Tag Along Thursday

Out in the Neighborhood

I have a new theme I want to do weekly. It is called Tag Along Thursday. It is just as it says, you can follow me along for a short stroll through the City, on a job site, through a neighborhood, or some activity in my garden.

Well, I have pictures from all four, but not today. I will take you on a short tour in the neighborhood. I’ll save the jobs I was on today for two other posts. One is really small, and the other really big. And my garden closeups may have to wait until the next bloom day. You can get a look as we walk around my neighborhood.

So many of the gardens are already settling in for the long road ahead weather wise. I  found that there is still a lot blooming, though not as happily as a little earlier in the season.The hydrangea are bronzing, and the annuals are getting a bit nipped in the bud, literally.

Perennials are still hanging in there, but leaves are starting to brown.

Grass is greening after the long, dry heat spell. We have had a bit of rain lately. The hosta are happier as well.

Yellows and oranges are popping for the fall. Those from summer still supporting the chorus of color.

Impatiens are in there glory, lighting up the shadows. Mums are making their fall appearance.

Here is a strange one. A rhododendron in full bloom. The leaves are yellowing at the same time as new buds are breaking.

Pretty but they missed their season.

Front doors are welcoming.

Flags are waving proudly. This house is patriotically painted in red, white and blue. Even the potted geraniums coordinate in their blue pots.

The big street trees are starting to color and the leaves dot the landscape. Another patriotic neighbor adorns the home with red, white and blue. Plants drape the balcony.

View down the street. We end where we started.

And if you have been following my blog post yesterday, here is an image of the utility hodgepodge behind my house, well actually my neighbor’s house. She, unfortunately has the telephone pole planted in her back garden. Lovely don’t you think? I thought the cloudy, rainy image was fitting being a stark contrast to the bright and colorful flowers above.


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12 Responses to Tag Along Thursday

  1. TufaGirl says:

    What a lovely neighborhood. I imagine these days have been quite enjoyable in your area. The weather here in Texas has definitely changed to a nicer temperature.

  2. One says:

    What a lovely neighbourhood! I would love to stay in such a place. I am surprised the telephone poles are still around. In my area, they are all underground.

    • Yes, telephone poles abound here in Niagara Falls. In the photo, you can barely see it, but it is there. My neighbor got a whole new garden when the phone company had to replace the pole. She got many new plants for free.

  3. Yes, a really nice neighborhood! Like in films I´ve seen, because I have never been in the USA before!
    Must be a pleasure to live there, I live in Berlin in an old town house in the 4th level!!! And no elevator 😉 !!!

    • Guten Tag Rosalie von Belin,
      Danka von Naigara Falls.
      Ich habe nicht gewesen zu Deutschland, aber ich mochte zu.
      Null , Personenaufzug , das heißt nicht gut.
      Sorry, do not know how to make an umlaut on the computer.

      • Oh, you can talk German!
        Please come, Berlin is really nice!
        We have a lot of green in the city, even in the center! Next time I´ll put some pics about my neighborhood in my blog, so you are able to imagine…
        Best wishes!

  4. Ginny says:

    Enjoyed the walk through the lovely neighborhood. Tag Along Thursday is a great idea. I’ll look forward to future Thursday posts!

    • I am glad you liked my idea. I am trying to think of themes for certain days. My Happy Monday posts are popular and now Tips Tuesdays are going well. I have a bunch of ideas for Friday, but not original ones. I am glad you are going to check back. Thanks

  5. VW says:

    What a pretty old neighborhood. We lived in a neighborhood that looked similar for a few years in Des Moines, IA. Our neighborhood now is sadly lacking in big old trees and brick homes. I’m hoping the big trees will show up eventually, but the lack of brick is probably permanent!

  6. Mary Ellen says:

    I like the idea of tag along Thursdays-I look forward to joining you in your ventures even though it’s via the computer.!!!!!!! Nice shots of our street’s beautiful homes and gardens.

  7. Dear Donna I found it nosey and gratifying to look at the interesting range of architectural styles in your neighbourhood. Fascinating and woe for the cobweb spread of wires at the end.

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