Rosey White Christmas 2009

A Little Glitz and Glimmer in 2009

In 2009 the nine foot Frasier Fir was bejeweled with gold, lime green and white. White faux roses set the theme adding elegance and luminescence to the tree. In addition, the Dollar Store roses added bulk. An odd choice of a word, but they fill up a lot of space. The mantle was simply framed with triple stands of artificial garland to enhance the look, make it more realistic and was then dressed in a surplus of gold and white balls. A simple mirror reflected and bounced light along with the mercury glass candlesticks and birds. Use reflective accessories to bounce light, just a designer tip. Natural greens and real flowers filled the vases.

I used craft store papier mâché gold deer as a repeating element. Dollar Store glitter deer were on the tree, too. I mix expensive and thrifty items together. This is a great designer tip for getting an upscale look for less. Just make sure that the items relate, either in color, feel, sheen or texture. Vary the scale of the items for interest. Having a relationship brings cohesion and masks the items of lesser cost.

Beads were draped like jewelry, rather than like garland. No tree topper was used, although many were considered. The nine foot tree did not need one, it was best to remain simple. This is where you EDIT. One of the best designer tips, if you follow any, follow this one.

A designer tip for 2009 was to have a theme carry through the home. I had five Christmas trees in four rooms. Only one was real. The theme was FLOWERS for Christmas. Yesterday,  you saw my small artificial kitchen tree with blue Hydrangea. The diningroom had poinsettia and the bedroom had chrysanthemums.

What I did with beaded garland was cut them into sections and make small loops to tie and fasten at the top with wire to make ‘earrings’ for the tree, like seen above. Below was the tree from 2008. It was a Noble Fir. This is how you usually see beaded garland. Just a designer tip to change-up the look from year to year, using the same decorations.

In 2008 was when I got the idea to use roses in the tree for 2009. I made these floral arrangements using live roses and a designer tip of repetition. I save all the ornaments that I get in arrangements sent to me as gifts from clients that are from a florist. I then re-use them in my own creations like wreaths and these pewter cups. The tree in 2008 was all whites, gold and silvers, which is not very evident from the images with incandescent lighting.

I paired the roses with boxwood clippings from the garden. I have done many mantles with garden clippings and you will see the 2010 greens from the farm.

I repainted the walls a Bosc Pear in 2009 from a the color you see below.

In 2007 I went to see my Mother at Christmas and spent Christmas week in Pennsylvania. This is my artificial tree and the last year my Akita had Christmas. The gold and white balls on this tree made the mantle garland in 2009. Re-use, a designer tip.

Back to the 2009 tree..

See the lime accents? Both in matte, shine and glitter, a designer tip to mix up the finishes for interest. Also, edit. You do not have to have every corner of a space scream Christmas. A designer tip is to edit and simplify.

The 2009 mantle was live greens wired into artificial garland. This is a great designer tip because real greens do not last long inside , so you can keep a fresh, green look for the whole season by just replacing a few sprigs every two weeks. Note the 2009 mantle is also very simple, without much decor. This is so to make it easy to swap out the drying  vegetation. The surround is all artificial, and when I entertain, I add sprigs of cedar to the surround for fragrance.

I will have other photos of the dining room trees coming up. I have four trees in the house each year, all decorated differently.

I will be posting a complete about-face for 2010. I have used over 1oo pinecones, woodsy animals and natural greens. Stay tuned…

Little Hint

And here is my 2010, twelve-foot tree still happy and alive in the field. I do shed a tear when having to chop it down.

I will post the tree being prepared for the journey home for Tag Along Thursday. We start at the farm and sometime next week, you get to see it decorated in my dining room.

Please come visit me all next month for so many photos of trees and decorating. I am a decorating banshee. I make wreathes, kissing balls,  floral arrangements and more. I will have some tips and tricks that you can use.

See some unique garden ornaments for gifts and, of course some outdoor garden lights. A lot is in store. And I want to thank my readers for following my posts. I am very appreciative and grateful for you stopping in to read my blog at GWGT.

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15 Responses to Rosey White Christmas 2009

  1. Very helpful post. I will admit I’m a bit befuddled by Christmas tree decorating, so the tips are helpful.

  2. One says:

    That triple garland around the mantle area is beautiful. I even considered doing the same. Then I took a look around house. No! I can’t. It will clash with Chinese paintings. 🙂
    Glad to see your lovely Akita finally.

  3. Dear Donna,
    Wow! Beautiful! It’s amazing what you can do with spacious rooms and high ceilings. Those decorations just wouldn’t fit into my tiny farmhouse. But, you have me thinking …
    Pam x

  4. debsgarden says:

    Beautiful post with lots of great tips! I love how the gold and white looked in your living room. I look forward to seeing your decorations for this year!

  5. It is easy to see that this is Your season Donna! Your home looks warm and magical. Lovely informative post. I can feel your sense of joy and energy through my screen. Enjoy!

  6. Joy says:

    Donna girl this is simply too gorgeous to believe !
    I love your white theme on the trees .. I have done that as well with red accents .. a Canadian ? type theme .. nice large white poinsettias and translucent white Xmas balls with designs frosted on them .. I just loved the look.
    Yours is stunning and to have that many trees is amazing .. and beautiful .. talk about lighting that seasonal fire ? You HAVE to feel in the mood to celebrate after seeing how wonderful this looks : )
    PS .. I hear Christmas carols in my head now because of this post !! haha

  7. Ginny says:

    Wonderful post – great ideas. I will probably come back for another look. I’m in the midst of decorating and was encouraged to find that I’ve been using some of your ideas. Can’t wait to see that 12 ft. tree decorated. I have two trees each year – one real and one artificial. The artificial tree is decorated with angel ornaments that I’ve collected over the years.

  8. p3chandan says:

    You have a superb creativity and I love all your designs and decorations, cant wait for this year’s Christmas decorations! Although Im not celebrating Christmas, definitely will follow your blog to see your flair for design and decorations!

  9. Marguerite says:

    What a great idea regarding another way to use beaded garland. We decorated the office tree last week and had a discussion about how to hang the beads. This would have been a good idea!

  10. Cat says:

    Donna I wish I had a 1/3 of your energy!! Beautiful inspiration and ideas. I can’t wait to see the 12 foot tree coming home – it’s gorgeous!

  11. nelle howard says:

    Oh my! Your 2009 decorations are surely luxuriant. Lots of white to remind us of a white Christmas. I can’t wait to see what you do with 2010.

  12. Missy says:

    Ho Ho Ho Donna. I love your work. Around here I’m known as a Christmas Tragic. We have multiple trees too. So it’s good to know there are others. When they tease me about what I do I will send them to your posts.
    This year we have the grandchildren staying with us over the Christmas week so I’m currently turning the office into a magic cave.

  13. lifeshighway says:

    Stunning and inspiring. Maybe I will stop moping that the kids moved out and get motivated for a beautiful Christmas this year. You really are a true artist.

  14. TufaGirl says:

    Ooh la la! I hope you will show the 2009 poinsettia tree also.

  15. sandra says:

    very very beatifull decoration and the house looks so joyfull merry merry
    christmas very very nice christmas tree sandra from the netherlands

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