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I like this scene. I like the time of day. I like the natural lighting. Not so much that it can compete with all the beautiful images (I know it is not quite as good), but more from how this spot makes me feel. I like the late day shadowing and the idea of where the trail might go. The uncertainty that lurks around the corner, what mystery hides amongst the trees.

But I do know, since I have been here many times before, but I guess a surprise could reveal itself. Hopefully a good surprise, like a sleeping deer, golden eagle or such. I will get to Whirlpool State Park this Spring, but just did not get a chance as of yet. The scene will be similar to winter, but without the dreary winter’s gray day. Little has leafed out, but if I get the time of day right, the little buds will light up like Christmas tree decorations, glowing in various warm colors.

See how the mood and color change from a jump of seasons? Here is hoping the jump to Spring keeps this winter look stashed away until next December. NO MORE SNOW!

For those that celebrate, have a wonderful Easter. My Street Tree series will return on Sunday night for Monday. We will have pages 75 to 83 with What’s it Like to be a Street Tree. My magazine keeps growing……..

My entry for the Gardening Gone Wild, Picture This Contest is the scene from October, where the darkening sky turns off the lights on the trail. Oh, BTW, I made it back before dark too. See the post on Green Apples for another photograph for Sky Watch Friday.

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27 Responses to GGW Picture This

  1. Lovely shot with very interesting lighting;-)

  2. Les says:

    I like the jangled shadow lines. Good luck with your entry!

  3. Cat says:

    You absolutely have a shot to win the contest Donna, this shot is beautiful. I love the curve of the path and the shadow play and especially can see why you love spending time on that trail…I would too.

    • Thanks Cat for the vote of confidence, but I was not going to enter at all because I felt a little out of my league in this competition. I can compose a shot, but the technical aspects are my downfall. I find mist, fog, sun and light flare hard to master. I finally started to get snow scenes right if the sun is out and I have good shadows. I tried shots at the lake with reflection and just felt they need something more. I guess practice makes perfect, so I will keep plugging away. Gotta start paying more and better attention to the lighting. You have that down pat. Your macros too, always stunning.

  4. One says:

    I like the windy path, the shadows, splatters of red and the different shade of greens. The second photo is good too.

  5. Holley says:

    Your October photo is very intriguing. It really does draw you in to find out what’s around the corner. Good luck on the contest.

  6. Yes, I agree–no more snow! Good luck in the contest!

  7. Karen says:

    Donna, the trail and lighting is wonderful; there is a feeling of mystery and expectation of things unseen around the corner. Oh, I hope we are done with the snow, too. We still have 1′ drifts in the back yard yet. But it can’t last forever. (Can it?)

  8. Gorgeous autumn picture!!! Great job 🙂 Best wishes in the contest.

  9. I really like the composition of this photograph and the lightening and shadows. Good luck with the contest. I admire you for taking part. I think your photos are always amazing!

  10. Laurrie says:

    It’s an absolutely beautiful shot, both the scene itself and the shadowy picture play. Good luck!

  11. Connie says:

    I love your composition!! I especially love that you gave us the second snowy photo.

  12. Great photos! The road of cobblestone and asphalt is very interesting…could be symbolic. That is one to ponder. And I love snow and how it makes everything magical…lovely, very lovely.

    • This is not a road of cobblestone and asphalt. It is natural stone stairs and a dirt, pedestrian path. This park is in a natural setting and all paths are maintained as such. Near the welcome building there is paved pathways, but not on this trail at this point.

  13. dona says:

    Those two photos are really fascinating. The place reminds me some Italian Alpine roads…

  14. Layanee says:

    Both lovely shots and ‘no more snow’ this year. I hope. Let’s have the perfect season shall we?

  15. Dear Donna, Great choice of photos for the contest. I love it. Your photography is awesome — I wish mine was as good — lighting is tough. Good luck. P x

  16. Malinda says:

    The shadows are great and I can feel the crisp autumn air and warm sun…. (still craving that sun!) It’s a wonderful photo!

  17. What inviting photographs. They do lure one to seek what might be around the curve. Thanks for the spark of imagination and good luck in the contest!

  18. Aerie-el says:

    Beautiful photos. What a difference a season makes!
    Good luck with your entry.

  19. I love the soft lighting in that first shot Donna, beautiful. The second was surreal – it has been as hot as a summer’s day here today, and I am sat here in brief summer clothing, your photo made me shiver…

  20. Jean says:

    Donna, I love the quality of light in that fall scene; I can feel the magic of being in that spot on that day. Since it has been snowing off and on today at my house in Maine, the second scene does not seem so magical. Enough, already!

  21. Garden Sense says:

    Great shot! I love the bold and dramatic statement. Good luck!

  22. Alistair says:

    Great shots Donna, I never know what is acceptable regarding shadows in photographs, I just know what I like. Yours are winners as far as I am concerned.

  23. Bom says:

    Good luck with the contest. I especially like the lighting in your first photo. Going through the comments, one can tell that everyone really likes your first photo. I will have to be the odd man out and admit that I like both photos equally even if the difference in seasons gives an extremely dramatic change. Both offer the tease of what can be found around the corner. Great photos!

  24. What beautiful shots!! I love pictures of paths that lead to a mysterious ending. Good luck in the contest!

  25. John says:

    What I like most about your image is that I can transport myself to the early fall and look out upon the scene. The air is even crisp and cool. Those curved shadows are very nice indeed…

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