In the Greenhouse with GWGT

A break from the mind numbing design tips… but Designing with Pets is next. Then, stay tuned, I have a new series coming called Tree a Day ID. Trips to the tree farm and the info needed to tell the trees apart. A little learning and pretty images of snow-covered nursery trees, where I spend lots of time.

The nursery farm is 300 acres of trees and shrubs …. You can see I have a lot of material to share. But now a trip inside one of the ‘winter-over’ and growing greenhouses. A place I can grow plants from seed whenever I want or have my rose standards and Duranta overwinter. But they are in my office during the winter. I like the little roses budding out.

What have we got colorful today? Succulents…. tropicals….a few blooming annuals and a shot of whimsy. Then unwanted guests in my office.

In the Greenhouse with GWGT

In My Office… I’ve got guests.

One rose standard has aphids and guess what they got when they were spotted?

  • 1 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 2 Tbsp. Dish Soap

And any remaining after an hour get it again. They have got nerve .

Weird, but this rose standard was not infected, but it also got sprayed.

You can see below that I have had these two roses for a number of years. The twins are on each side of the bench in the image below.

They have been in and out of the office for years. I can take them to the greenhouse if I want, but I like to see the roses blooming in winter. I do leave them out for the first few freezes, where they lose all their leaves. Then in January, the leaves return with little rose buds. All the annuals are removed for the trip inside.

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37 Responses to In the Greenhouse with GWGT

  1. Karen says:

    Oh, Donna, what a feast for the eyes! How wonderful that you can overwinter all the plants. I am making a copy of your recipe for aphid destruction, too. The roses are so pretty, and come in very handy for me right now, as I am working on a stained glass rose lamp–and the roses are red. Your picture is very inspiring to use as a template for glass layout.

    Your design series is amazing and so well done with excellent information for anyone planning a garden. I wish I had known all this information when we were beginning gardeners. You are providing invaluable assistance for anyone who wants to beautify their home grounds!

    • Thank you so much Karen and I can not wait to see your stained glass lamp. I have to try one sometime. I have made a few 3-D pieces, but not a lamp yet. Maybe your design will inspire me to take the plunge.

  2. Heliotrope! Aloe! Citrus! Some funky succulent I can’t identify! Greenhouse envy is simmering. Although, if I did have a greenhouse, my family would never see me, so perhaps it’s for the best.

  3. One says:

    Donna, They are all so beautiful, I could stare at them the whole day.

    As for aphids, I usually just cut the infected area away and inform the ladybugs that its mealtime. The lady bugs will appear but sometimes disappear again. I wonder if the praying mantis is the culprit.

    • I wish I had an army of ladybugs, but the cats would have a field day with them. I was surprised to find them tonight, but I made short work of them. But I will have to vigilant from now on, since they are in the my office.

  4. I spray my aphids with dish soap and water without the oil. Dose the oil make the spray stay on better. I love the succulent with the red outlines that look drawn on with a felt tip pen.

  5. Marguerite says:

    All those lovely succulents, how lucky you are to have a greenhouse! minus the bugs of course.

  6. Bom says:

    I wish I had a greenhouse. No, wait, first I wish for space for a greenhouse. Or should I wish for a lawn first? Maybe I should just wish I had plants as gorgeous as yours? Such variety and color. Those were great close-ups of your plants.

    P.S. My daughter likes your succulents in a shoe.

  7. Donna says:

    wow you have a greenhouse …how wonderful that you can see these incredible plants all year!! stunning photos and I love the shoe!!

  8. Gorgeous images Donna. How wonderful to be able to escape the winter in a greenhouse full of such lovely plants. I’m ready for a few flowers in my life again now, but am having to settle for putting in a seed order.

  9. p3chandan says:

    You have lovely flowers outside the garden and inside the office, such vibrant colours to have around! Love your rose bush, wish could have them in my garden. But Im not good with roses. Great photos Donna!

  10. Your succulent pictures are fabulous! Is the citrus you show a Calamondin? Your pots are so nicely arranged too! If I had a greenhouse I think I would spend all my winter days in it. I use that same recipe to kill those bad bugs and it works wonders! I am looking forward to your post on Designing with Pets!

  11. Lee says:

    I just came across your blog and am enjoying it. Your photos are just beautiful and a welcome sight during these cold winter months. Your succulents are just thriving and the colors are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I will look forward to more!

  12. what wonderful photos and plants, I loved them all, thanks, Frances

  13. Wow! My overwintering plants never look that good. Some of those succulents are so alien looking (love the close-up photography). Also, last December I started to think I never wanted to see a poinsettia again — I was wrong. Your pink one is a nice surprise nestled among your other greenhouse goodies.

  14. patty says:

    I also love the succulents. Too bad for me that they are not hardy outdoors. Great close ups!

  15. Lots of ooohing and awwwing going on as I was viewing this post. Lovely photos, and great tip about the aphids. Beth

  16. shirl says:

    Hello Donna, great photos of pretty blooms but it is the feast of foliage that I love here. Very nice indeed. Great tip on the roses too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  17. Thank you for those lucious photos. Get those aphids.

  18. Missy says:

    Your greenhouse is wonderful, but I would want that rose inside with me too.

  19. wow amazing greenhouse 😛 300 acres of trees and shrubs well that’s a quite big one 😛

  20. Cat says:

    So nice that you have the rose bush blooming in your office where you can enjoy it throughout your cold winter! Bom, I agree, should I wish for the space for a greenhouse or the greenhouse?!

  21. Malinda says:

    Gorgeous pictures!! I have grown to love (ok – obsess) succulents. What is the gorgeous red one in your first picture? I have greenhouse envy!

  22. lifeshighway says:

    What an absolutely amazing greenhouse. I am trying to image how much time you must spend on your plants and your design projects and still have time to inform and delight us.

  23. Rosie says:

    I’ve always admired standards. Your red rose standard is fabulous. Wish I could have one like yours in my garden! Lovely photos.

  24. fer says:

    So many great photos! love the macros, the patters are very nice. And the shoe, is the best!
    Funny you posted about aphids, I just had that problem on my vegetables. I will try your recipe, hope I can get them away

  25. Kathleen says:

    I’m envious of your greenhouse! So many wonderful plants you’ve shared. Seeing the violet tubeflowers makes me wish I had overwintered mine. I hope I can find more this summer.

  26. Beautiful photos and thanks for the recipe for the aphid spray. My petunias are always infested with them every summer. I actually don’t think i’m going to get them this year simply because of the aphids. rotten little buggers!

  27. lula says:

    I have used your same recipe for the aphids for long time and it always works, I like very much se how traditional methods do really do ther work. Thanks for reminding it.

  28. Photographs are fabulous, amazing greenhouse, extremely impressed anymore to show

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