Garden Town Tour

Bet you thought I had the title backwards. It works both ways, Garden Tour Town and Garden Town Tour.  Flowers are above your head and below your waist, just about everywhere you look.

As I promised, I am going to take you through the town I am helping our Garden Club present; the Lewiston GardenFest.

Click the poster above for more info on the GardenFest from a previous post. But better yet, go to the website for the Lewiston GardenFest.

The next coming weeks are very busy and the hardworking woman are all about town planting, selling plants, and fixing up gardens. Never a dull or idle moment in Lewiston.

Many of the business have pretty gardens and courtyards.

There are a couple of parks, fountains and many places to have a leisurely stroll or sit and chat with friends and neighbors.

The color blue is oft used on buildings.

Is this not an interesting and well-appointed building?

  The town is one of the prettiest brick-walk paved towns in our area. It has loads of character, beauty, history and charm. Flowers and flowering trees are everywhere.

I am honored to be helping out this group by being a garden club member. It is a tough time of year for me with my design job, but it is also a highlight of my spring/summer, like last year was with the Orchard Parkway Garden Walk which was hosted by our Block Club. Here is a post on what our Block Club did to make the event a success, I prepped my garden for that one, plus did many things to help the Block Club prepare for the event.

The gazebo is a fine resting spot and a well-known landmark in Lewiston.

To visit Lewiston is to fall in love with a community. It speaks neighborliness, friendliness and utmost consideration. The town is always clean and the residents keep up their businesses and homes impeccably all year-long.

Historic structures and new little replicas with great attention to detail abound. Look familiar. Spot it on the left above?

I was recently dining at one of the restaurants where I have never been before on Center Street, and the food was outstanding and the service wonderful and friendly. In fact, every restaurant I have visited, I can say the same, from small luncheon spots to fine dining.

The clock is well-known also. I shop in Lewiston often and love the unique stores and shops.

My hairdresser is here also.

Benches line Center Street and if this was not a rainy, cold day, people would be everywhere.

Outdoor cafes with bistro dining line the main street. I was here really early, long before the noon day rush.

And, if you stop back this Friday, I will take you to this park below. There is so much to see (think cool art, bright color and pretty spring bulbs) and it will be planted with loads of annuals this coming Monday. I will be there hopefully, work allowing. Then I will show the finished job the week after. Stop in at Green Apples, I am posting more of this town and the pretty gardens there as well. And do not miss our plant sale. If you want to come and buy, see my post pages 45 and 46 for specifics. My babies will be getting new and happy homes on Saturday. I will be there doing my share.

Petal perfect.


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28 Responses to Garden Town Tour

  1. One says:

    When I arrived, I stopped to admire the first photo for a long while. Love that red tree. I expected red petals on the ground. How come they are white?

    I would encourage everyone staying in the vicinity to attend this tour. Everything is just beautiful. Even those white petals on the ground.

  2. lifeshighway says:

    What a lovely town. The garden club and the residents have done a great job getting the village spiffy for the tour.

    I really love the little yellow birdhouse, what a cute detail.

    • Actually Cheri, this is how the town always looks. On Monday, I will be helping to plant annuals and brighten up the parks. After Monday, the women get in full gear. But you can see that not a lot needs to be done for spiffing. The community has such pride, their Lewiston always looks like this. Neat, clean, friendly and happy.

  3. Cat says:

    So charming…you’ve really captured the attitude of the town through your images. My favorites are the shots with petals littering the ground. Enjoy the event, looks like you all are well prepared!

  4. Donna says:

    A must visit for me…nnot sure about this year with my crazy schedule but if I can I will be coming this yr or next and I will let you know so we can possibly hook up Donna…just gorgeous…what a lovely town to live in all yr

    • I know what you mean about a crazy year. The weather is affecting installations, but not design. It is a year that has me running. I still say you drive in the last week of July for the Buffalo Garden Walk. Now that is a real great event. Lewiston is too, but not as large. It is the second largest garden fest in our area, and a must see, but if you can only come to WNY once, see Buffalo. Looking forward to seeing you here next year.

  5. Aimee says:

    Wow! It is so charming and quaint! What a lovely, cheery place – thanks for sharing these delightful photos! I’ll definitely be back to check out the park tour.

  6. lula says:

    DOnna, This is one of my favorites topics for posts, I thank you for the virtual walk presenting Lewison is great and your comments are an invitation to visit it, providing I lived nearer! I like image L12 with the yeallow colored pavement. Lula

    • Thanks Lula. I too wish more bloggers would tour their towns. How about a meme for Tag-Along Thursday. I do it occasionally where you get to follow me somewhere, but it would be neat to have a day where bloggers post something in their towns and countrysides. I would be happy to host.

  7. dona says:

    Lewiston is really lovely! Two curiosities: the blue buildings (we never use that colour on houses) and the Illy brand coffee (an Italian company based in Trieste).

    • The blue is a historic color traditionally in colonial USA. The coffee, must fe a fine import. Many of the cafes and restaurants have the finest food and drinks locally. In fact, Buffalo is a big town for great restaurants too. Many big eaters in our area.

  8. Barbie says:

    I am in love with this town – when you say “To visit Lewiston is to fall in love with a community” – I get it! Even tulips on the sidewalk! That you would not see here!

  9. Stacy says:

    They’ve paid so much attention to every little detail–from the trim around the windows to the patterns in the brickwork. And all those colors against the gray sky–just gorgeous.

  10. Diane says:

    Hi Donna…spring is *so* pretty in your part of the country! I grew up in S/E Massachusetts and this post reminded me of what spring is truly like in New England. Lots of color, pride in one’s home and lovely parks and gardens (and lots of rain 🙂 Just lovely.

  11. Thank you for the gorgeous photo tour ~ I love the architecture of the area combined with the delightful trees, shrubs and flowers. :O)

  12. Kala says:

    They’re all lovely shots. But the last image with the petals on the ground is just fabulous.

  13. patty says:

    Lewiston looks like what every Canadian thinks of in a typical, historic American town. Just beautiful. I thought your words “To visit Lewiston is to fall in love with a community” rang very true.

  14. What a lovely town! Everywhere you look on that stroll through town there are flowers and plants…so beautiful!

  15. How beautiful! If it wasn’t so far away I’d be there in a heartbeat! Maybe one day …

  16. it all looks too beautiful to be real, I did notice all the seats were wet, your wet and windy weather same as ours just now, Frances

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