Freaky Friday Follies

As Having No Practical Purpose

Halloween is a costly holiday to homeowners and myth aside, what practical reason is there for it?

My pets were petrified of it. My Akita wanted to protect the household from the ghouls and goblins. He was big, strong and scary himself. I had to keep him locked up to help keep my Samoyed from having a heart attack.

But the neighborhood does put out the welcome mat on Halloween. Here is a taste of the decorations.

Some of the best decorations in the city are on my street.

Pumpkins are not yet carved because of the heat we have been having.

And the 50 mph wind has taken its toll, but the decorations are still holding strong. I do not know what is holding the big blowup pumpkin, below, but it has not moved at all.

Halloween straddles the timeline between fall and winter and is a celebration of superstition. The dead come back to the earth to haunt the living. It is a freaky holiday for kids and adults alike. Skulls and skeletons, zombies and ghosts. Eerie. In popularity, it is second only to Christmas.

Red geraniums and the skull make a nice pair of opposites. Blowup pumpkin is big.

Goblins and Ghouls hang from a Crabapple

Scary little  ghosts.

This eerie skeleton greets the little trick or treaters. I bet they are scared. Howling ghouls and black cats are all over this house.

Black as Night Squawking and Screeching

Ravens and Crows.

Press to hear the freaky crows and ravens. I had this, along with mice screeching last year for my visiting trick or treaters. It was such a big hit as I had wireless speakers outside in the bushes and the kids had no idea where it was coming from. It was on a twenty-minute loop with bird and animals sounds. I will show some of  last year’s decorations maybe tomorrow. I had painted pumpkins with ravens and mice galore.

Pull up a chair and have a listen. Click the little arrow.

Must be the Season of the Witch

Very cool witches….


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24 Responses to Freaky Friday Follies

  1. I love the decorations and the costume. The crow squawking is a very nice addition. Hope you can scare at least a few trick or treaters!

  2. What beautiful, fun and spooky decorations! I particularly like the wreath and crow. Thanks for sharing and getting me more in the mood for Halloween!

    • I made the wreath, thank you so much. My neighbors do up Halloween so expertly and I am not the crafty type, but I spray painted the grapevine wreath black, made a nest out of dried moss, (I did find a real nest at the farm later though), and added store bought crows…. so simple.

  3. Shirley says:

    Your neighbourhood does a great job of decorating for Halloween! I like the crow recording. My question, how did you attach it to your blog?

    • WordPress allows audio if you purchase extra storage. I post so many larger file graphics. I plan on doing so video at the farm on tree planting, so I needed the extra space since these files are large. They have a radio button to click to upload a Mp3 file. I had to convert the file to Mp3 and uploaded.

  4. Joy says:

    This has been such a “treat” to see !
    I am a fan of a fun Halloween .. not that horrible slash and gore stuff from those ridiculous movies .. just at a kid’s level of imagination with lots of pumpkins and cute ghosts, bats, ravens, Autumn decorations etc .. I in fact held off decorating in time to escape the BIG blow we have had for a few days now .. I have seen some neighbor’s decorations “run” down the streets .. hehe
    This was a fun post : ) thank you !

  5. fairegarden says:

    Hi Donna, I love Hallowe’en and this is great. The witch with the orange tights is fabulous! Glad your street goes all out. 🙂

    • The witch is my next door neighbor in 2005. I know what she and her boyfriend are going to be this year, but it is a surprise. I hope to get a photo, she is so clever. She always makes her costumes and I love her creativity.

  6. Bom says:

    Those sure look like fun photos. I especially liked the picture after the sound byte.

  7. One says:

    You do have a very creative neighborhood. The decorations are mostly beautiful with a few scary ones. I like your wreath with crows. The flying witch is cool too.

  8. Love your Halloween cheer!

  9. I love the crow scarecrows, I could use a few of those here in the garden! Halloween used to be a big deal here, until we moved into the middle of the dark-and-scary woods 😛 Now we mostly just decorate for the chickens! Happy Halloween!

  10. Bonnie says:

    I love Halloween. You are lucky to have neighbors who decorate. My house is the only one in our neighborhood decorated. There are pictures of some of my decorations on my blog. Halloween is a fun time, a time to be silly before the mad dash to Christmas.

    • I visited your blog. Really happy and fun decorations. It looks like you are the fun neighbors. Maybe you will inspire the others. That is sort of what happened here. My next door neighbor always did up Halloween right. Then, one by one, the rest of us followed.

  11. Spooky post! I love Halloween! Just something about it all …

    • I like spooky. Vampires, werewolfs and all. The history and myths around the creatures of the night is so interesting. The fact that they had iterations of them in so many cultures around the world. It would take American cinema to bring them to life and sensationalize the culture and make it all a little more common place. Everywhere there are vamps today.

  12. Mary Ellen says:

    Love the photos of our neighborhood!!!! The raven wreath is very clever especially with the sound-nice touch! The witches are my favorite-especially the live witch who lives amongst us!!!!!! Happy Halloween neighbor!!!!

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