City of Niagara Falls, Getting Goosed

Duck Island

Located in the City, at Hyde Park, Niagara Falls, the little pavilion sits in the middle of Hyde Park Lake. Concerts are held here in summer. This is Duck Island (Senior Citizens Park). Should have ducks, right?

A pretty lake is the park’s focal point, along with a famous rose garden. Hyde Park Lake is surrounded by greenspace in summer and covered in snow and ice in winter. Openings in the lake’s surface are enjoyed by the Canada Geese. The ducks are curiously absent today.

The lake is stocked with trout each year and is used for a fishing derby held annually.

Residents and visitors come to feed the ducks and geese. You can see my take on feeding ducks here. Also, this post notes tragedies that happen at and around the Falls.

The Canada Geese are enjoyed by many. But not so much by the golfers at the Hyde Park Golf Course next door.

They are not very friendly, but you can get pretty close to them if you dare. Honking is sure to start. They gave me a few honks.

This is looking off in the direction of the City. The park is large, encompassing 580 acres and is maintained by the City of Niagara Falls, USA.

Here, the geese had enough of me and are making their exit, looking a bit indignant I might add.

You would think flying would be more practical than trudging through the snow.

And of course, what park would be complete without the squirrels.

A pretty little red one, very happy for the peanut. But, it should not have been a salted one.

Hope you have a pretty town or city park! If so, maybe you can share too. Maybe your wildlife might be a bit more interesting. No deer, bobcat or moose here.

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40 Responses to City of Niagara Falls, Getting Goosed

  1. Christine says:

    Ahhh … what a lovely space! I like the ducks even if they don’t look very friendly, but the Squirrel does it for me. He is gorgeous. As always, your photographs are fantastic!

    • I too like the squirrels when they are other peoples yards. I do like taking photos of them. I wish I had the video camera that day because you should have seen the squirrels fighting over a bag of peanuts someone brought. Take about high flying acrobatics. I could not get a still shot because they are fast.

  2. Laurrie says:

    The shadows on snow you captured make that park look so serene. Winter can be so pretty (although I’m pretty much done with it now). The geese do look quite indignant!

    • I was the only one there yesterday. Parks around here are peaceful in winter. And yes, they were quite mad at me. I was following them and they would turn around and give me a big honk, like that was going to scare me off. Ducks are so much better mannered and I thought the park would have had loads of ducks. Not even one.

  3. What a beautiful park! Unfortunately the rural county I live in only has 1 park; pretty pathetic. Fortunately other surrounding counties have a little more to offer but it is a little bit of a drive. Most of the wildlife we enjoy is in our own backyard. Geese are a little ornery but you got some great shots of them. And the undisturbed snow is so beautiful with the light and shadows.

    • Thanks Karin. Here I have wildlife, but it is mostly birds and insects. I have a chipmunk, garden snakes and an abundance of squirrels. I do get hawks coming for little bird dinner too. My neighbor has an ornery possum under her porch that visits too.

  4. Garden Sense says:

    Looks like winter still has your area in its grip! We’re enjoying welcome signs of spring here in southcentral PA!

  5. One says:

    I noticed those gorgeous shadows in the first few photos. Maybe the geese are upset that you didn’t bring them any snacks. The squirrels expressions are really cute. The last one looks like he is eating ice.

  6. Donna says:

    I may have to do a few park walks this year…of course my backyard is a haven for many critters….such a lovely park you have there…we have a pair of ducks that come to visit my yard the and green space beyond…can’t wait to see them…the geese fly over but do not stop…they are headed across the road to the lake…this may prompt me out and about to other areas to report on..thx I needed to get out and about…

  7. lifeshighway says:

    I love the russet color of the squirrel tummy. We just have gray squirrel here. I am always amazed by squirrel diversity. Lovely park, one I should post some to the lovely areas where I train for my endurance races but that would have to be another blog.

  8. Cat says:

    My step sister was bitten by a goose when we were little…I give them a wide path!

  9. Holley says:

    Lovely park. Looks chilly!!! In my garden, spring is starting and I forget that it’s still wintry in many parts of the country. Nice post.

  10. p3chandan says:

    That pavilion is in the middle of the Lake…now all the water all frozen? Amazing scenes, but so quiet and peaceful. I love the photos of the tree branches. I always admire your very clear and macro shots of your photos!

  11. Christine B. says:

    Residents of my city don’t love Canada geese. We should only be a brief stop on the way to their breeding grounds north and west of us, but they see all the yummy turf grass and hang out til the snow flies. Hence every beach, park, and school playground is covered in (pardon my French) goose crap. Not very healthy for bare feet or the water quality of our lakes.

    When they show up, it means true spring is here. Send ’em up, I’m ready!

    Christine in Alaska, sans geese so far

    • Most areas with huge grassy areas around here do all kinds of crazy thinks to discourage the geese, to no avail. One of the geese I photographed had a huge wad of grass in its mouth. I did not show that picture though. Should have, but he was a messy eater. Christine, you have to show the moose!

  12. Lovely light filled shots Donna! I love the geese and shadows!

    • Thanks Carol, such high praise coming from you. I appreciate you popping in for a critique. Like I said before, your beautiful work is what I am trying to emulate by improving my photography of wildlife. Being more patient helps. Yesterday, I spent 25 minutes with my camera focused on the suet feeder, waiting for the woodpecker to come back. All I got was the feeder and a little tail for my effort. But the point was I waited. Never did that before. Your teaching without even realizing it!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Geese seem to have an amazing ability to adapt to so many urban spaces. Often you will see them on the lawns of local business quietly going about their day. Sadly many of these business are still permitted to spray their lawns with weed killers and I often find myself wondering how much pesticide the geese are ingesting as they munch away on the weed-free grass.

    • I hope the geese know the difference, but seeing them on the golf courses makes me think otherwise. Like the poor eagles, where their eggs are produces paper thin. Different poisoning, but so very sad.

  14. Your photos really catch the personality of the squirrels and geese, not to mention the colors, beautiful.

  15. Les says:

    Those squirrels are cute, but not cute enough to be welcom in my garden. They tend to be distructive little imps.

    Not to be foward, but you should consider entering my Winter Walk Off challange. This post might qualify already.

  16. Helen says:

    Truly beautiful! I want to be there right now! You are very fortunate to live in Niagara! Who needs to garden when your yard is so sparkling white? I can count (using my fngers) the number of times when I stepped on snow. And it is often in a tourist-infested place. 😦

    • Helen, I know I curse the snow around this time of year, seeing gardens the world over bursting with bloom, but it really is picturesque in the snow and ice. And many of the parks are not used in winter. Granted it is so darn cold, but I enjoy going out and having the place to myself, frozen fingers ans all.

  17. Lisa says:

    Perhaps the ducks migrated somewhere warmer? The final photo of the squirrels is adorable. Little guy needs to get water where he can!

  18. Andrea says:

    Hi Donna, it is a park within a bigger park! How fascinating to be in the city with lots of wildlife. I love the sky photos there, did you use a graduated filter?

  19. What a gorgeous park Donna, and so beautiful in the snow. I loved your portraits of the Canada geese, and had to smile at the thought that I had been taking photos of them in such utterly different surroundings just the other day. I hope you will take us back to the park when the snow has gone and the flowers are out?

    • I will be back in late spring and summer. They have worked on the rose garden and I have not seen it since that occurred. When I moved up here, the rose garden was gorgeous. It was not so well maintained for a while and I think some of the recent mayors made an effort to have it restored.

  20. Jess says:

    oh, I sucked in my breath at those squirrels… they are my arch enemies!!!! 🙂
    I loved them before I was a gardener… but now…

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