The small houses, stores like Sandy’s Candies, church and train station were constructed by the family. See the little people and tiny tombstones?

The Mayor checks on the towns folk above.

Every train route has to go through a tunnel and this one is a cleverly constructed.

As you can see, Jerryville is quite large, yet it has small town flavor. Little farmers and church folk wander about. Tiny deer roam the fields and forests.

But what do you do in winter, you ask? They have that covered of course.

The plows keep the trainsĀ  ‘a rolling.

I very much appreciated and enjoyed my time in Jerryville. The hosts are wonderful people who opened the garden early one morning for me to visit. Thanks, to the Mayor and his lovely wife, Barbara. Hope you all enjoyed.

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16 Responses to Train Garden, All Aboard!

  1. That is truly awesome. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve always been intrigued by miniatures.

    • These people are so nice, they let visitors in all the time to see their gardens and trains. I tried to talk them into starting a garden walk in their neighborhood because the house next door is really nice too. There are number of gardens, but these two are standouts.

  2. Andrew says:

    Fantastic. Nice how the bed is raised to for easier working and viewing. Frames everything well too.

    The bunnys behind the station would be like bears to the poor townsfolk!

  3. I enjoyed visiting too! I love trains!! What a great passion. Thanks for sharing. What fabulous plantings! Genius! ;>)

  4. Lona says:

    What a wonderful train garden. The details on it is fantastic. Now that is a garden that the little boy in every man would love. LOL!

  5. gardenqueen says:

    Very cool! I’d like to visit Jerryville.

  6. meemsnyc says:

    What an awesome idea for a garden! That’s the coolest thing ever! Do they leave the trains out in the rain too? I can’t wait to show this to my husband! He loves model trains.

    • I did not ask that question, so I really do not know, but it was slightly raining when I was there and the trains were going around. Husbands seem to all like trains. It must be because they have a sentimental tie to childhood and the holidays.

  7. Rosey says:

    What a fantastic theme for a garden! Very creative and interesting!

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