Flowers are Fleeting but…

This is the most amazing human art. It is a look at flowers like you have never seen them before. They are made of PEOPLE and the repetition of people parts. Look close at the images, a visual delight.

I got these images from a friend in an email and found a site where they were posted. There are many more than I have shown here and the site is really, really, really worth visiting. Astounding work.

If you are not yet amazed by this artistry in human form, photography and photo editing skills go to this site for more. So many more flowers and a peacock to see. There is quite a bit of Photoshop magic here and I am oh so inspired. Now I just need a few nude models….

Which one was your favorite?


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14 Responses to Flowers are Fleeting but…

  1. debsgarden says:

    Talk about flower people! I couldn’t pick a favorite; they are all amazing!

  2. Nude models doing yoga no less! Wow, amazing pics. What will they think of next???! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  3. How extraordinary!!! Where did you find these? I could not choose a favorite . . . they are all too amazing! Thank you so for sharing these Donna. ;>)

  4. Karen says:

    Donna, what an amazing display. I couldn’t pick my favorite either and had to keep looking at them over and over. If you hadn’t said they were people, I wouldn’t have noticed. The things people think of to do, such creativity.

  5. p3chandan says:

    I love them all..very creative photography! My favourite is photo no. 4

  6. Bom says:

    Amazing!!! I have to share this with my kids. I’ve shortlisted it to #s 3, 5 and 8 but can’t choose on a final one.

  7. TufaGirl says:

    Beautiful blooms. Some folk are so creative.

  8. Helen says:

    The flowers scare me! But what an amazing technique!

  9. One says:

    Hi Donna, I might have seen these a few years ago. They still look amazing! Some people are very creative. They see stuff that most of us wouldn’t even have thought of. From your posts, I can see that you are definitely one of the creative ones.

  10. Mary Ellen says:

    # 2 and #4-totally amazing!!!!!

  11. lifeshighway says:

    Beautiful on so many levels. Great photography work.

  12. Cat says:

    Hi Donna, These are the images I was talking about that my mother in law sent and I was conflicted about whether to post them or not. I’m so glad you did because they are amazing and deserve to be shared!

  13. fer says:

    So beautiful images! think my favorite is the dandelion, or the sakura, but all of them are great.

  14. These are so beautiful! Number five is my favourite, though I love how number two uses the body as leaves and stem as well.

    I once saw a back tattoo that had a similar theme. From a distance it looked like a tree, but up close, the tree trunk and limbs were made out of intertwined human bodies, and the leaves were made from hair. Amazing artwork!

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