Buzz on Bees – May Magazine Pgs. 18 to 23

Bee Drama

Now this is just not right. This little spider has got to be kidding, yet I bet he thinks his day has just been made.  The poor bee is tangled in the web and buzzing away. Photographer to the rescue. Bee transported back outside, but the fuzzy fur is a real mess. I did my best to pull off the web without getting stung. Allergic and all you know.

See an upcoming post on Digger Bees. I photographed some right in their holes.


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19 Responses to Buzz on Bees – May Magazine Pgs. 18 to 23

  1. Gail says:

    Wonderful captures! I do love our hardest working garden helpers, gail

  2. Donna says:

    Always amazing photos…my I only wish I could capture these beauties…and again I always leave your posts learning so much…can’t wait for more on the bees

  3. One says:

    What amazing captures of the bees! Thanks for the education part too.

    You actually saved the bee? With gloves? The spider must be mad.

  4. You are so funny to have saved the bee. My oldest son used to sit bumblebees on the palm of his hand and gently stroke their “backs”. They never stung him and are really quite docile.

  5. I agree — it must be quite a tiring job! Great captures. I remember my daughter singing the “Bumblebee Song” in the sandbox one time. Come to find out she was actually playing with one while she was singing! As I recall, I found it before she got stung!

  6. Cat says:

    Bees are some of the most joyful creatures in my garden! I love them!!

  7. What delightful post!! Loved it! The pics you captured of the bee’s enjoying the pear? blossoms are just amazing. Oh how I love bumble bees =)

  8. Karen says:

    Donna, once again, amazing photography! I was amazed to read many of the bee facts, very interesting. A wonderful tribute to some of Mother Nature’s hardest workers.

  9. lula says:

    What a lovely issue! so great so see these images from spring time. So well done Donna!

  10. Holley says:

    Bees are amazing creatures. I love learning more about them. Great pics.

  11. Awesome post!! I have loads of honey bees in my garden all summer long. My stupid dogs always try to chomp the big bumbles. Don’t they know they sting!!!!

  12. Super photos of the bees! I do love the bees buzzing around in my garden. We seem to have lots of wasps too, which I am not so fond of…getting stung and all. We try to coexist peacefully.

  13. dona says:

    Awesome photos!

  14. debsgarden says:

    Excellent post with great info and photos. I think it is sad that worker bees only live four weeks. I would have hoped for at least a whole season, but then I am not a worker bee!

  15. Patsi says:

    Great info.
    Can’t believe you tried to save a bee.

  16. Dear Donna, Beautifully done! You get the message across with stunning photography and delightful words. Oh, and I love the banner at the top – I assume you painted it – with the dear little ladybugs. You are so very talented. Look forward to the Digger Bees. P. x

  17. Now I see you do this all the time – quite brilliant! The bee on the lilac shot is wonderful, I wish I could achieve such a wonderful bee shot.

  18. Mac_fromAustralia says:

    Great photos.
    I found a dead bee in the bathroom once and took it outside to bury it in the garden, didn’t seem right to just throw it in the trash.

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