Niagara Falls Whirlpool Park 2

Just Down the Road

We are driving again to tour the Whirlpool State Park. Still hurting a bit, so no walking to the park today. Let’s get the Jeep parked and walk down the hill a bit. Big colorful trees.

We make our way under the tree canopy to the Welcome pavilion.

The stone walk is bordered by two perennial and annual mixed planting beds.

These lovely blooms are still flowering nicely. The celosia and asters look great together.

Add a little Mexican flavor and color to spice up the daisy bed.

Tone it back down with Becky.

Busy bee still working for a living. Caught in the act.

This is the look-out on the back of the pavilion. Look how close the tree is to the look-out. My guess is that the park, being so natural, lives and let lives. But that does not explain all the construction tape I saw though. It looks like a good tree to climb.

The forest edge is alive with wild flowers.

The understory is frothy blue with wild asters. No animal life was to be found except for those pesky squirrels.

Delicate flowers reach for the light.

The forest floor has variety of color and bloom.

The gravel path winds through the forest.

The roar of the water is loud, the froth churning and blue water is running fast.

Back to civilization.

Hope you like the tour of the forest. I don’t know if you noticed that there is not much for understory brush. I think the park officials must keep it somewhat tidy. Some of the images you can see where the vegetation gets denser, but those areas are more impassable.

Well off I go and our next visit will be fall at the farm. I have some nice wildflower images from my favorite butterfly haunt. See you then.


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14 Responses to Niagara Falls Whirlpool Park 2

  1. One says:

    This is the kind of park I would like to visit and spent hours there. I’ve been to Niagara Falls twice. It was very beautiful especially during fall but it was also very crowded. The photos you show seem peaceful and serene. Maybe someday, I might go there. 🙂

    • Wow you were here? Next time give me a ring, we have to get together. You are right, if you go to the main park at the Falls, it is crowded. But I know where the people don’t go. And those areas are really nice, but in a different sort of way.

  2. TufaGirl says:

    I rather like the clear look to the forest. Lovely photos. Not much fall color here in Texas yet other than the dry leaves falling. Thanks for the tour.

    • The clean, clear look of this forest is why I walked the readers in this direction. It has an ethereal feel to this place. Kinda like what I think Pandora was like in the movie. There is just something really special here.

      Also, there is a park another half mile down called Devils Hole. I will go there and get pictures to show. That is a really cool place. They had it blocked off because of the danger of falling rocks, but it may be open again.

  3. Karen says:

    I can’t get over how gorgeous the water looks, such a pretty, teal-blue color! Is this the water that has just come over Niagara Falls, or is it a different river entirely? It looks as if your vantage point from the park is quite high up, the view is amazing. I loved the tour of the woods, all the different colors. Our woods here are bare already, at least in my neighborhood. Too much wind and rain.

    Thank you for this restful tour!

    • Hi Karen,
      This is in the lower river about a mile from the falls. There is a whirlpool like effect at the base of the falls, one reason I presume barrel daredevils often don’t make it, they get sucked down like a washing machine, excuse the reference, and get stuck on the massive rocks below, never to be seen again.

      This whirlpool here is because of the inlet terrain surrounding the pool, and the speed of water movement just gets pushed around in a circle. I am guessing this, but should take the tour sometime for accuracy.

      That is what happens when you live in a place, the area becomes so routine that you often don’t notice the miracles right around you. I notice, but need to get the info from the tour guides. Maybe I will this year. I took the Maid of the Mist tour years back and saw first hand the power of the falls. Amazing.

      The deep blue color I have no understanding of. Some days it is a really pretty apple green color. I don’t know if it is vegetation causing it, but I assume it is the time of day lighting and shadow patterns. I will try different times of the day to see if I can capture the change. One photo yesterday shows a green color at the waters edge. So maybe algae or some plant life is responsible. But I see it the same as the camera does.

  4. patty says:

    Beautiful photos of the park. The lighting seems perfect, as if it was waiting for you. I live on the north side of the falls (and east about an hour) I never knew there was this park land. I guess I need to plan a day trip.

  5. Patty, I did not realize that you lived so close. I have been to Burlington with the firm I worked for a long while back and it seemed like we were driving forever. We were there on a consultation project with your school systems on making our and your schools a safer environment for kids. We were accompanied by a famed allergist and physician to to get the schools to use better building products, those that are not toxic or cause allergic reaction. It was hypothesized that the out gassing of building products caused lower test scores and child inattention in school. Was a great experience early in my career. Donna
    PS We should get together sometime for a garden tour. I would think that fun.

  6. GWGT your tour was lovely and the third image in particular caught my eye. The texture of the bark is eye catching. Then, I came along the blue river…wow! Spectacular photo…I’m seeing some personal notecards in your future!

  7. debsgarden says:

    I have never been to Niagara falls. I appreciate the tour. Your wonderful photos lift my spirit!

  8. This is somewhere that I have always dreamed of going to along with the Grand Canyon – I may never have my dream come true but it was lovely to see the park in all its autumn splendour. Is there any chance of seeing some scenes from other seasons of the year too in the future? Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    • Sure Rosie, I visit this park often since in spring/summer, it is a breeze to walk to. I do have other Niagara Falls, New York State Park images in posts if you do not mind all the tourists. Check out the categories under Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls, Canada for images of flowers and falls. I do have some wild, natural images I took on the US side of the border that I can post. Since you reminded me, look for a future post. Donna

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