Gnome, Found Dead

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To read the post that Tille so sadly did not see, go to Garden Rant.

In case you can not read the text above, click to enlarge. This is one, in a huge number of Gnomes taking their own lives. There have been reports of eleven of them hanging from a bridge in Briey, France. It was attributed to mass grief among the little forest dwellers for their brethren, the garden gnomes.

Please send your condolences care of the comments portion of the post. All comments will be sent directly to Garden Gnomes, Central Park, New York, NY 10019. Remember, as the newspaper reported, he is looking down with a tear in his eye. Show him that you care.

And if you know anyone willing to adopt Tille’s pet snail, Speedy, please pass along that information. It is much appreciated, since gnomes can not adopt a departed gnome’s pet. The image of Speedy is heart wrenching, as he desperately looks for his friend, Tille, eyes extended almost beyond his ability.


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16 Responses to Gnome, Found Dead

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So so sad! Thank you for sharing.

    Actually I really needed a dose of cute.

    • Cute is where I was headed with my dark tale of Tille. Actually, This image popped in my head when I was reading that post on Garden Rant. So many people did not see any humor in the post. This was my reponse from the garden ornaments point of view.

  2. One says:

    Oh no! This is disastrous. I can take in Speedy. Just hope Chweet doesn’t find it. The stray cat has been tailing Chweet. My dogs are eyeing the stray cat. It’s a complicated world but I enjoy it.

    How can we help the gnomes? They shouldn’t be leaving at such tender age.

  3. “The family wishes that in lieu of flowers that all donations be made to the [G]nomes [A]gainst [G]nomeries, a foundation that raised awareness about exploitation of gnomes as garden ornament.”

    Thanks for the link and seeing the humor in things. If you haven’t seen this video, you should:

  4. TufaGirl says:

    GWGT, I read the GardenRant and I can see both sides of the story. As I had said in a post of my own I was truly surprised in the anger of the posts. I did not realize what a sheltered or oblivious life I lead.

    • I saw two sides immediately. One the funny story popping into my head, and the other with home owners going way overboard. I posted a couple properties like that, but some how two of them got deleted. One was called, Gnomes and Much More. I happen to like those gardens for the shear happiness of it all, but would not want my garden to necessarily look like that. I keep saying to each his own because gardening is a personal expression. What makes the gardener most happy, is creating and admiring what MAKES them happy. Those gardens bring a smile. I am going to check out your post. You should have posted it here. I have been getting an unusual amount of hits on this post, not so many comments though. I thought maybe people might not see the humor like they did not seem to pick it up in the Garden Rant post. If you want to continue the dialog, feel free to put your URL here for your post.

  5. Thanks for this post! I’m relieved that not everyone is feeling cranky these days! 🙂

  6. You are welcome. There was a lot of crankiness going around that day. It was hard to leave a comment that would not get shot up with criticism. I felt maybe the ornaments should have a say. Too bad Tille didn’t see that post. It may have saved his life, that or he may have gained a new perspective on life.

  7. Karen says:

    Loved both your post and the video! Now I know I have to be on the lookout for gnomes, one of the few pests that have not found a way into our garden yet.

  8. lifeshighway says:

    Oh, I almost feel sorry for them with the mass suicide and all.

    But I do believe in the right of all lawn ornaments to live a free and happy life without oppression. Oh and down with Home Owners Associations.

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