Frosty Falls, Rarely Seen by Many Tourists

The Falls is alive with color and white. Yet the white is what keeps the visitors away in winter. I do like this solitude and serenity. The park is free in the winter and you can even take a trolley ride free of charge. The driver waits for passengers.

Parking is free and can be found anywhere. But you get wet. And cold. And blown away.

I have read that wind speeds can approach 85 mph near the Falls itself. I am not sure how this was determined, but I have never experienced winds this great. I have almost been picked up by the wind, so that was likely near or greater than 60 mph. Some days it is not so pleasant at the Falls.

Here is  another view.  I just love these rainbows, so I will let you see where it goes. No searching for the pot of gold here. Such a happy feel to the color.

The mist both creates the rainbow as the sun hits the water droplets but is so thick, it also masks it a bit. But today it was so clear you almost felt as if you could bathe in the rays of refracted and reflected light. Just a change of angle gave the rainbow a softer, more subtle look.

Let’s look at cold…

Got your mittens on?

How about your all-weather coat?

The mist obliterates the strongest of views.

I met a few brave souls from of all places, Thailand. They are newlyweds. Did anyone not tell them this is a frigid experience. I heard them before I saw them… crunch, crunch, crunch.

Their hurried tracks can be seen below.

I did mention on a previous popular post that I thought Blotanical was a great place to meet people from around the world. So is the Falls, because in the summer, I can almost circle the globe with people I talk with.

Above, just me and the squirrel.

Here you would not want to have your picnic at this time of year. This area is cordoned off.

Can you tell this is hundreds of seagulls?  They just look like the ice and rocks. They sit patiently waiting for the food to swim by.

I got really wet taking this image. My Christmas present to myself is going to be a telephoto lens. I have a great one for my film camera, I am just too lazy to get film developed. I like the colors of green and blue, even the little tan of the broken twigs here. See I told you there was some color!

How about a little Red-Twigged Dogwood.

And on a clear day….. you fill in the rest.

Please go to Carloyn’s Shade Garden. She has a cause worth participating in.


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38 Responses to Frosty Falls, Rarely Seen by Many Tourists

  1. lifeshighway says:

    I have really enjoyed your series on Niagara Falls. You must be a real snow bird to brave the cold, the wind and the mist. I love the rainbow pictures and the sweet newly wed couple.

  2. Joy says:

    Donna these pictures are fantastic ! We were there one early April when I was a teenager and there was snow and ice left that year .. it was amazing : )
    The “iced” trees are so gorgeous ! .. the rainbow is stunning .. and not having to deal with crowds is my favorite point : ) But I know it is true with the variety of people that do come in tourist season .. it is like a magnet !
    Joy : )

    • We had snow in May the year before. Weather here is so unpredictable. Near the falls the mist ices the trees most of the winter. The people are the reason I go in summer so much when I get the time. You meet the most amazing folks with stories from all over. Last summer I only got there one time.

  3. Donna says:

    stunning pics Donna…I visited the fall once in winter and although very cold it was and is beautiful…you are so lucky to be able to enjoy that area of NY all year round…

  4. Gorgeous! The rainbows are especially amazing. I’ve never been there even in the summertime, so your pictures are a treat. A couple years ago my mom took my grandparents to see it because they’d been poor when they got married and my grandmother always regretted that she’d never had a honeymoon like most people.

  5. Tatyana says:

    Absolutely spactacular! Gorgeous! Love, love, love that greenish blue color of the water! Good job and yes, get those camera lens Donna!

  6. One says:

    There are lots of sea gulls. Don’t they freeze while waiting for food to swim by? Like the photo of the red twig.

    • The seagulls are there in the same spot every winter and summer too. It must be a great place to find food. It is very windy there though. There is a lot of red along this trail. The poison ivy and sumac are all over the place, but look good in Fall.

  7. patty says:

    Marvelous shots. Nice of you to include the couple from Thailand. Crunch, crunch, crunch, made me smile.

  8. Alistair says:

    Gorgeous shots, I was very moved by your link, Carolynshades garden. I am off to add this link to my site.

  9. Ah… but I would like to have a picnic there! Hot chocolate to warm us. It was my most favorite picture. We saw the Falls in July…January is so much prettier. Thanks for sharing!

    • The snow you get makes here look like flurries. I know because I skied in Utah for a whole winter. That is one reason why hiking in winter is kinda second nature for me. I agree, there is just something in the air that makes the winter scenes here magical. If I took you anywhere else in our area, the magic would fade.

  10. Cat says:

    So beautiful and different from Austin! I don’t even own an all weather coat! Glad you do though because these shots are amazing and I really enjoyed the tour.

  11. Maybe you should be doing ads for warm and dry weather apparel. Could we see you modeling the clothes that you wear to get these tremendous photos? Carolyn

  12. p3chandan says:

    This is the nearest and as real as I can get to see Niagara Falls in my lifetime, thank your for sharing, the photos are great! Its amazing that you caught the rainbow so beautifully!

  13. Brrrr! I am chilly looking at your photos but, my oh my, what beauty it holds! I visited Niagara Falls years ago and it was during warmer weather. Such a different view when it’s snowy and frosty. I love that photo with the blue/green water – looks so cold but so intriguing at the same time! great post –

  14. Dear Donna, Wow! Wow! Wow! — I don’t often use that word but your stunning pictures prompt it. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2011! P x

  15. gail says:

    Donna, It’s gorgeous and thank you for risking wet and cold to share your visit with us. Someday I hope to see it close up! I did have a lovely view when we flew over the falls on our way out of town after Spring Fling. gail

  16. makarimi says:

    It’s very amazing, wish to feel the cool breeze there. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

  17. Wendy says:

    really pretty!! I haven’t been in a long time – we’d like to bring the kids but my friend who is from Niagara Falls says it’s still really cold and unpleasant around March/April.

  18. Jennifer says:

    The snow covered trees and the frosty falls are very beautiful in your pictures. Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Karen says:

    Donna, once again, absolutely fantastic pictures! I don’t have any better adjectives left to describe your posts so I am being repetitious. (Sorry!) I can only imagine how many people must be touring the Falls during the tourist season, so this would be the time of year I would love to tour the park, too, since I’m not a big fan of crowds. All the rocks we could explore; this is a must-see before I’m too old!

  20. Wow, I’ve sure enjoyed scrolling down looking at your beautiful photos! I’ve never been to Niagara Falls. They must be awesome to see in any season.

  21. Lynda says:

    Hi Donna, Thanks for visiting my little winter garden. You are right , I love your pics of the falls in winter. What a beautiful place ! Unlike Karen, I’m not so sure I would like to visit in the winter tho, much nicer sitting here in front of the fire enjoying the beautiful scenery. You did such a great job!!!!

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