Happy Monday – H2F2

Update: I had to update this post because as I am sitting here working at my computer, the comments on this post are flying in at record pace. Like I have never seen before. Kinda funny too. Unfortunately, most must be deleted.

I fear that my friend Happy 2 Face is an adult film star in the off-season. Shame on him, especially having a young son. Now I get his previous Fabio look back in September.

The comments I am deleting are coming from naughty sites. I am so glad WordPress has my back.

Enjoy the post and don’t hold it against me that Happy has a reason for being happy.

I have found that Happy 2 Face from a month and a half back is a weekend father. I was passing by last Saturday and lo’ and behold, Happy Two Face has a son. 😀

When I was there in Summer, Happy looked single, had on cool sunglasses and long flowing locks (kinda like Fabio) and I had no clue what he was. So I was so surprised to see him again, this time with a kid in tow.

I was out photographing the leaves changing in Niagara county and drove by Happy. Last time I had to make a U-turn to get his photo. This time he was there with company.

Like me, let’s follow the fallen leaves to Happy’s home, (scanned and Photoshopped leaves, not actually falling, in case you thought I actually was shooting the falling leaves). I should get out the tripod and try that sometime, it may make an interesting image. You guys that are better photographers, let me know if you tried.

Happy and Son are Pumpkins

I was not sure last time, but I am sure now. I still do not know why Happy has horns, but his son has yet to grow them.

Made from baling straw and spray paint, they are weird, but, sort of cute too, and so BIG.



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12 Responses to Happy Monday – H2F2

  1. PatioPatch says:

    Hi Donna – did not know what to expect so a very funny suprise when I scrolled down there. Thanks for making me smile…and I love your scanned falling leaves.

    p.s. how well you captured the natural beauty of the weeds and rocks on your last post – amazing what you have lying around your acreages.

  2. One says:

    Those images of leaves are more beautiful than the live ones or rather, dead ones. What magic have you performed?

    I wasn’t sure what to expect. Happy with horns? It was a pleasant surprise!

  3. Zut Donna – how much die does it take to turn a bale of hay into a pumpkin?

  4. Shirley says:

    Wasn’t sure what to expect from Happy Two Face! How cute! I really like the effect with the leaves. Very creative!

  5. Karen says:

    Happy Two Face and his son are adorable, the creative things people do for decorations are amazing. I’m really glad you went back and took the pictures for us.

    Loved the falling photoshopped leaves, too…you are so talented!

  6. Thanks all, great you stopped in for Happy Monday. So… Have a Great Monday.

    Thanks for the commenting on my leaves too. So easy to do and they make nice wall hangings. Check out my post:
    It is a simple and fast project taking fallen leaves and making them into an inexpensive art wall hanging.

  7. fer says:

    He looks very cute with his son.
    And a very nice image of the leafs too.

  8. I like the giant faces. Very cute!

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