Petal Perfect Peace Garden

In 2010, the Lewiston Binational Peace Garden was unveiled and designated. It was the culmination of hard work and efforts by both residents and dignitaries to celebrate 200 years of peace between the nations of the United States and Canada.

Parks and green space across our area have been developed to recognize and commemorate the War of 1812. There is so much history in this area that deserves not to be forgotten. The first major battle of the War of 1812 was fought here having half of the nation’s troops located in Lewiston.

In the post, Garden Town Tour, you may have noticed the red tulips all over town.

Here they were planted as a requirement for application for the garden to be an International Peace Garden. The tulips are specific to the criteria in that they are the official peace garden flower.

Let’s have a closer look at a pretty park. The pear flower petals are a perfect touch at this time of year.

The beautiful sculpture above to be located in the fountain was commissioned and donated by the members of the Lewiston Garden Club. The detailing of the flower is beautiful.

Below is the sculpture in the fountain. The fountain will be turned on soon I believe.

Many statues and unique art pieces are sited throughout.

Many are contemporary and some are traditional.

We have seen a lot of art. We have seen a lot of red and white. But they have got blue, and is it BLUE!

And you have seen much and here is one to make you smile.

The lilacs were blooming and the scent was refreshing during the light rain. The chess board says au revoir, adios and auf wiedersehen to the white petals of Spring.

And I made a mistake saying I would be at this park next week. Lucky, I was at the plant sale setup today and made mention that I am posting the Peace Garden today. Because….I would have shown up at the wrong park. Here is where I am supposed to be…. Hey, I am a new member, give me a year… I barely knew where to go for the plant sale setup!

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22 Responses to Petal Perfect Peace Garden

  1. One says:

    LOL! You almost showed up at a wrong park? There must be many beautiful parks. I looked at my old photos and found a photo of the green house in Niagara Falls taken decades ago. I can see from your photos that the surroundings are remarkably beautiful. If I am there, I would not know what to capture.

  2. Enjoyed the tour! I love the red tulips and pretty sculpture in the fountain. I wish I could smell the lilacs. 🙂

  3. Dear Donna, I first thought the pear petals were snow, and was thinking I’m glad I don’t live that far north. Then I read about the peace garden… Love the idea of tulips representing “peace”. The fountain is unusual and beautiful, I think. P. x

  4. debsgarden says:

    The garden with the red tulips and carpet of fallen pastel petals is enchanting. I love the red tulip fountain with the background of lilac as shown in your photo. A beautiful garden is a good way to commemorate 200 years of peace. The USA and Canada can be proud. How many neighboring countries in the world have had peace with each other for so long?

  5. Layanee says:

    Fallen petals and blood red tulips are an interesting combination. Petals on the ground are very peaceful. Red tulips eye catching.

  6. lula says:

    This post is all about poetry and is beautiful! Thanks

  7. Donna says:

    Donna what a lovely garden and it is peaceful just to look at it. Your pictures made me want to sit in it even in the rain…I love the sculpture as well…

  8. Barbee' says:

    What beauty and excellent photography! You wrote: they are the official peace garden flower. I didn’t know that! I learned something here today.

  9. Alistair says:

    Donna, you have given us another terrific post. The Lewiston Binational Peace Garden looks very special indeed, commemorating something so very special.

  10. Cat says:

    Interesting, I didn’t know that tulips were the official peace garden flower…and those petals on the ground…lovely.

  11. dona says:

    I felt in love at first sight with your second shot. The harmony of colours is perfect for my taste.

  12. Holley says:

    I have read about the Peace Garden, but never seen pictures of it. So good of you to showcase this park. Love the fountain.

  13. Masha says:

    What a lovely, lovely place! I don’t think I have seen so many petals so lavishly scattered on the ground – over here they must dry up much faster :(. They go so well with the red tulips too. Wonderful photography, as always.

  14. It must have been a little uncomfortable photographing the park in the rain, but actually the light and the moisture make the photos more peaceful (fitting) in some ways. Very nice post about a special place. Thanks for the info and the tour.

  15. That is a very beautiful garden! I love the sculpture with the red flowers.

  16. Garden Sense says:

    What a beautiful spot! And your timing was perfect to capture a sense of peace.

  17. Donna, when I saw that first photo my heart sank, because I thought you had had some late snow!! The park has obviously been really well done, though that blue sculpture rather hurts the eyes it is so vivid. Glad you won’t be heading to the wrong park after all!

  18. Barbie says:

    Such a welcoming garden. You really want to stay for a while….. thank you for sharing. Funny, I like the same sculpure that Christine likes. The flowers in the fountain.

  19. Beautiful tree confetti in such a remarkable garden. I could spend ages there with that wonderful scent of lilac wafting through the air.

  20. islandthreads says:

    lol Donna glad you now know the right park, lovely photos of the park I always think the rain makes the colour sing, I love, love the fountain flower sculpture ~ I want one … Frances

  21. I love all the sculpture in the park! The red tulips really pop and all the bloom confetti on the ground just adds so much to the atmosphere and beauty! The photo of the chess table with the rain and petals is my favorite!

  22. Kala says:

    Those fallen pear petals strewn throughout these photos are absolutely gorgeous.

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