Halloween is Watching

Yes, folks, the eyes have it this year, too. Little Dollar Store finds make up the cutest flower bouquet, if you like that Addams’ Family decor. I like Halloween, even if no one else in this household does. I enjoy the kids and like to hear them comment on the eerie sounds coming from my haunted house. Last year I dressed up a little like Morticia, black with crow feathers. My hair was long last year, so no wig necessary. My greeter was Clyde the Crow. He has made an appearance again this year. I was not in costume like my neighbor, but it was fun. My neighbor from yesterday’s post makes all her own costumes. I can not sew and do not even own a sewing machine. My mother was the seamstress.

Usually I have a different display, but this year I made the decorations for the neighborhood light standards, I was busier with work too. Some photos will be coming on that.

This is one of the light standard decorations that my neighbors attached to the poles. I got all the corn stalks and corn from the farm and bundled them up for the neighbors to hang.

The winds got to this display, but it is still looking fine. The heads were purchased last year and hung on the poles by themselves. This year, we added the corn stalks to make a scarecrow. Well, sort of anyway.

The one I put up in front of my house had a scarecrow that I purchased. I posted it on Tuesday for my squirrel post. As you can see here , the squirrels were very happy to get the corn. A bite is taken out of the ear, and now, no corn is left on any of the decorations. The squirrels made the association of corn stalks to corn, to a free meal.

My theme was black crows, ravens and mice. I painted the pumpkins rather than elaborate carving. I did have some carving for night-time treaters, but most of the kids are small and come during the daylight hours.

This pumpkin was black until a huge raven flew by and down came  raven droppings. The two above, were a bit classier, ala Morticia Addams. I used white pumpkins with classy braided, black trim and silver sequins.

I carved openings in the two pumpkins below and inserted candles. Sorry, no night shots because our neighborhood gets no break during Halloween. Kids come continuously.

The two raven pumpkins both had holes drilled for a really cute effect.

The nesting raven also had a candle inside and coordinated with my door wreath, which I will get to in a minute.

I used regular black house paint, gloss and matte. BTW, painting on pumpkins is not a lot of fun. The depressions make it a real pain if you want an intricate design. You can see I sort of gave into the pumpkin. It would have been too time consuming to be more careful with the brush.

The moms liked the pumpkins.

Inside the door is the foyer. Here is what I had when the door opened. The vine wreath was spray painted, pulled apart a bit, and then became a home to nesting ravens. I have it on the outside door this year.

The foyer was decorated with a little dark bling. I painted the pumpkins black and pewter. I cut out ravens from black museum board, they decorated windows and a twig wall hanging I made.

The twig wall hanging was made by tacking branches together with brads and twining the edges in a frame. The cutout mice were purchased, but I made more of them myself. It was a bit difficult to do this by hand, but I made so many architectural models before, I knew it could be done. Here is the mice chirp recording that was like yesterday, put on a loop with the ravens and crows, squawking for the kids entertainment. I used my iPod and wireless speakers. The kids were looking all over for the animals.  So cute.

My paintings below were done just for Halloween. I thought more people would get the reference, especially since a raven was beside the prose. Alas, only a few literature aficionados got it.  I should not have used the text speak I guess.

The acrylic paint had an additive to make it three-dimensional. I made the frames and hung them for the kids and parents to see.

Inside I had more painted pumpkins. I also painted leaves pewter and black and decoupaged them to a real pumpkin. The big faux  pumpkin was painted to look like a gourd. I really like this one. The lily painting on the sideboard is on of my works. It is a study for a 3 foot by 3 foot oil painting I am working on.

Nothing fancy, but I brought in garden foliage and placed them in a vase. I used spray fixative to keep the little seed heads intact, since there was no time for proper drying.

I had cupcakes for grownup guests. Many more were made, but the Halloween scrooge ate most of them.

And in case you thought I forgot about my dollar store finds, here is what I made with some faux flowers and plastic eyes. The tablecloth is actually black trash bags. They worked out great.

A little black spray paint goes a long way when you want to Halloween up the house.

And as I get ready to retire, here is an appropriate image of my very creative neighbor’s foyer decoration. She has this very pretty witch over a mirror.

Have a Happy Halloween, all.


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24 Responses to Halloween is Watching

  1. Diana says:

    You are very creative. I enjoy looking at your photos. Happy Holloween.

  2. Karen says:

    Donna, words fail me (unbelievable, I know) but wow, what a grand, GRAND display for Halloween! I am so amazed, kept looking back at all the pictures, the ravens, the painted and carved and painted pumpkins, the wreath, everything is so elaborate and wonderful. The cupcakes (all decorated for the day with trees, and webs, etc!) and the mouse decoration complete with squeaking sound effects, and the black flowers with the eyes……oh, I needed this post to make me smile tonight! Happy Halloween!

    • Karen, thanks so much for all the nice remarks. I was just to your site and loved the post. Taking us down memory lane. Oh to have your almost perfect life. Your high school sweetheart, lovely family and piece of the gorgeous family farm. A home you two built together. I can not wait for part two.

  3. One says:

    Donna, Your creations are unique yet very beautiful. I haven’t seen any pumpkins painted this way before.

  4. PatioPatch says:

    Hi Donna – love the crow theme as these are one of my favourite birds – so intelligent. Your displays are incredibly imaginitive but the flowers with the eyes really made me smile. Happy Halloween


    • We have real ravens in the neighborhood. I am not sure why, but I have a hint. My bird Cream Cheez, the pet cockatoo, and the ravens have daily chats together each morning. Cream Cheez is on the second floor and his window faces the big Norway Maples. It is comical with the three birds sreaming and squawking at each other. You have to wonder what they are saying. My guess is the ravens are laughing up a storm at the caged cockatoo, like those blackbirds in the Windex commercial who laugh at the homeowners for running into the clean window.

  5. fer says:

    Very creative! Love the one with the crow and the moon. Do you have one photo at night?

  6. Bonnie says:

    Love your black decorations and your pumpkins. There are endless possibilities when decorating for Halloween. It’s going to be pretty cold here on Halloween night so we may not get the number of trick-or-treaters that we usually get.

    • Our years vary with the weather, but I just stocked up on candy this morning. I hope the kids come by the bus load. Thanks for the compliment. I am not a crafter and I just kinda get a theme and run with it. I love pumpkins and could carve and decorate them all year.

  7. Tatyana says:

    i like black pumpkins! since I don’t like the orange color, I might switch to black! Very nice table centerpiece and the grasses in the vase! Your neighbor’s witch is adorable!

  8. debsgarden says:

    Wow – you are very talented! The painted pumpkins are wonderful. I am sure your neighbors all appreciate your hard work and creativity!

  9. Oh my word, I am awestruck! I thought we’d started to “get in” in to Halloween over here in the UK, but we have nothing even remotely like this! Am impressed at your dedication and creativity.

    • I was surprised to read it was a celebrated holiday in the UK. A few other countries too, but I guess with the Celtic history, you would expect here is not where to look for the origin of the myth. We may have just commercialized it on a grander scale.

  10. Ginny says:

    I love those painted pumpkins!

  11. Donna, you’re so crafty! Gorgeous painted pumpkins, I love the one with the crow and cutout moon and stars! The flowers with eyes are adorable too 🙂

  12. Patsi says:

    Wow, you go all out for halloween !
    Not sure what I like the best.
    The ravens are very haunting, reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

    • Actually, it was Edgar Allan Poe, the ‘Raven’. I had that playing along with my mice and bird calls. I cut and faded the audio to make a fifteen minute recording to play for the kids. The poem is long, but not too many were familiar with it, so sad. They did like my inserts of squawking birds and screeching mice though. All the kids had fun with that.

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