GBBD May Magazine

Buzz on Bees, Pages 18 to 23

Thank you to May Dreams Gardens and the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. And special thanks to Seepferds Garten for BlogBlüten im Mai. And to Lisa’s Chaos and Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursdays #20.

Gardening Gone Wild Entry

Please stop by and see the gallery of beauties.

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I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at:
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42 Responses to GBBD May Magazine

  1. One says:

    Love your May Edition. Garden at 664 is looking extremely attractive. I see you have a small piece of lawn which is very pleasing to the eye. I know you didn’t ask but my favorite is the bird which is in deep thoughts.

  2. Dear Donna, Another amazing magazine issue. Love your backyard! P. x

  3. Masha says:

    OMG, Donna, this is too beautiful for words. Every time I see these gorgeous pictures I feel my own inadequacy… I love the picture of the backyard with a patch of lawn and petals scattered on the paving…

  4. Gesine says:

    Dear Donna,
    such a nice post! Thank you for participating GBBT!
    I allways love your pictures! Specially the overlook of the backyard is great!
    It really seems, that our gardens have nearly the same climate, they look quiet similar!
    Wish you a wonderful sunday!

  5. Beautiful! Love the Garden at 664 and the tulips and daffodils. All so beautiful!

  6. Your backyard is gorgeous! I do love all the “snow” and the lilacs. It must smell heavenly…can’t grow lilacs here! Your bulbs are stunning and I do love how you incorporated some veggies in the perennial garden. Wonderful issue!

  7. You never do anything by half Donna and this May edition is no exception. Magnificient macros and awesome aerials of the back garden. Must remember to keep my lolly sticks.

  8. Donna, I really enjoyed seeing shots of your whole garden. It is so beautifully laid out. “Dandelions in the wild” made me laugh. What are the white flowers on page 32? So enjoy your magazine format. Carolyn

  9. Diane says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful! I love the comment about the dandelions being beautiful in context. LOL. (I have one coming up in middle of a clump of peony buds and am trying to figure out how to get it out without hurting any of the peony stems….)

    Thanks so much for the comment you left.

  10. Fun formatting! Happy GBBD. What a lovely garden you have. It’s nice to connect with another sharing NY roots, although I’ve been transplanted.

  11. Mom of Christine @ The Gardening Blog says:

    Absolutely beautiful! As I have only got a small balcony in the centre of Munich (Germany) I am feeling a bit jealous right now! 😦

  12. Cat says:

    What a gorgeous spring you’re having! Your aerial shot of your backyard gives such a great perspective of your garden. So much blooming and beautiful structure…I too love the ‘snow’ of the pear tree. Also, love, love, love the orange banner this month. I do think orange might be my favorite color. Although, I hate picking favorites!

  13. Alistair says:

    Great photos again Donna, only you could make the dreadful dandelion look good. Your back garden looks wonderfully tranquil. It really surprises me that after the very severe and long Winters which you get, how quickly your garden comes to life again.

  14. Goodness your back yard is immaculate Donna, and beautifully laid out. Those tomato supports are striking, a really good idea. Love the colour of that tulip. Happy GBBD.

  15. Holley says:

    Your backyard view is amazing!!!! What a beautiful and relaxing area. I hope the plant sale goes well.

  16. How gorgeous! I love your magazine covers – beautiful May flowers.

  17. Your backyard is beautiful! I always love visiting and viewing your photos-exquisite!

  18. Greggo says:

    The pear petals remind of cherry blossoms in a Japanese Garden. Very subtle. I bet it only took you a few minute to put that post together, right? I need to subscribe..Happy GBBD

  19. dona says:

    Your photos are extraordinary as usual. Very nice spring flowering!

  20. Donna your backyard just looks so beautiful from your window view and you’ve even made that pot of salad leaves look so good next to your new plot of tomatoes btw that’s one cute little bird up in the conifer.

  21. Lona says:

    Wow, what a beautiful array of blooms for your May Magazine. Your backyard is so pretty. I like the plant stake idea. Good luck with your plant sale.

  22. b-a-g says:

    Donna, I love the photo of the lamiums (my favourite weed) and dandelions growing together side-by-side.

  23. Such wonderful writing Donna. I enjoyed it all as usual! I love your lilacs and your overall backyard shot is beautiful 🙂 Happy GBBD!!

  24. joene says:

    Isn’t it wonderful that even dandelions are refreshingly beautiful each spring! Lovely photos.

  25. Autumn Belle says:

    Donna, the magazine cover looks great. The backyard garden is beautifully designed, so neat and tidy. Happy GBBD and Good Luck with the plant sale!

  26. Love the syringa…lovely color. Your garden is beautiful! Happy GBBD Day!

  27. Donna says:

    Once again an incredible edition of the GBBD magazine….your yard is stunning and I love all the features of the magazine…and growing plants for sale…now I know why you are so busy…wow

  28. Catherine says:

    The view of your backyard is so pretty! I love getting to see the whole garden as well as the pretty closeups.

  29. Mac_fromAustralia says:

    Gorgeous presentation and photography as always. What an absolutely beautiful garden, makes me feel both inspired and frustrated. Yikes, deer can do THAT?

  30. gailae says:

    You have a beautiful backyard garden! It must be a delight to sit out there on a sunny morning with a cup of coffee/tea. I look forward to the sale post. gail

  31. What a tranquil garden. I would so love for everything in my garden to be all neat and tidy and peaceful like that. Those are really nice plant tags to help people understand what they’re buying, not to mention that nice plants themselves.

  32. Larry says:

    This is quite spectacular… I love intimate spaces like the backyard pictured here… such perfection! Larry

  33. Ika says:

    Wow, so many beautiful photos on your blog, great to see. Have a great Monday!

  34. Stacy says:

    I’ve really begun to fall in love with more formal spaces recently, especially like your Garden at 664, where the clean lines are softened with lush plantings, and the symmetry isn’t too forced. Really beautiful, Donna!

  35. Jennifer says:

    Great May edition. Your garden is so neat! Mine looks like an out-of-contol jungle in comparison!

  36. This is my first time visiting your blog – thank you for your comments on mine. What an amazing compilation, those first few “pages” really do look like an excerpt from a gardening magazine after some expert remodeling project. Wonderful, as are your photos, the lilac being my favorite.

  37. Andrew says:

    Great pictures.

  38. lifeshighway says:

    My goodness, this volume was chock full of beautiful landscaping and stunning photography. Where do you find the time and energy.

    But I am thankful that you have it.

  39. Kala says:

    So many gorgeous nature images. I love the tulip and lilac photos. And oh my goodness, what the deer have done to that tree!

    Happy Macro Monday

  40. Karen says:

    Donna, this is spectacular! I love your garden. It is just amazing.

    The plant sale folks are very lucky to have your wonderfully healthy plants donated and with such colorful, informational tags.

  41. Terry Moore says:

    I just found your site via Fishtail cottage Thursday party. I can’t believe how beautiful the pictures are! And your design with the type on the photos. Reminds me of my graphic design days. If this little gorgeous garden is yours, it is stunning. I need to browse around your site more.

  42. lula says:

    This issue is great with all colors and promises of spring flowers! I wish you a fantastic sale! Lula

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