Program Needs-Process of Design

Third in the Series on Process of Design

  • Base Plan –  January 21
  • Site Analysis – January 22
  • Program Needs – January 23

If you have been following, you are up to making your lists and diagrams to address all the different conditions and needs before you start your new project. This is a great wintertime activity. You are not distracted by what is growing and it is easier to see with your photos that which does not work in the way that you would like. You may not be doing a complete makeover, but the principles still apply.

Our next design task is where it starts getting fun. We actually start pulling a design together by identifying the needs and desires from all of our analysis; then melding the information into a cohesive design.  As I showed above by jumping ahead a little, you will see the parts start to make sense with Schematic Design. Like it sounds, the ideas start to generate and design starts to gel.

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4 Responses to Program Needs-Process of Design

  1. Donna says:

    fabulous information once again….

  2. patty says:

    I have finally caught up on your blog and this series on design process is so timely for any of us considering more major garden renovations. You have convinced me to start putting the plan down on paper. I can’t wait to learn more, thank you.

  3. The information you provide on your blog is always so thorough and professional. I am making a note of this whole series for use in the future.

  4. Excellent information! I needed your advice 19 years ago when I started my garden. My design came by trowel and error… if I ever did it again – Thanks

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