The Sky is Falling

This image was taken as I was driving to a job site 35 miles from my home in Niagara County, last week. I pulled the Jeep over and took this image. I was inside the vehicle because traffic was so heavy and this is a very dangerous road to try to exit the vehicle.

Does it not look like the sky is falling? The image below was taken also last week, coming home from a job in Niagara County. Is this not heavenly? The Niagara escarpment is just behind me. The river winds below, but, off in the distance. The camera is facing Canada.

The image below was taken last night from my backdoor. The sky was so unusual in color and cloud formation. While working in my office, I looked out and picked up the camera to capture the early evening sky. It looked like the sky was on fire.

This image was taken a week ago along the Niagara River, just less than a mile away from my home. I was on my way to a Master Gardener meeting.

Looking up through the Norway maples on my street last night, I took this image because the pink clouds were moving really fast through the sky and they lit up the red leaves on the maple. This is where my camera skills lack. I so wanted those red leaves. They looked like little rubies on the tree tips. It was after a rain, so they were still glistening wet.

This image is from the same drive as the first image. The clouds were low in the sky and very heavy-looking. The cloud was perfectly flat on the bottom, not so evident in my image.

I really wish I was a better photographer because these skies were really spectacular and my photos do not do them justice. These are straight from the camera, with no adjustment to color or saturation. I did lighten the last image though, because when I uploaded it, it was too dark to be viewed on the web. We do not get skies like this very often, and I am so surprised that all these were taken in the span of a week. Hope you  enjoyed.

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For great info on weather in the UK and lovely sky images, go to Patiopatch.


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31 Responses to The Sky is Falling

  1. Dear Donna, Your photography looks pretty impressive to me. Those skies are glorious! Pam x

    • Thanks Pam. There was so much more for the eye to see, but I could not get the camera to catch it. Yesterday the clouds were moving so fast. A good cloud would roll by and I could not get the settings on the camera changed fast enough. Yesterday’s sky was the strangest. We did get rain along with that wind. The images I took going to a clients were with a little point and shoot camera. Donna

  2. PatioPatch says:

    Dear Donna -breathtaking shots. Am particularly taken with the colours in the Niagara river shot but yes feel quite small under these vast falling skies.


    p.s. perfect for the memes Sky Watch Friday and Straight out of the Camera Sunday!

    p.p.s. thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments 🙂

    • Thanks Laura. I just went to Sky Watch and loaded this post. I had no idea this existed. Great to have bloggers sharing information like this. Being new, there is so much to find out.

      • PatioPatch says:

        Glad to have pointed you in the right direction, Donna. Would never have guessed you were new to blogging – your site is not just gorgeous but so informative
        Laura x
        p.s. and many thanks for the shout

  3. TS says:

    What beautiful photos!!! Have you ever had a sky that made everything look pink or gold? I seen that in both SC, where I used to live, and here in VA. Lucky for your readers you had your camera handy! :0)

  4. Lovely sky shots Donna!

  5. One says:

    Donna, Those are excellent photos. You are right about the second photo looking heavenly and third one fiery. It’s amazing that the sky changes in looks very quickly. Usually we just easily missed all the transformation as we go by the day hurriedly. I think those lovely shots are a good reminder for some us to stop and admire the sky once in a while.

    • You are right about missing these special moments. I almost missed the one on Friday night, but just happened to look out my window and saw the pink sky, then I stayed out for 15 minutes longer as the evening grew darker and watched the clouds glow red. They were moving so fast in the sky with the wind, but I took about 10 to 12 shots. All of them were relatively good, as they showed the progression from pink to red. But, what got me outside really, was the backlight on the red maple leaves. That is what I could not capture properly. The one image has just a hint of what my eye could see.

  6. Hi Donna, Your shots are beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing your post as I was just thinking yesterday that I haven’t seen any incredible sunsets around here lately and we usually get some pretty cool skies. I love that you were so moved that you pulled over to take the picture – lucky us!

  7. What wonderful skies! I love the layers in the first two photos. The sky does look like it is on fire in the third. All your photos are great! It must have been awesome to see these in person.

    • The layers is what made me stop the Jeep. I could not believe what I was seeing. It looked like the clouds were sandwiched and the bottom layer was almost touching the earth. That is what made think of the sky falling. I am amazed by nature and what our world has to offer in beauty and greatness. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. There’s no greater artist than Mother Nature, is there?

    We get some truly stupendous sunsets and sunrises in Australia, and each one is different. I never tire of seeing what the sky wants to show me.

    • Amen. I have been saying that for years. We can emulate but not meet the artistry, creativity and functional qualities found in nature – yet we are a product of nature and maybe the best or worse one nature produced. I guess that is one for the philosophers.

  9. Rosey says:

    I always wish that when I take a picture, it could look exactly like my “eye” sees it. I am finding out more about lighting in photography and how important that really is. It is crucial to be there at the right place and time with a camera. My little sister
    ( she’s a pro) always shoots in the morning and evening, around dusk.

    I think your pictures are very nice and I think you should be proud of them! The clouds are amazing!

    • Thank you Rosie, I am trying to pay more attention to my photography. I have had threes semesters in college and I used to go with a professional photographer, so it should have stuck. But, where I lost my camera sense was in architecture. I would be on job sites and when photographing construction sites, there is not much time or need to think about the lighting and composition. It is just to document the building process and progress. Now that I am blogging, I am making an effort to try to remember what I was taught and not rely on the auto modes or resort to Photoshop, where I am proficient. I am very happy others are thinking my work is fine.

  10. kimberly says:

    WOW! These sky views are all so different and fantastic. I’m amazed by the 3rd photo…it looks like the sky is on fire! Great shots!!

    • Thank you. It took 15 minutes for the sky to go red. I was standing in this wind storm hoping I would have enough light to get the reddest shots. That is how I lost the ruby effect of the leaves, with the fading light. Everything is so transient. Here one second, gone the next.

  11. Chris says:

    Gorgeous photos. Magnificent, yet peaceful. They remind me of Psalm 19:1. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  12. Camera skills or not, your photos are great! And, yes, let me chime in on the Psalm 19:1. Every time I see a pretty sky, that’s the verse that pops in my head. I really like the 3rd pic where the sky looks like it’s on fire. Amazing. I wish I had better photo skills, too. I lost my good camera last spring, so now my iPhone is my camera. What comes out of it is what I get. Maybe someday I’ll get another camera and try to get better at photography. I am amazed at the quality of photos on some of the blogs!! What is Sky Watch???

    • Toni, the second image was taken with my iPhone. I did not really want to admit that my phone was responsible for an image here. That only shows how little I had to do with the images. I thought admitting to a point and shoot was bad enough. Ha ha.

  13. Stunning colors!! Absolutely beautifully shot!!!

  14. Your sky photos are awesome! As I was looking at them, I was thinking about how I wish mine turned out as good as yours. The sky always looks more magnificent in person than in photos. You did well!

  15. Anette says:

    I just love these photos, especially number 3. It really looks like the sky is on fire, amazing!! All the best from Anette in Norway 🙂

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