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I just did a post on gnomes this week with an illustration called The Showdown, and what comes in the mail but my copy of GreenPrints, “The Weeder’s Digest”. I have been looking for a reason to talk about this little garden digest for some time now. I really enjoy the stories and in a way, it resembles blog posts with the best of personal, heartfelt writing.

The digest is put out by Pat Stone and his wife, Becky. They do have additional help, but it is a small operation. He mentioned in his At the Gate piece this issue that he was close to closing down his publication and was fortunate enough to have additional subscriptions come in just in time.

I am so glad for him and if I can help him out by posting on his magazine, I will, because I think it is that good. I subscribed mainly for the beautiful  illustrations but the stories are so engaging.

I received my copy yesterday and lo and behold, there was a story on gnomes. Not only a story, but the opening line read, “I don’t like garden gnomes. I think they are creepy.” I was really surprised at the coincidence to my post. This is pretty much where the comparison ends, but hey, I will take the validation where I can get it.

Begging for a Gnomenapping, with Conditions

The story is mainly about gnomes in general, citing a lot of what I already knew about gnomes, like where they originated, the Chelsea connection and the Garden Gnome Liberation Front. It talks about gnome kidnapping and gnomes sent on vacations.

This publication has gardening stories with titles like; In Search of Hope, Saved by Seeds, The Most Important Tool, and many more really creative and heartwarming short stories.  They get stories from all over the world, but work with 14 illustrators. I was interested in sending in an illustrated contribution. So many of you bloggers are excellent writers maybe Pat will publish your work. Who knows?

You can get familiar with, or order Green Prints at I am betting you will order the digest if you are not already a subscriber. And Pat says they make nice gifts, and I have to agree. Christmas is right around the corner.

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16 Responses to GreenPrints and Gnomes

  1. lifeshighway says:

    The illustrations are lovely. I wish the Stones good luck and that they keep their publication in print. I’m a big fan of the Gnome Liberation Front.

    The drawings are almost as lovely as your own.

    • Thank you for this compliment, but wait until you see all the creativity oozing out of the digest. I have three issues and I am keeping them forever. I got the subscription card only this year. It came in my box of Van Engelen bulbs at the end of October. I went to the website and was hooked by the images. You can down load stories which I did. No sooner than I read them, my order was in.

      And immediately my first issue and the free Weeder’s Digest arrived. Talk about service! There are four mags a year and in two months, I now have a four with the free one. I will have to renew soon, and as long as Pat keeps printing, I will be buying and reading.

  2. Was watching Amelie and thought it would have been much better if the gnome never came back. At least her father left.

  3. Bom says:

    I will definitely check this out. Opening another tab on my browser as I type this. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about this. I learn so much from garden blogs.

  5. One says:

    Saw those beautiful pictures in that link you provided. They are good! And I like the cartoon about the plants making quite an impact … on her back.

  6. TS says:

    Thanks for the heads up about this little tome! I just can’t resist good writing, especially writing about gardens instead of the latest electronic gizmo or “can’t live without” object. I love how your blog connects us to ideas/books that I might not have thought of/heard of before!!! :o)

    • Thank you. I have been reluctant to post on books and periodicals because I am always assuming they have been read by many gardeners. But this one is a little gem and they fill subscriptions the world over I believe. I emailed Pat and Becky for permission to post GreenPrints and Pat quickly replied with a very nice email. They must be wonderful people too.

  7. I’ve never heard of this magazine, but it looks very interesting. The illustrations are gorgeous, and I love the byline “the weeder’s digest”, as all I seem to do around here is weeding! I’m off to go check it out, thanks for posting!

  8. I already subscribe to this little book – my mom ordered it for me as a gift 🙂 All gardeners will love the heartwarming and funny stories — they will be able to relate!

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