Who is Happy About Squirrels?

Well a pretty little town with loads of trees in New York can, Happy Monday.

Squirrels are all over the town, so many I could not post them all. They are hand painted or crafted by artisans and sponsored by local business and community. This is my kind of squirrel, a happy, considerate ambassador to the town.

And my favorite… isn’t she a beauty all glammed up in bling?

I bet she is the Mrs. to Mr. Tuxedo Squirrel above. What a dapper pair they make.

The town of Olean is very beautiful with old historic structures, a pretty town park, and wide welcoming streets. Too bad they have the old, overhead wiring. I could have Photoshopped it out to enhance the image, but it does make a statement about having them in such a beautiful town.

Fall is the best time to visit because the trees are in full color and the skies are crisp, bright blue. The businesses are landscaped with pretty annuals and since they are south of Niagara Falls, still blooming nicely.

Olean, NY is almost on the Pennsylvania border. The area reminded me a lot of where I grew up in Pennsylvania. Although, I am from south-eastern PA, I was reminded by the fall color, quaint historic town, comforting, enveloping mountains and the abundant number of squirrels.

Lovely wide streets with a nice configuration of parking are throughout the town. Funny to see meters though, but I bet the fees help to keep the park tidy. The church at the end of the street above is a nice terminus to the tree-lined view. It is a very old and well landscaped structure.

The mountains that surround the town make this a picture perfect place to call home. The area has many lakes and waterways, like my first image above.

Real squirrels are all over this town and do not seem to be as big a problem as they are here.

Maybe it is because they do not have as many nuts trees in the community. We have numerous black walnut and oak, which the squirrels seem to relish and like to bury in the most unusual places.

Well, back to the real squirrels in my neighborhood. Meet Gilbert, my friendly squirrel in residence in my pear tree. The tree is seen to the left of Gilbert in the photo, below. He is a bit shy, that, or he does not want me to see what he has stolen from the garden. I am pretty sure it is not any of the bulbs I planted, although there were numerous holes in the bed. He certainly tried to find them since he is a persistent little fellow.

Gilbert hiding the bounty

Busy little rodent, five holes, left, four holes, right.

Gilbert’s grab from a few days ago, a once juicy tomato fresh from the vine.

Either Gilbert is a really smart squirrel or really dumb rodent. Smart, because all winter he has free rein on the bird feeders and in summer raids the garden at will.

Dumb, because he picked a notoriously weak-crotch tree to inhabit and will be homeless if we get an early ice storm.  To make matters worse, his nest is high and located on very supple branches.

The tree to the left is a Bradford pear, mine is Redspire, also a Pyrus calleryana. Not as prone to wind damage, but … sorry Gilbert, it is a very windy, rainy day today. Bet you have a headache by now rocking back and forth.


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18 Responses to Who is Happy About Squirrels?

  1. One says:

    Those are cute little statues of squirrels. I don’t think there is one in the country I live in. With bunnies and squirrels, I really wonder how you people manage. I only get grasshoppers, bugs and caterpillars.

  2. LOL, you sound like me, with a very complicated relationship with squirrels. I like the one painted with flowers, the third in one of the groupings.

    • They are cute little devils. And I stress devils. They raid trash cans, chew and destroy, and raid gardens just for fun I presume. I like the stationary squirrels the best, standing proud in front of a post office or town hall like in the post. The town had another cute one I saw when I was leaving, it was Santa Squirrel. They did not want to leave anything out for the little guys.

  3. I’m laughing with you, not at you! We have the same troubles with pesky squirrels. They dig up bulbs and toss them over their tiny squirrel shoulders! I’m trying to train my (good-for-nothing) dog to at least patrol once in a while…

    • I saw a squirrel a few years ago in my front bed with no less than five tulip bulbs in his bulging cheeks. When I went out to scare him off, he spit out two because I figured he had to be so laden with weight that he would not have gotten away. My dog had the opposite idea than yours. He actually caught one in mid air. Sadly, the squirrel did not make it.

  4. Wow a bling bling squirrel. Lovely town and scenary. I wish a pair of squirrel visit our place. We have many birds now stopping by at our place.

  5. Tatyana says:

    It sounds like we all have love-hate relationship with these creatures. Enjoyable post!

  6. Laurrie says:

    I love those squirrel art statues! Our town has decorated cows on parade (for what reason, I don’t know… we’re not a dairy or farming community), and in Lexington, KY where my friend lives, they have creatively painted horses everywhere of course. But squirrels? Cute! Your photos show a lovely little town.

    • I saw the town with horses on the net. They were done so beautifully. I saw cows somewhere too. I just don’t remember where. Here in Buffalo, I bet you can guess what we have. They were all over the area and even herds of them along the highways. The winters were hard on them and they needed to be repainted. Sadly, many were removed.

  7. I was amused by the art squirrels. Maybe Gilbert deserves a tux to keep him warm and dry? 😉

    • Gilbert may get a noose if he does not watch out. He now has a friend named Gaylord to help him on the hunt. Gaylord is a black squirrel and Gilbert never would let in any rivals. Now they are buddies in crime.

  8. Those squirrel statues are rather adorable. I remember a similar series of artistically painted cow statues…full sized, dotted all about the Sonoma Wine country some years ago.

    As for for squirrels though, I’m not sure how happy I am about them. I just found a secret stash of cherry tomatoes, quite a pile of them, hidden under the beets in the garden. Clearly someone is storing them for later, and I suspect that certain someone is Señor Squirrel! Maybe I should send him an invoice for all the produce he’s absconded with this summer…Grrrr.

  9. Les says:

    These are not the most welcome critters to my garden and wish mine were as stationary as the nice blue one.

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