Gnomes Having a Bad Day

Gnomes Having a Bad Day

“I told you pointy headed bozos that you didn’t know where you were going! When you promised up close and personal, I had no idea this is how I would see Niagara Falls! Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap…..”


A bit naggy, but not wrong.

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27 Responses to Gnomes Having a Bad Day

  1. fer says:

    Lovely image.
    Somehow it reminds me of the movie Amelie.

    • I never saw the movie Amelie. Can you tell me about it? Glad you like the doomed gnomes. Since I lived here there have been a few people over the Falls. Once while I was there too. But I did not see them, which was lucky for me, because I could never have gotten that image out of my mind. They just don’t make it very often.

      • Bom says:

        You must see Amelie. My wife forced asked me to watch it with her and I have to admit that I enjoyed it as much as everyone else.

  2. Karen says:

    Oh, noooooooooooooooooooooo………….they are having an EXTREMELY bad day!! Oh, Donna, how do you come up with these ideas! Hilarious!

  3. Greenearth says:

    Now I know what garden gnomes do on their day off.

  4. Very funny! Certainly not wrong. I love the images. ;>)

  5. lifeshighway says:

    ah ha ha, I think that is my sister in the back seat. This trip will not end well.

  6. Bom says:

    Donna! The poor gnomes! LOL!

  7. One says:

    Hi Donna, How are their pets doing? Have they been adopted?

  8. This reminds me of an experience where I accidentally played chicken when I was 18. Ahhh, memories.

  9. They forgot the barrel…

  10. Karin says:

    Oh so funny! Lovely work as always.

    • Thank you. Keep checking, I want to do a series of gnomes, possibly every other week or so. I may have a Thanksgiving weekend gnome too, got an idea. Then start my gnomes every couple of weeks. They are good blog fillers when I am trying to make an informative or job related post. Something to just give a smile.

  11. Dear Donna, You are too funny! I look forward to more gnome escapades! Pam x

  12. Joy says:

    Hey Donna girl ! that was too cute : )
    I love those really pointy headed gnomes (don’t mention any of this to my Dave though .. he will be annoyed ! LOL)
    I have changed the name of my blog and of course the address changed a bit too .. DUH ? .. it is now
    So if you want to drop by you know where to find me again ? LOL
    Joy : )

  13. Cat says:

    Your gnome escapades delight! I’m glad you’re thinking about posting more of them.

  14. So funny and I enjoyed the back and forth bantor of the comments. I’m not a gnome fan, but your humor makes it worthwhile. :)

  15. Rosey says:

    I always have fun looking at Life’s highway blog. Guaranteed smiles!

    You are such a talented and creative artist! Such a pleasure to visit.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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