Bulb Bonanza – My April Garden Wrap Up

Red Impression

You want a big splash of cheerfulness?  Just color me happy with Spring bulbs. The gray, winter-like sky overhead is just a little brighter and the day substantially perkier with the welcome of Spring and Summer bulbs just pushing through the moist earth. I swear even the earthworms are smiling.


It is hard to beat the fresh feel of daffodils and tulips. The smell of the hyacinths makes me want to do the happy dance. And those cute little, neon blue Muscari, ahhh.

Dark Eyes

Get that Spring pizzazz with bulbs planted the year before. Forget those pesky squirrels nabbing the bounty, forget the back-breaking toil in the soil. Forget all the hard work, aches and pains as you view a palette of color and interest at a time when little else is in bloom. (If you live in a cold climate like me.)

White Splendour

When I plant bulbs, I avoid the squirrel thieves by planting the bulbs deeper than three times the height of the bulb. I place them in a hole 10 to 12 inches deep because city squirrels are just too darn lazy to dig that deep. The hard-working squirrels of the country are a bit more industrious.


The squirrels and Chipper Chipmunk did dig up most of my crocus a few years ago, and I do have to replant.  I did show some this year, but as you can see, I have lots of tulips. The varmints do not get my tulip bulbs.


I have bulbs blooming in the garden from early spring until fall. Summer will have multitude of lilies and Allium. If you count rhizomes, I have multitudes more with peonies and iris.

Creeping Phlox

OK, phlox is not a bulb or rhizome, but hey, its blooming. The pinks are ready for the dazzling show soon.

I love tulips and can not get enough. I try to plant annuals where the tulip bulbs lie because the bulbs get the nourishment plus, the annuals are a marker to note location. The annuals have shallow roots and digging does not disturb the bulbs.

The lilies are nubs right now and the Allium is growing.

The anemone and the annual alyssum make a great pairing. Last year the alyssum draped the wall and was so full. This year I planted the purple and the white reseeded itself. Also here, growing from seed is the biennial, forget-me-not. They fill in before the Alyssum fills out, keeping the show going. The Alyssum did not burn out at all last year and bloomed until covered in snow. Both plants like cooler temps and moist soil. Planted here, they are shaded by the boxwood during the hottest parts of the day.

And here are some rhizomes and Summer bulbs taking the place of the daffodils. You can see little lily nubs showing. This is the bed I divided last year. My potted iris and lily are going gangbusters, but the squirrels are digging them out of the pots. My next post on squirrel invasion will give you an idea with what I am dealing. Load up the shotgun, I am going ‘a hunting.

Please see Green Apples, Daffodil Delight, for more images of the daffodils, like….

King Alfred

The Diabolical Dandelion or Wily Wildflower

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26 Responses to Bulb Bonanza – My April Garden Wrap Up

  1. Christine says:

    Oh my! Donna, if my bulbs come up looking half as good as yours I’m going to be a very happy camper come Spring! Absolutely gorgeous blooms – I am so glad I followed your lead and planted plenty of bulbs.

  2. Nell Jean says:

    Lovely bulbs. Alyssum is one of those things that is often forgotten and it gives so much for so little attention.
    There’s one less squirrel here thanks to a White Oak snake. I blogged about him on Dotty Plants. I hope he gets more of them. The dog and cat try, but they are usually too slow.

  3. I love the lane of Alyssum and Anemone framed by Boxwood. You have some great combinations and everything seems to be coming together now–just in time for the lovely month of May! Cheers!

  4. Lovely idea for a post! What a happy wrap up for the first month of Spring. You really do have a beautiful garden, love some of the pairings too. I am a sucker for purple flowers against a box hedge =)

  5. Fabulous to see so much colour erupting at long last Donna, no wonder you feel like dancing. Loved the comment about city squirrels being lazy… Also love the alyssum, such a pretty little plant. Good to “see” you on EOMV.

  6. patientgardener says:

    Oh lots of lovely bulbs flowering in your garden. I love bulbs more and more – so easy.
    Thanks for joining in with the end of month meme

  7. Barbie says:

    Oh how absolutely beautiful!!!!! I am so impressed! What a magical sight and your garden must be bursting with colour! Very very nice!

  8. So beautiful! Our spring bulbs have all bloomed and gone already so it is lovely to see them all over again. Super pictures!

  9. Donna says:

    bulbs are gorgeous and your creeping phlox opened before mine…hyacinths make me do a happy dance too…I don’t have to worry about squirrels with tulips but deer who love them…Happy Spring finally!!

  10. dona says:

    I loved the colour of your “Red impression” tulips!
    Dandelion is a pest also here in Mediterranean countries…

  11. Carolyn♥ says:

    Oh so many beauties! I must admit the allysum makes my heart do flip flops! I adore those tiny flowers. When it finally gets warm here, they’ll be springing up everywhere and I’ll transplant them to where I want them. I love that they re-seed so well. BTW, the snow melted by mid afternoon and we were able to go out and get our hands dirty. Loved it!

  12. Holley says:

    They are lovely! I love bulbs because they come up after I’ve forgotten I planted them! A fun surprise. Your garden looks beautiful. I love the bed lined in boxwood. Happy spring!

  13. Alistair says:

    Terrific Tulips, I especially like the Emperor with the unusual splashes in the leaves. We are always told to discard tulips and treat them as an annual, would you disagree with this. Myra is very fond of Alyssum and particularly likes the white one, snow crystals which is scented and has slightly larger individual flowers than the others.

    • No splashes Alistair…it is the lighting in which the shot was taken. As for the tulips, many of my tulips have been planted for years. All the species, Impression, Greiggi and Kaufmannianas come back each year. The Single Late and fringed are the ones I plant every two years.

  14. Donna, It is amazing that now that flowers are blooming in your garden you are catching up with us. Muscari and tulips are just finishing and moss phlox is in full bloom. Carolyn

  15. Kala says:

    So many lovely images of springtime. Happy Macro Monday!

  16. You have all the colours of the rainbow there, leaving me green… with envy! Congrats on the bountiful, fabulous spring babes in your garden.
    I’ve got a new meme in my travel blog, called MISSION QUITE POSSIBLE. It is quite a tough mission. One from Onenezz has accomplished hers!

  17. gardeningasylum says:

    What would we do without the bulbs in spring? Yours are lovely. My country squirrels and other rodentia are certainly hard working – tulips don’t stand a chance, so we stick with the rodent resistant daffs, leucojum and camassia.

  18. patty says:

    Such a happy post. I will dance along side you (in the rain mind you). Primary colours are great for putting smiles on faces 🙂

  19. Masha says:

    You have a beautiful garden – it was so nice to see pictures of it. Your bulbs are so colorful – it must be wonderful to walk around. I love your daffodil close-ups – such unusual angles. Funny about city squirrels being lazy – I think you are right, there is lots of food for them here…

  20. TufaGirl says:

    Beautiful bulbs. I hope to one day have my soil improved so I can invest in some bulbs. A have a ways to go… I will enjoy your hard work for now.

  21. Wonderful blooming bulbs. You have such a nice variety with various colors. The red in your Red Impression tulips is so vivid.

  22. Karen says:

    You have such a lovely variety of bulbs. I have not spent enough time and money on planting tulip bulbs, but I should. The results are so satisfying. Your garden is lovely all year round, Donna. I have to incorporate more spring bulbs into my gardens too, after seeing your post, I am so envious!

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