Garden with Class Pt. 2

Back to the Lewiston property in Springtime. See more of what blooms.

The lower lawn.

The rear patio is a few steps down from the grass terrace. It over looks the rock garden and a view of Canada can be seen from this vantage point. The tree is a Japanese Lilac. Euonymus hedges surround. There is solar lighting.

The front is a formal design with boxwood and Japanese Maples.

The side wooded path leads to the rear patio. Hosta, daylily, bleeding heart, hellebores, viburnum, holly and many other woodland shade plants are planted.

The grass terrace is great for entertaining. English boxwood can be seen along the home’s perimeter.

The rock garden in full bloom. Summer replacements are starting to show, with some newly planted annuals.

A seating area within the deep borders. Many summer bloomers are yet to appear. Vinca minor is blooming, along with tulips.

Another side yard path in a shaded setting.

Young crabapple is under-planted with bulbs. This large planting lines the long driveway.

A couple of trees were lost from a storm here at the corner of the driveway. A replacement crabapple was put in after this image was shot. You can see how long this driveway is in this photo. This photo was taken before the front landscape was completed. The Japanese Maples and a crabapple at the front bedding are not in the image.

See the posts at Green Apples and Garden with Class Pt. 1 for more of this property.

I have been to our local garden show today and will have images coming up. Plus more from the Botanical Gardens. Both places are very close to one another, so I made two stops this morning. Lots of pictures!

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30 Responses to Garden with Class Pt. 2

  1. Cat says:

    What a gorgeous property!

  2. Donna says:

    stunning gardens here….they really are magnificent…your talents are so many and so incredible…wow Donna!!

  3. TufaGirl says:

    I could just camp in the lower garden. The bench and beautiful blooming tree are fabulous. Lovely design work, GWGT!

  4. One says:

    What do you call that tree in the first photo? Crabapple? I would like to grow something like that. I like the rock garden too.

    Looking forward to admire the photos you have just taken.

    • The show was not as good as I was expecting, but I did get some interesting shots. The floral design was so over the top. And the landscaping mixed flowers from different seasons. This really bothered me. I will have to be a little more reserved in my comments, because chances are, what I m showing, I know the individuals who created it.

  5. I want to be there! I’m picturing a picnic on the patio. Beautiful landscaping, Donna!

  6. Another lovely garden. Looks like they have a great view, too.

    • Toni, this is the same garden as the last three posts. I could do a month of posts on it because it is so huge. In fact, I have six properties on this escarpment with this magnificent view. Each one could have many posts because of the size and changing landscapes through the seasons.

  7. Holley says:

    Wow! Stunning! I want that wooded path! Well, actually, I would love it all. Thanks for showing it to us.

  8. Everything looks so beautifully fresh and green. It snowed here last night so I gloated about spring on your last post and was punished.

  9. Jess says:

    I am impressed.

  10. Andrea says:

    If only i am there i will volunteer to be your assistant, carrying your luggages on the go, just so i can be with you to see those gardens, LOL. The shapes and colors of the trees are not monotonous, beautiful. BTW, i laughed at your comment in my recent post about waterfalls when you said you are”from the place of the most famous waterfall”. That’s certainly very correct, and because others will not match with that, we content ourselves with the miniatures! more LOL.

  11. lifeshighway says:

    Aside from the beautiful trees, plants and shrubs what struck me was all the ‘hardscape’. I love the stonework and paving of this garden.

    • This garden is like walking into different gardens, yet it seems to flow pretty good. If you look at all the images, it seems like you can be in one garden, but like you went elsewhere too. The hardscapes run the whole selection. Gravel, stepping stones, natural stone, and pavers. The house was built with natural stone walls and it took convincing to have them use it. I also had a stone mason come in to repair the stone walls. They wanted to tear them down and replace with Unilock and the ease of care. I was really against this, even though it would have brought me a higher design fee. I won in the end and the walls were repaired at a huge cost, but so worth it. I should show pictures of these walls. I probably spent more time keeping them, than designing new ones.

  12. Laurrie says:

    I don’t have this kind of property in scope or view, but I can use several of these design ideas. Very nice look and feel to this garden.

  13. I particularly love the wooded path above Donna. Lovely! I am not aware of Sparrows being on the decline. Perhaps some species I do not know of. Thanks for visiting.

  14. p3chandan says:

    Love the white flowers and the rock garden. The landscape is well-designed suited for the stately home.

  15. It is a gorgeous property in spring too! I wish I had a “lower garden” and a view of Canada. How stunning!

  16. Imagine, just imagine living there!


  17. Dear Donna, What a beautiful design; you are so very talented! I would love to see those views for myself. P x

  18. Karen says:

    Donna, how lucky your clients were to have your talents at their disposal. I was reading about the stone walls you had them save instead of going over to pavers—I am so glad you were able to convince them, what a loss it would have been to tear out the real stone walls. They have a gorgeous property!

  19. How beautiful! A friend and I are planning a visit to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens later this month, and I hope I come back with as beautiful pictures as you have here.

  20. Christine says:

    Oh my … what an amazing garden! I can only dream of something like this!

  21. I came a-knocking at your blog-door, and what do I find? Lots and lots of lovely postings that I had missed. You’ve been busy visiting these wonderful gardens with class. If you had sent me a ‘Wish you were here postcard’, I’d have packed my bags and taken the first flight out! Haha..if wishes were horses…
    I’m catching up with these posts. Your photos are fantastic.

  22. Christine says:

    I’m back here again – because it is just so beautiful.

  23. lula says:

    Donna, I have been away from the owrld og blogs for sometime and I msssing a lot of your posts, so I’am catching up with readings today. This post is really lovely, keep reading your blog. Lula

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