Evil Kitty

The story is sad. The story is costly. The story almost ended, well, in cat demise.

Evil Kitty

When Frosty, the cat in question, or should I say the questionable cat arrived, he was a stray that roamed the streets for years. How he ended up as my housemate was a result of his daring and cunning nature.

I would be out walking my big brute, 103 pound, white Akita and out of nowhere would appear this orange and white tiny cat, saddled up right beside my Akita. Now this took some fortitude or outright stupidity on this cat’s part because my Akita had a reputation. And not a good one.

Neighbors would scoop up their little dogs and call in their cats when they spotted Bram coming. All living creatures would vacate the street. Squirrels would scamper, rabbits would run. My dog ruled and had no problem eliminating his neighborhood subjects if they ventured too near. He sent a few to the animal hospital and was proud to put a notch in his collar each time one was conquered or eliminated. Of course he was securely on the leash, so this was not my fault mind you. But back to Frosty.

This crazy cat ignored the neighborhood warnings and decided to befriend the Akita. To my astonishment, Bram accepted Frosty. Everyday, we would take our walks, side by side all through the neighborhood. Big dog, tiny cat, side by side.

This went on well into the winter with the commingling of the unlikely, yet happy friends. Then one morning, Frosty appears at my back door, screaming his head off, icicles hanging off his fur, freezing his tail off. The screaming persisted until I let him inside. This is how he became known as Frosty, by the way.

She cut off my tail. I was not that bad. (Kidding of course, but don’t think I was not thinking worse. Just keep reading and see why.)

Another test for the big guy. Outside territory is one thing, but his palace, his kingdom?  Well strike me down with a feather. The two were true best buds. So much that they cuddled up on Bram’s warm blankly for a nap each afternoon.

In Bram’s defense, he was twelve and a little blind when Frosty moved in, so I am sure he had an ulterior motive too. Crafty critters.

Now, where does evil cat appear? Like any cat, they have two distinct and polar opposite personalities all contained in the same fur sack. The sweet innocent, helpless one and the evil kitty. I bet the movie Gremlins was based on some guy’s cat.

So, I am sitting at my computer one day working on a CAD file with lots of architectural design work, when all of a sudden, Evil Cat appears. They don’t approach as Evil Cat, so your defenses are down. They mosey on up so cute as if looking for some loving attention. Then like a banshee they strike. I am working away ignoring the little monster, then I peer down and think ahhh, how sweet, he came in to give me some company. But I do not pet him. Big mistake.

The evil creature turns around, points his orange behind directly at the computer, lifts his tail, and sprays. Now how he knew to spray into the fan is beyond me for maximum damage, but the little sucker did. This spot was the only place where damage would occur too. Ya think it was payback for his recent neutering? I immediately saved and shut down, but too late. The machine was fried. Maybe he was holding a grudge for the declawing. But anyway….

My Plan Worked

I wanted to kill this cat.  Since it is my husband’s pet, I had to contain myself. My work was safe because I have redundant backup external drives, but the computer was kaput.

What does she expect, cats do the expecting.

I have a laptop, so I hook up the two monitors, tablet, scanners, speakers and all the rest of my equipment to the smaller machine and hope for the best. It worked fine for a couple of years, but the hard drive is small at 1 TB  (well over half full) and the ram insufficient at 4 Gigs for the large files I routinely work on. I also work with multiple apps open simultaneously, very ram heavy stuff.

The Akita is gone but Frosty still has his tail. And is still getting into trouble. Sights set on the houseplants.

So yesterday I awaited my new Apple, Mac Pro, a leased machine. Not taking chances this time. It is an 8 core machine with three TB hard drives and 12 gigs memory.  Should be good for a while. It arrived in the late afternoon and I will be spending today setting up the machine. This process is made so simple by Apple. I remember the old days of transferring files, but no more. With an application called Time Machine, with a click of a button, my old machine is now my new machine. Everything is now on the new machine, and I mean absolutely everything. Not one thing to do except add the peripherals.

No more spinning beach balls when I open up a Photoshop file, no waiting for filters to apply. No crashing CAD projects. I am happy as can be. Now all I need is a Rottweiler to guard the door, and keep my office cat free.


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46 Responses to Evil Kitty

  1. Donna says:

    love my new MacBook Pro….you will just be in love forever with the Mac…have fun!!

  2. Connie says:

    We don’t put up with this sort of behavior from other members of the family, so why do we accept that cats will do things like this? We just do, and the cats know we will, so there’s no incentive for them to behave better. Frosty looks like he has a LOT of personality.

  3. Donna says:

    oh forgot to add…bad kitty!! I have no pets and these stories make me think I made a good choice for now..the hubby is enough 🙂

    • Donna, I have been a Machead for twenty three years. I have all things Apple and you can imagine how I felt when Frosty killed my baby…. now he is after the house plants. He almost took out one of my orchids a few weeks ago. I walk into my office and saw a pile of planting medium strewn about the floor and over in the corner a dormant orchid. The orchid is not doing well because he chewed off many roots, but it is not dead yet. And, oh, I might add neither is Frosty for all you PETA readers out there.

  4. TufaGirl says:

    OMG! Good to know now that Shadow has been transitioned to an indoor cat. I will keep this story in the back of my mind when I finally set up the PC — somewhere – just using my laptop for now. Great news on your new MAC set-up. Technology is grand.

  5. Cats really do rule the world don’t they?! Maybe he just thought you were working so hard that you deserved a new computer and knew how to get you one!

  6. One says:

    Oh great! Err.. now which part is great?

    1. I have always wanted to take photos of cats and dogs together but have never got the chance yet. You did!
    2. My pom almost drove me mad until I decided on diapers for him. Great to know I wasn’t the only one suffering. Diapers – a great invention!
    3. Now that the old Mac is kaput and you have gotten a Mac Pro, your work will be a breeze. Wow! Great!

    Get Frosty some diapers. 🙂

    • I should. Shannon mentioned them peeing in the plants. Frosty does that too, plus shoot the soil out of the pot covering up his deposit. She said put in big rocks and I and out to the garage to fetch some.

  7. Shannon says:

    Cats are just awful. I have one that is supposed to live in my barn and catch mice. Instead, he lives in my house and molests the houseplants. He is snuggly and cute, though, when he isn’t peeing in or eating my houseplants. I find that big rocks in the pots help deter the peeing. There is also something called a “scat mat”, it’s a big mat that (mildly) shocks the cat when they step on it, excellent for counter tops and other places you don’t want cats lurking.

    • Thanks Shannon. I was never a cat person so their antics was all new to me. But I have seen plenty of pictures of them walking on or sitting on laptops. I should have been more cognizant of there evil ways.

  8. Dear Donna – a highly amusing tale! Always enjoy your narratives but the would never have believed how well targeted your evil kitty’s spray was. Mega green with envy re your new Mac as still clunking away on 7 year old PC. I can play Solitaire before my browser even loads 😦

  9. What a great story! The pets have their irritating moments, but I bet you don’t have rabbits eating your garden!

  10. Sandra Jonas says:

    Now, just what part of ‘MEOW’ didn’t you understand???!

  11. Shyrlene says:

    Now that is a story! I’ve often thought that cats are ‘bi-polar’ – whether a house cat, barn cat or feral cat (we’ve had them all growing up). They snuggle with when they want (not that they ask you), ignore you when they are above it all and sneak up on you when they are feeling offended.

    We also had dogs – big dogs (and for a while, quarter horses). There have been years of cleaning up after animals, which offsets their affection! I’m now considered a “Mean Mom” because we won’t get a dog (or any animal). You just strengthened my resolve! (Wow, I really do sound like a ‘mean mom’!) :-I

    • Certainly like you said. I love animals but currently am without horses and dogs. Cats are my husbands, dog were always mine. I did want to get a rescue greyhound, but am a little concerned if it decides the cats are prey. My whole house would be ruined. My dogs both used to chase the one cat we rescued from the streets. That is Jingles. She ruined furniture, curtains, and shattered expensive crystal. She taught me to cat proof the house. But Frosty is the one inventing new things I need to protect. Jingles did not destroy the plants. Her damage was from claws, now gone, and racing through the house with dogs on her tail. I am not a cat person, yet I brought both of them in to my home. I am a sucker for those big sad eyes.

      • Back up, Jingles was running for her life, from dogs in the house, and you have declawed her? What else can she do, but run?

        • No Diana, Jingles was not running for her life, she was teasing the dogs. She would turn the tables on them and chase them around the house. I have video of this, but it is hard to watch since I have lost both dogs, one to cancer and one to old age.

          I have a floor plan that is circular, where each room connects to the next. Round and round they would go, messing up rugs and hardwood floors. Cats are trouble makers no matter how you look at it.

  12. 1 TB is small? Well, I’m not using your design software, but I envy the potential of your work set up. I agree. Cats are evil.

    • It was not small at first, but as the applications grew in size, so did the files created. I should have had a dedicated server to store info right from the beginning. I am going to partition one of the new drives and set up the other two quite differently. When the old Mac was destroyed I had to quickly get my laptop fully functional for work, so I did not think about what I was doing. I was surprised how in a couple of years it was eaten up, too much redundancy as Photoshop, Lightroom and the CAD app all make duplicate files. Forgot to turn that off when I set up the laptop. Won’t forget this time. My laptop is almost three years old.

  13. Christine says:

    Oh no no no, cats are not evil – they are just superior beings, don’t you know? 🙂

  14. I believe that cats that have been successfully neutered cannot physically spray. I have never had a neutered male cat spray anything, and I have had over a dozen. I would never own an unneutered male. Cats are wonderful.

    • Well, I saw him spray and the computer died, so don’t know what to say additionally to your comment. I took him to get neutered, maybe it was after the computer incident, but I think it was before. My male dogs also neutered, continued to mark territory. Maybe it depends on the age neutered. Frosty was three.

      • Our Chocolat does spray, but only when he is on border patrol in the garden. And neutering means that fierce smell is gone. When we first came to Porterville our neighbour had an unneutered tom who used to come into the house and spray
        We had an elderly neutered tom who was terrorised. Had to keep our cuts shut in, or with us.

        What does your vet advise?

        • Frosty only selectively sprayed when I first got him. Like you said the smell is not as bad, but I do not think he sprays unless someone is near. It maybe what he did on the streets to keep from getting beat up by the bigger cats. He was neutered almost as soon as I got him, so maybe it was just a habit. He has not been doing it since that I know of. All the females were bigger than him too, even Jingles.

  15. This made me laugh! I grew up with four cats who ruled the house and used our poor old dauschund as their personal bed warmer. Frosty decided you would make a great pet, not the other way around! Unlike dogs, cats are excellent at punishing their humans. My hubby is super allergic to cats so we are cat free, but I miss their cat-titude!

    • I too think Frosty picked me and Bram. Why, I don’t know. Many neighbors were feeding him for years. Jingles did not like him one bit when he moved in. It took her over a year to accept him.

  16. debsgarden says:

    The cat is lucky to be alive! But in the end you get a wonderful new computer, much better than the old. (Sure you didn’t plan this all along?) By the way, when I was a child we had a German shepherd and a black ally cat who were best friends for ten years. But as an adult, all of my dogs have thought cats were another type of squirrel, created for chasing up trees. No buddies here!

  17. b-a-g says:

    I don’t have a cat, just cats “visiting” in my garden, and after reading this post and comments, I don’t think I’ll be getting one any time soon !

  18. p3chandan says:

    Frosty looks soo innocent and demure in the photos, love him! Just think it as a blessing in disguise, now you have a brand new a Speedy Gonzales MacPro Book! Thank Frosty for that!

    • He is a sweetie when he wants to be. My husband was disappointed that I had so many mean pictures of him. He told me he never looks like that. He said I woke him up and that is why he looked mean. I said, no I was just following him around with the camera, which he does not like I am guessing.

  19. patty says:

    I have cats all my life, male and female, but I guess I have been lucky with their dispositions -all sweeties. Frosty probably knew you really wanted a new computer anyway and was helping you along in his own way.

    • Frosty has a really sweet disposition, just a devilish side. Plus he is extra inquisitive which gets him into mounds of trouble. I never knew how he made it on the streets for so long. He was really small, and when he moved in, put on weight and seemed like he got a little bigger. But the vet said he was at least three years old, so in must have been the expanding tummy.

  20. Karen says:

    Oh, Donna, ewwwwwwwww………….I’m surprised Frosty is still living there after that, you’re right about this, he is Evil. Cats are so unpredictable. I’m glad you were able to get a new computer though. What an experience!

  21. Jess says:

    This is 100% of the reason I only have a female cat. Which, keeps spraying to zero. Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep ripping up the most expensive thing in the house (drapes) off the menu. I don’t know what I would do if my cat ruin a computer though. Lets just hope that never happens.

    Glad you have a new computer! Always nice.

  22. Alistair says:

    Deep down, you love that cat, don’t you. Otherwise he would now be a manx. Our Burmese cat Purdee often walks about the house wiggling that tale but as yet has not sprayed, she will be in trouble if she does, in fact she is the only obedient cat we have ever had, goes through to her bed at night when told to, lifts her paws up for trimming those treacherous claws, and stops her vicious biting when you say I give up.

  23. Les says:

    That was a great story. I am sorry about your Akita, and your old computer.

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