Hello You Sexy Thing!

Paphiopedilum Mele Star

On our stage today is Mele Star, one sexy Lady Slipper. She’s got voluptuous form and she is sure to please. Any man would crack a smile at the mention of Miss Mele and get into a secret affair with her with just a wink of an eye, no strings attached. She will tease then shed her apple green pot at the drop of a dollar, showing those long silky roots.

Want a threesome, just invite Princess Lightening. Dim the lights fellows, she is a bit shy and likes to be on top (like in the photo below). Princess Lightning even has multiple stalks and will give you an eye-opening shock of your life. 😯

Here they are together on stage for an exclusive show, ready to perform and indulge all your worldly fantasies. Just look at the Princess and her court dance below. Hot little tamales.

Phalenopsis Princess Lightening

The Princess can really work her pole, so you won’t be disappointed. Just throw a few bucks her way and that blue ceramic pot is history. 😉

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Well that is all the orchids that I have got in bloom right now, but I still have four more naked beauties waiting to show their flowers. Only one more may be ready for GBBD, but the other three are still too tightly bud bound. Mele has four other Lady Slippers growing in her pot and I am leery about splitting them. You will see why in a moment.

I have had my orchids for four years now and they reliably bloom each year, some with multiple stalks. In fact three of them now have double stalks, Princess Lightening included. One has made kiki’s but unfortunately the babies never survived. It had to be something I did incorrectly because they had a good supply of healthy roots and many large, thick green leaves when I detached the two of them from the mother plant. Mom died too. I was so sad. 😦

This is how they live in my office. I move in the outdoor fountain to keep the humidity up. My office is about 55 degrees at night and has windows on three sides.  What you see below is a blue board backdrop I put up because I was shooting into the light of the window and outside it is white with snow.

My office is filled with plants. Many are overwintering, like the mint and others are strictly houseplants, like the Kalanchoe.

Below is an image of the fountain in the garden. Don’t you just love the scene? The fountain sits under my Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum ‘Mariesii’ in shade, but the plants in the foreground get full sun all morning and after 2 pm, so no trouble with blooms. See all those luscious berries. The birds go wild for them and they rarely last more than a week on the large shrub. I just love Delphinium too.


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36 Responses to Hello You Sexy Thing!

  1. One says:

    Donna, These are gorgeous shots!!! They are so sexy, even an old lady would agree. I imagine your office must be a very beautiful place to hang out. 🙂

    • Thanks One, but I just messaged you on Blotanical that this post just loaded itself. I was editing it, then it was gone. 😦 I thought I lost it since it no longer showed as a draft. I clicked on the blog and there it was. It was so bizarre, like a ghost hit the publish button. I was nowhere near it when it happened. My guess is that there is a keyboard shortcut that I accidentally hit while typing that signals publish. I was typing Phal and poof, gone. The next post was on tree ID for Wednesday and now they are all out of whack. Well, anyway, rather than take it down, I just let it ride out.

  2. Your orchids are gorgeous Donna! Well . . . sexy yes . . . that is what they are all about. One of the most advanced flowers in that way. What a lovely setting around your fountain. I love the Viburnum too.

  3. Bom says:

    Those are beautiful orchids. The view of your fountain when out in your garden is great! I bet it gives your office a vibe that is a hundred times better than the generic office cubicle.

    • Much better than a cubicle. When I worked in an architecture firm, we each had our little space with computer and drafting board. No windows either. My office is actually an enclosed porch, that a previous owned boxed in with windows. It is poorly designed and I hope to fix it one day.

  4. Sexy indeed – how do you get any work done?! Seriously though, what a lovely environment to work in. And beautiful shots.

  5. Ah, your post made me smile this morning. Your orchids are gorgeous! I have several that I keep in our master bath. I know they are suppose to be easy plants to grow but I only got mine to bloom last year (well other than when i bought them in bloom). Your office is lovely. I don’t think I would ever leave. No wonder you get so much work done 🙂

    • I do like my work, so I am in here all the time on the computer. It is nice to have a few blooms in the winter. I was waiting for my Lady Slipper to bloom and was hoping it would have opened last month, but here it is. Only one flower on four plants, but I will take it. The others may bloom during the year which is better.

  6. lifeshighway says:

    I feel pretty warm after reading about the lovely orchids…. now where is my fan. Love the fountain in your office why a great idea. I suppose you have a home office. At this point, I have an aquarium and several plants in my office. I’m not sure my boss would allow me to drag in a large fountain.

    Love it!

    • My office is not too large and it is hard taking photos of the plants in here. My one camera and lens that can shoot in here is off in repair for four weeks. I only have a telephoto and macro lens at home. So in a nine foot wide space with counter and shelving on each wall, I am kinda limited for images right now, otherwise I would have showed my plant menagerie. With the rose standards and Duranta, and a huge drafting table, I feel like a sardine in here.

  7. Donna, As you know, I have experienced the “ghost” publisher too. It is very disconcerting especially when we all plan our publishing dates so carefully. I just copied your comment and sent it to my WordPress contact. However, your post doesn’t seem to have suffered, although it should be marked for mature audiences only, LOL. I would like to know more about the movable fountain. Is it stone? Is it heavy? Do you plug it in? Are they expensive? Where do you get them? Carolyn

  8. p3chandan says:

    They are indeed sexy ladies of the garden Donna. Love that small water feature, soothes any high strung nerves just to sit and gaze there!

  9. Ginny says:

    I also would like to know more about that fountain – I love it! How wonderful to be able to bring it inside in winter – and to have an office full of plants and sunshine.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Such beauties! I love the doggie spa in your previous post too.

  11. Whoa! Such a steamy post… you’d be good at botanical nomenclature. I can see you naming a Clitoria virginiana or an Amorphophallus titanum. 😉

    The orchids are of course, unbelievably gorgeous.

  12. Ah, such a fun post, and these are such gorgeous blossoms…my one Paph is blooming and it is a pretty, pretty thing indeed. About half of my phals are NOT blooming, having gone into their rest period for the next 9 months or so, but they have a special resting spot upstairs and are entitled to a little siesta.

    • My office is both blooming and resting. They are not so pretty when not in bloom. I should have showed the non bloomers and made them the gentleman lookers in my story. I was planning on much fun with this idea, then the stupid thing posted itself. And of course it does it when I have a popular post up. Well, maybe it was me and an accidental keyboard shortcut mistake, but I was only typing Phal then poof, gone. Strange…..

  13. Carolyn and Ginny. The fountain outside sits on a plinth or short column. The fountain itself is concrete in two pieces and sealed. The vessel and the part with the faucet (which works too) are very heavy, but not that large. I can barely carry them. I bought it wholesale from an IGC who put it in with their order and do not remember the cost since I have had it for many years. It was probably around $100. The pump is small and I never needed to replace it. It runs almost all year long. I do turn it off at night inside since the orchids will get diseased leaves if they are wet in the evening.

  14. Alistair says:

    Donna,tut, tut, talking to me like this on wordless Wednesday. I wont tell if you don’t. Oh by the way, pictures are also hot.

  15. lula alvarez says:

    OK, Dona this is serious stuff! Colorful scenery, sexy names and talking … I can see where this could lead ;-)! Really, gorgeous images, so lucky you are to have them around. Sometimes scarce gear can make imagination work.

  16. kimberly says:

    Sexy is right! Wow! How beautiful!! And your office space must be so tranquil…wonderful idea to have the fountain to increase humidity. None of my orchids have ever produced kikis, although I’ve divided and cut my dendrobiums (actually, recently cut and still waiting for positive results). I’m surprised the 55 night time temp isn’t too chilly, but they’re all obviously doing just fine! Beautiful photos!

    • Kikis come from a stressed condition on the mother plant, a friend of mine told me. So if that is true, it would be better not to see them. But I would have had two more if I could have got them to survive. 55 is OK for the Paph, but 60 is better for the Phals. Neither has complained though. Plus they are in from the windows, so it might be a few degrees warmer.

  17. Cat says:

    Beautiful shots of your orchids Donna. What lush beauty to surround yourself with while you’re working. I like that you bring your fountain indoors for the winter allowing you to enjoy it year round.

    • I like the sound of the water, so it is not just for the plants, but for me too. Thank you on your compliment. I always am a bit critical of my photos and I just got a new macro lens and I am having trouble getting clear images, even with a tripod. I know it will take practice.

  18. Beautiful blooms, and it’s fun to see them close up and then as a grouping! Looks like you’ll have plenty to share for GBBD. Very nice!

  19. Gail says:

    Excellent~I haven’t a one ~Plant eating cat, so I will enjoy your gorgeous blooms. gail

    • I too have plant eating, destroying cats. In fact, Frosty knocked off the table one of my orchids yesterday. A few leaves broke and it was unpotted, but I am hopeful for its survival. Plus the Dracaena’s took a major chewing.

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