Tag-Along Thursday NF Park Visit

Niagara Falls Whirlpool State Park

Join me as we go down the road about a mile to The Niagara Falls, Whirlpool State Park. This park is much different from the Niagara Falls New York State Park I have taken you to at the Falls. Very few people visit this park in comparison. It is not at all commercial and far more natural.  A great time to visit is in Autumn.  The warm colors of fall warm up the coolest of evenings. Since we are going in the late afternoon, grab your jacket. We might lose a little daylight, but it is a nice trip.

This is what you see at first, a big splash of fall color, long expanses of grass and the area is dotted with picnic tables. I have had many a picnics here. It is almost like having the park to yourself.

Oops, we have a visitor.

Here is the whirlpool. It is a basin with gently swirling water. The water seems  to change color through the seasons. Sometimes it is very green, other times deep, dark blue. It is more how the light hits it I believe.

Here we are at the edge of the woods.

How would you like to rake these leaves? Not me.

Out into the light there is life. Of the two-legged kind.

Notice the tree with the construction tape, below? A number of them were marked for removal, I noticed. They were not unhealthy either.

The forest floor dotted with leaf litter.

Canadian trees. They have a different accent. Aye. Even the birds chirp, aye, aye, aye.  Joking of course. Since I live blocks from the border, it is a wonder I don’t end my sentences with ‘aye’.

The trees are big. Not Sequoia big, but pretty darn large. You feel small, yet part of some greater purpose.

Down the stone stairs to the hard packed, dirt trail, follow the shadow lines, round the turn to…

take a brief rest on the stone sofa. Not too comfy. Nobody sits for long.

Off we go. American trees, heh.

Next time, the wild flowers at the forest edge and the ornamental annuals planted at the welcome building.

See you tomorrow. Maybe we will walk down instead. I am still hurting from all the bulbs I planted this week. Yesterday, I was down at the farm cutting down cornstalks for decorating our street for Halloween. When my neighbors get them up around our lamp standards, I’ll get some photos.

I bundled Indian corn and tied the stalks into bundles and after about four hours into this project, I am handing it off to my neighbors to do the rest. That is it. REST.


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22 Responses to Tag-Along Thursday NF Park Visit

  1. One says:

    Breathtaking colors! Wrt the photo with construction tape on a tree, the foliage at the far-end turned blue in fright. I thought the blue hue is very special.

    • I know. The colors were so much brighter than the camera captured. Especially those in Canada. I am not sure why, except they get a lot more sun and being on the gorge face, have different/harsher growing conditions.

  2. Fabulous photos, I really felt as if I was walking there with you. I loved the pic of the path with the shadow of the railings.

    • So glad you got to come along. Come back for the flowers, too. I have a lot of Fall to post this week. All the leaves will be down soon. We lost a lot yesterday in the 30 mph winds. Lucky I took the images before the winds and rain came.

  3. Ginny says:

    I would love to take a walk in that park – absolutely beautiful!

  4. Laurrie says:

    That picture near the end of the tall black tree trunks and golden light is haunting my thoughts today. It’s cathedral-like and reverent and I want to walk in it. All your photos of this lovely unknown park are beautiful, but that one sticks with me.

  5. barbara says:

    Recently found your website. I am a transported WNYer living in Florida and absolutely love your site. Makes me miss all the colors of autumn even more.

  6. Karen says:

    Thank you for taking us along to Whirlpool State Park, the scenery is gorgeous! My favorite parks are the little, out of the way ones. Niagara Falls is of course, known world-wide (though I’ve never been there, on my ‘one day soon’ list) and now, because of your post, I will definitely want to visit this park, too.

    The trees are huge and the stone couch is quite the piece of furniture. I love fall, I only wish the leaves could linger longer. Thank you again!

  7. Melanie says:

    So picturesque Donna! Thanks for taking us along! How fortunate to live near a place like that. You are blessed 🙂

  8. Dear Donna, The whirlpool pics are absolutely stunning. I never saw water so blue. Look forward to the rest of your photos. x

  9. Mary Ellen says:

    Alot of people are not aware of this beautiful park. Your photos are fantastic publicity for a park that is often neglected on a sight seeing tour of our area. I loved the stone sofa-want to sit and muse awhile.

    • That was what I was saying that this park is often overlooked. When I was there, there was only one tour group. But the nice thing about this park, is it is like a private park for those that live within walking distance of the pedestrian cross over bridge and walk.

  10. Lovely to see what fall is looking like further north! Lovely photos and post. ;>)

    • That is one good thing about the changing of the season to cold, dark winter. The prelude is warm and colorful. But I think Pennsylvania still has the prettiest Fall. I love the 8 hour drive past the looming mountains bursting with fire ember, colored trees.

  11. debsgarden says:

    I appreciate getting to see a part of the park that one doesn’t usually see in commercial pictures. The scenery is wonderful!

  12. Beautiful photos of the park Donna. I saw these last week but was too busy to comment on them and just came back now. We usually take a fall hike in the gorge this time of year and always park (and picnic) here in Whirlpool Park. The hike down y the water is one of our favorites. And I dare say, that after having hiked on trails all over teh world, it is among the most beautiful, any time of year.

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