Gone Fishing for Flowers

This post is a followup to Down at the Farm and Swimmingly Enchanting.  As I mentioned, there is so much more to see at this farm, with beautiful gardens and fields of nursery trees. I will save the nursery trees for another time, but take a look at some of the late summer  blooms. The grounds and gardens make you feel like you found a little piece of Eden.

This property below, is another farm, just minutes from the one above. I think the pink roses at the country fence surrounding the property are glorious.

I just would have painted the garage doors a different color red. Just a little tweaking. It seems to be asking to be a red in the same color family as that of the roses. Normally, I would pick the paint first, but since the roses are a very strong design element, and paint is easy to change, I would consider changing it. Since it only shows up on the structure once, I would get some blue in the color to cool it down a bit. It is hard to tell in the photos because lighting changes in both images, but the roses lean slightly to the lavender side of pink in reality. They have blue morning-glory on this property and it looks great with the roses.

Hope you enjoyed the relaxing trip to the country today.


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6 Responses to Gone Fishing for Flowers

  1. One says:

    I would like to sit in that lawn, under the tree, surrounded by flowers….

  2. leavesnbloom says:

    Lovely photos and you took the words straight out of my mouth – I saw that photo and before I even read your words I said – that photo needs some blue.

  3. Melanie says:

    Beautiful photos, thanks for taking us there!!

  4. One says:

    Hi! I’ve invited you to a game. Kindly check it out at http://onenezz.blogspot.com/2010/09/gardening-game.html

  5. Michelle says:

    Hello and thanks for sending a greeting. Your pictures are beautiful. You may be interested in this Niagara Falls organization: http://www.wildonesniagara.org
    Nice to know there’s a kindred soul in the City. Michelle

  6. Beautiful gardens… love the pond area!! Great fishing! ;>)

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