GBBD April Garden Magazine

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See Eying Up the Iris on pages 35 to 38.

Coming… Leaf Mold Magic and

Street Trees, How Sad, How Bad.

Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for presenting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Thanks to Tootsie Time  and Seepferds Garten too, where I also made a link.

And new is The 3rd Garden Party at Unskinny Bobby, A Rosy Note, Photo Feature Friday, and Fishtail Cottage and Cottage Flora Thursday#15.  Three cool blogs just I found.

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I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at:
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35 Responses to GBBD April Garden Magazine

  1. Patsi says:

    That was fun.
    Thanks for sharing. That is a view of the falls I’ve never seen before.
    Peony…that’s what I have in my last post but didn’t realize it.

  2. Stunning as always! I think I will be calling the Gnomes for some help in my garden. Do they catch voles? I just lost my Blue Shadow dogwood yesterday to their demise. The puppies are now in training…

  3. Gesine says:

    Thanks for joining GBBT, the German GBBD!
    I allways love your pictures, especially the ones about the falls!
    Greetings from Berlin!

  4. If gnomes pull weeds, I could keep them employed for the next few months, at least! 😉

  5. Donna says:

    beautiful and yes we must begin to conserve our precious resources especially water….I had no idea the Falls were still frozen with snow…wow

    • Donna, the falls is not frozen with snow, but the ice is so thick during the winter, it takes forever to thaw. All along the waters edge and where mist collects, the ice builds up. It is still there today, but it was pretty cold here.

  6. dona says:

    Nice magazine.

  7. Christine says:

    Oh my, the beautiful Hellebores! I wish my new Hellebores grow up to be this spectacular one day …

    A stunning layout Donna!

  8. So many beautiful plants to document this time of year! It’s always a highlight of the month to check out your magazine!

  9. Donna, Gorgeous layout. As always, I love gnomes for homes, wish they would come and hang out in my garden. Seeing snow at the falls was shocking when we are so far into spring. Carolyn

  10. One says:

    Gnomes for Homes are in high demand. No wonder I see one attempting to escape from Paris. It was posted in Lifeshighway. They have so much to do. I wonder if they need Clifford’s assistance. Clifford would get rid of any vole.

    Looking forward to your leaf mold magic.

  11. Andra says:

    The photos and layout in the magazine, as always, are splendid. They look as if I am looking at the pages of the real glossy magazine. I love your work and you are doing the best, so the 5 hears will go!

  12. OK you are going to have to show more views of the falls in all seasons for me. I loved seeing that snowy scene. My favourite has to be that double hellebore 🙂

  13. Mac_fromAustralia says:

    Lovely as always! Another hellebore fan here!

  14. gardeningasylum says:

    So impressive! That photo of a winter rainbow over the falls is outstanding!

  15. Layanee says:

    Another beautiful issue as spring commences!

  16. Gail says:

    Your garden mag is my favorite! There’s no way I could choose a favorite photo. gail ps Although~I do love the hellebores; but, the rainbow is pretty good, too.

  17. Beautiful images – glad there are signs of Spring despite the snow.

  18. Greggo says:

    Nice format. can i subscribe to the mag.

  19. Autumn Belle says:

    The rainbow is beautiful. I have never seen one with the snow.

  20. So clever, your GBBD report. Yes, water is vital. In much of my state, we are in a terrible drought so we’re all praying for rain. I love the double Hellebores. I only have one.~~Dee

  21. Masha says:

    Stunning photography! That hellebore collage is really lovely. Thank you for the eye candy.

  22. joene says:

    I love the contrast between the frozen falls and the spring greenery. Wonderful photos!

  23. That pink-spotted hellebore is exquisite! And I think your weed is a sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima) seedling.

  24. Cat says:

    Oh how I could use a few gnomes! I’m really curious about the leaf mold…Happy GBBD!

  25. Valerie says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous!

  26. Town Mouse says:

    What a fun post! Can you send some gnomes over my way? I still have sooo much to do. Well, now it’s dark, and I don’t approve of gardening by electric light.

    Happy bloom day.

  27. Tricia says:

    What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures at my party 🙂

  28. mel cole says:

    You got gorgeous flowers and beautiful blooms. 🙂 My Fertilizer friday Hope you can visit mine too.

  29. Alistair says:

    Donna, the set up of your blog is very novel and exciting deserves an award. I am particularly fond of those Hellebores. I agree with Rosie we loved the falls in Winter but we will look for more throughout the Summer.

  30. Marguerite says:

    As usual your magazines are nothing less than a work of art. I particularly like the gnome ad!

  31. Karen says:

    Donna, if I could get a few Gnomes 4 Homes around here, maybe we’d get all the projects done in record time! I’m especially thinking they’d come in handy with weeding, being as they are a lot closer to the ground than I am.

    The ice at the Falls is really amazing; this is quite the Spring we’re having, isn’t it? Love the hellebores, there are so many different colors and petal configurations–it’s time I get off my duff and go buy some.

    Wonderful GBBD Magazine Post again, Donna!

  32. debsgarden says:

    Looks like a great magazine ~ I love your photos. I am glad spring is coming to your part of the world at last, though the Falls are still surrounded by snow and ice. I have never seen a winter photo of them before; it gives me the shivers but it is awesome!

  33. Looks like a great issue – gorgeous photos!

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