Christmas Tree Volunteering

The Garden Club of Niagara Falls decorated the trees at HANCI for the not for profit’s participation in the annual Main Street Business Association’s Festival of Lights celebration. Many, but not all of the tree’s decorations were donated through the years. This year, many were on loan. We coordinated the ornaments to form like groupings and make themed trees. I was so happy to join them in this fun, decorating event.

This was the first time that the Garden Club decorated the windows of the agency and the comments have been very positive. It was a fun day decorating and we did it fairly fast. A couple of members came back to install the back and fill lighting to the windows. Many of the items are borrowed, like the teddy bears at the Kid’s Tree and the train set at the Victorian Pink Tree.

The board of directors were pleased with the results as it helped to brighten up Main Street. The agency has always graciously allowed the Garden Club to use their boardroom for our meetings. And, the Club loves to help out the agency when we can.

I have shown you an other post on what activities the Club does for and with its members. Lilliputian Loveliness, had us making Bonsai.

Our last meeting we made Thanksgiving/Fall arrangements. Here is what we did at last month’s meeting, pictured below. Next month we are making a Christmas garland.

My Arrangement

After the cats got to it…

The image above was taken when we were nearing completion of the decoration. The trees are very close to the window, which proved the best for viewing them from outside. We were in and out a lot, checking and making fine tuning moves.

I just loved these white snowballs on the tree above. They gave a larger scale to the ornaments, mixing up the sizing for a nice look. We weaved ribbon through the trees to give some movement to the display. We tied bows for tree topper. We were very lucky to have many of the beautiful ornaments donated or purchased on behalf of the agency.

All of the night shots were taken last night from outside on Main Street. The windows looked really pretty. HANCI is at the end of my street, so it is really convenient for me to go there.

The pink tree had faux poinsettia’s that really looked real. You can barely see the train below, and a Santa bear is to the right. Two members brought in these items and they really gave the display some visual impact.

The Kid’s Tree is all bright and colorful. It has an element of fun and frivolity with purple feathers and a skirt of teddy bears.

I stepped back for this image so you can see the trees in context to my location on the street.

Next Saturday, The Garden Club is decorating the atrium at HANCI. I will keep you posted. We are a busy group.

I have been so very busy with websites, home decorations, Christmas design, and working at the farm, but I will try to post my Christmas decorations soon. I will post previous years too. I love this time of year and it is a great way to show more people my own decorations. I love Christmas and all the celebration. I love what Christmas actually represents too.

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19 Responses to Christmas Tree Volunteering

  1. lifeshighway says:

    Those are spectacular trees. I wish I lived near your area to see this year’s collection in person. My favorite is the fanciful Kid Tree. Love the photo in the mirror.

    • Actually, this image was outside the building. I know it looks like a mirror with the reflection from across the street and shadows thrown by the fill lights, but it is the tall, narrow window. The Kid’s Tree is the first that I decorated and my favorite too. It had the most creative look. We started with ornaments that another member grouped together by color. Anything with bright color was game.

  2. Edith Hope says:

    Dear GWGT, What fun you seem to have had at your garden club and what beautifully decorated trees. I think that the idea of your group’s members all contributing to a range of themed trees was highly imaginative and the end results were very impressive indeed. The trees will, most certainly give a cheerful Christmas feel to the Main Street.

    • One of the trees was donated along with lights and pink ornaments. This tree we added ribbon and the big white snowballs for punch. Main Street, Niagara Falls really needs a pick-me-up. We were very glad to help.

  3. fer says:

    They look gorgeous! Love the white snowballs.
    I can’t believe christmas is just around the corner. the time flies by so fast.

    • Since I do so much decorating for others, I have to start scheduling early. I start before Thanksgiving. The farm opens their Christmas Tree Adventure the day after Thanksgiving. It was a very busy day. Lots of trees went to new homes. I was working hard all day. Today is a bust day for them, but I got a day off to do my own decorating. You are right, it does seem right around the corner.

  4. What a fun activity and what beautiful trees. Thanks for the decorating ideas too. Carolyn

  5. Karen says:

    What a gorgeous display! How lucky your city is to have such a dedicated group creating all this beauty for them. I don’t know which tree I like the best, they are all amazing. Looking forward to seeing more of your holiday adventures!

    • Our city needs help. It is a shame too. We need to have things and places for tourists, and it looks so bad here. Sometimes a little nudge helps. The garden Club is one in many trying to help give the city a small makeover.

  6. artie says:

    i made those snowballs, donna. im glad to see they made it in this year. good job.

    • Artie,
      I did not know that you made them. I loved them. One of the gardeners told me they came from Menne’s. You should post the decorations you did at HANCI last year, or send them to me and I will for you!

  7. Patty says:

    Your group sounds very enthusiastic. How nice to know that people can work hard together to make their town look wonderful at Christmas. You sound like you are quite the industrious sort with all your activities. The trees look superb.

  8. Garden Sense says:

    Beautifully decorated trees! May they brighten the season and bring the joy of the season to many!

  9. Artie says:

    Hey Donna,
    Yep – I made them. Pretty easy, in fact, I think I planned a tutorial post on them at one point, but never posted it. Gosh, can you imagine how expensive they’d be if they were from Menne’s? It’s my understanding that the tree and pink/purple ornaments were donated by someone who had purchased all of it originally from Menne’s. I had the snowballs on the silver tree last year – but they look great with the purple/pink. That ribbon was gonna be my peacock tree ribbon – but I ended up not using it. I gifted a treeskirt and 5 rolls of it to Hanci last year, along with about $200 in other ornaments. I wish I had taken pictures to share … I didn’t. It was all around the same time that I was doing other stuff, and I never could make it over with my camera in time to get good pictures.
    Dorothy was the other helper last year, and she did a great job. It’s always nice to light up Main Street with beauty. I’m glad you and the Garden Club were there to do it this year.

  10. TufaGirl says:

    I think the Kid’s tree was my favorite, also. They all are beautiful creations. I imagine it was a great time working with such a creative and talented group of ladies.

  11. What a fun project to be involved in! We have gone out of town for Christmas for probably the last five years, so I have not decorated in that many years! I’m jealous! All of the trees are gorgeous; hard to pick a favorite. The night shots are magical!! Great job!

  12. That has made me feel all Christmassy! Some really beautiful trees there. And what fun to decorate them as a group!

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