Office Captives

Welcome to the plant prison. They will getting paroled in two months.

They have a view outdoors from behind the bars.

The Duranta is a bit of a self-seeder. But the offspring do not survive our winters. Duranta is in cell block 9.

The cyclamen was a pretty gift I won at our garden club luncheon. It had the little gnome below tucked in at the base of the plant. I thought he was so cute, I put him at the base of the yellow orchid. The colors coordinate so well, plus he is a great prison guard.

Here is the first line-up. Now which one is the one going to solitary? A hint, now that blooms are coming the impostor gets sent to the big house.

The second line-up includes a frog and a black ant. I have my money on the ant.

And to keep the prison smelling pretty, we have jasmine. Prisons must have a musty odor.

Hope your Monday was a Happy One.

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14 Responses to Office Captives

  1. Donna says:

    lovely display especially the orchids…one of my all time favorite scents is jasmine…

  2. One says:

    The prison guard caught a fleeing critter.

    I have lots of live black ants and toads around. Now that I know you love these, they shall be your birthday present.

    I see a painting of a tiger. One of your masterpieces?

  3. TufaGirl says:

    Those prisoners seem to be fairing awfully well. I recently added a gardenia to my camp and the fragrance inside is fabulous. The “line-up” of orchids are beautiful.

  4. I love how imaginative you are in this post with the prison references. And your orchid display is beautiful. I am a new orchid gardener…it is fun to learn how to make them happy! I have two at the moment…more will probably be coming…

  5. Nice orchids! Do you find you have trouble keeping your Phalaenopsis alive in moss? It seems to be quite a common problem; most people find bark far more successful in the long term.

    I notice you also have a Paphiopedilum – these apparently really like regular (annual) repotting.

    I hope they don’t all up stakes and stage a mass break-out! 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    What pretty prison bars they all have. Love the stained glass, is it your work? The gnome is adorable, one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. Maybe the weather will finally change for the better and the warden will grant them a parole, all of the flowers are too pretty to be cooped up forever.

  7. Lona says:

    Well your plant prisoners look very happy and beautiful. They have a wonderful view also. I so admire your gift with orchids. Maybe that giant ant keeps them safe. LOL!

  8. lifeshighway says:

    Your indoor plants look so healthy. Is this anything you can’t do.

    I’d watch the gnome, its the cute ones who will fool you.

  9. patty says:

    If that’s a prison I am prepared to go to jail at your house. Lovely, healthy, good looking plants. I am jealous.

  10. You must be working your magic because those plants appear to be very happy prisoners! The close-up of the Cyclamen gave me the shivers it’s so pretty!

  11. Andrea says:

    Hahaha, if that is the kind of bar that will hold the prisoners, i will also like to be a convict there. I love the comments above and am so amused. The way your prisoners look, they seem to have bonded smoothly they dont really like to come out yet. I think it’s the guard who gets bored. BTW, do you mean to say you plant duranta there from seeds? Here we just stick the young top to the soil and they just grow. I also always cut them as they grow very fast. You can go on a vacation, as the prisoners are not planning a mass break!

  12. p3chandan says:

    Happy plants wont break out if they are happy where they are….I think yours look happy and contented in your office (prison)! Lovely display of orchids and critters. I like that giant ant.

  13. dona says:

    Congrats, very funny post! 🙂
    Every Monday turns into Friday at your office, with all those beautiful flowers!

  14. I just love your cute little prison guard. 😉
    I’m going to put up a few of his bigger brothers in my yard this year.
    Beautiful pictures, like always. 🙂
    Paula Jo

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