Green Reflections

Green Reflections

What do you see when you seek reflection? It can be literal as in a mirroring image, or it can be serious thought, consideration, aspersion, reproach, cogitation, or deep rumination. It takes many forms to express. It shows many a different face.

Waterlilies: Green Reflections, Claude Monet – Musee de l’Orangerie

The work of Claude Monet is a favorite of mine.  Since the time that man put paint to canvas, art has inspired and added beauty to life. The painting Waterlilies:Green Reflections is a wonderful piece with the water deep and dark. The painting allows for personal interpretation, profound introspection, outward reflection. Waterlilies float to interrupt the reflection and change the view. Kinda like life, where to reflect is to elicit a change of view. Or a look back to reevaluate choices.

A painting I did in high school called Reflection and Retrospection. A life unreflected is one not worth having lived.

Monet painted what was familiar to him. From 1910 to 1920, he painted his picturesque lily pond. My photos are what I find familiar from as far back into childhood. My grandfather’s estate had a dam similar to this lake at the farm. I remember the reflections of the trees and reeds vividly. Water has a way of encouraging creativity and I was drawn to water early on.

My images are my version of Green Reflections. No, they do not have the depth and studied use of color, but then again I did not paint them either. But, it is a study of almost monochromatic color with the blurred reflection looking almost brush stroked. Click the image above to see the delicate ‘brushwork’. The sky was very pale blue, so the color is predominately green, the blending in the lake is pretty with subtle detail. Wildflowers and grasses grace the lake shore.

The reeds, grasses and marshy spot recall many fond memories in Pennsylvania catching crayfish, turtles and frogs.

While I was here above, a HUGE animal hurriedly bounded noisily from this area, breaking limbs from the trees. I was scared beyond belief. When I got back, I told my friend and he said it may have been a sleeping deer I startled or a coyote. I said it sounded like a wild boar for all the noise it made and all the movement of the brush. Deer are dainty and rarely make a sound in the forest unless it is rutting time.

I did not know what to do. Visions of cougars and black bear went wildly though my mind. I have had both up close and personal occurrences in Pennsylvania and I have to admit, this put a damper on my nice and fond childhood memories turning rocks for crayfish. The noise this animal made was that big too.

Silly me, I turned first away, then curiously turned back toward the danger, a childlike crazy move. Lucky me, whatever it was had left.

Billy Bob a couple of weeks ago. His antlers are bigger now.

The farm raise elk and sometimes they escape. I would have needed to get myself up a tree fast since their antlers are getting big now. Plus my friend is a big game hunter, and no telling what he may have released in the woods. Just kidding, but he did ask me to capture a black squirrel to populate his forests. Hum. Anyway, next time my phone is coming with me.

The fish swam in close, just like when I was a kid. I used to fish everyday at the dam.

Reflecting on a life full of simple and some harrowing adventure. All from a morning, lakeside stroll on the farm…..

Watery Wednesday #143, take a peek.

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25 Responses to Green Reflections

  1. Donna says:

    Stunning pictures of green captured beautifully…I know you are an artist with a camera and I have seen a bit of your other artistic works but that painting is incredible…you are so talented…Monet is one of my very favorite artists and and I especially love the water lilies which is one reason i wanted a pond with water lilies…now to paint them..perhaps some day!! You giving any art lessons?

  2. I too love Monet’s pond reflection paintings. I always tried to imagine what was around the pond being reflected. I had a chance to actually visit his pond & gardens in Giverny and it was like walking into a painting.

  3. Laurrie says:

    The surface of the water in your Green Reflections photos do indeed look brush stroked. A real blurring of reality and art and impression. And your high school painting is incredibly talented, I hope you still paint and draw even now. Gardeners are such creative types!

  4. Holley says:

    Yes, do take your phone with you next time! Although, sometimes animals sound bigger in the woods than they really are – I think it has something to do with out adrenaline. Your painting is beautiful. I have always admired people with such talent, as I have zero.

  5. One says:

    If Billy Bob wasn’t what you encountered, wonder what it could have been. Perhaps it was as terrified as you. When my daughter accidentally dug up a centipede, she screamed and then commented that the centipede was more terrified than her.

  6. You continue to impress me…you are such an incredible talent! Your photographs are always a work of art and even back in HS you had this gift, Wow! I have always lived by some type of body of water. I would be lost without it. It is a great place to reflect and heal. Monet is one of my favorite artists too.

  7. debsgarden says:

    Monet’s impressionistic paintings are among my favorites, and your photos are inspirational, too! I could get lost in your watery reflections. I appreciate your harrowing adventure, and I am glad the outcome was very good!

  8. Masha says:

    Beautiful pictures, and a great post, very peaceful (except for the end part :0). I enjoyed looking at reflections in the water very much.

  9. Lori E says:

    What a tranquil place…except for the wild attacking animals. I could sit and watch fish for hours.

  10. 2sweetnsaxy says:

    These were really great. What a great spot and I can’t imagine that animals antlers being bigger. 🙂

  11. Greggo says:

    You can feel the serenity of place.

  12. chubskulit says:

    Very well captured!!

    Watery Wednesday at my page.

  13. Andrea says:

    Reflections are always a favorite subject for my photos too, although i am still trying very hard yet. I always admire your photos, however #4-5 didnt open just turned to Xs. That marsh with reeds is a favorite.

  14. Soren says:

    I never used to like Monet’s painting of water lilies, perhaps because every other home in Denmark had a poster of them in the 1980’s, but then I saw the “mother load” at the Musée de l’Orangerie and when you’re standing in a large oval room where the walls are covered with four of his largest water lily paintings… They’re not just quiet, calm colour-coordinated prettiness, but even have a certain violent temper in the colour range from pale lilacs to burning oranges.

    As for water and reflection… Indeed! Though to me it was always the sea, since I grew up 10 minutes from the beach. I must remember to go down to the fjord next weekend and just sit and be. Thank you for this reminder!

  15. Emille says:

    Wow, you put much work into a post!
    I think your painting reaches much deeper than Monets painting of the waterlilies (I’m a painter, and am not impressed by big names, lol). I hope you keep painting!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Hi Donna,
    I am lucky to have stood in front of a trio of Monet’s water lily paintings in London. They were light, ethereal washes of pretty pastels. It was like been enveloped in color.
    I am glad you did not get to find out what was crashing through the woods. I would have been scared out of my wits! Your reflection images are beautiful.

  17. Your painting is as impressive as your photography!

  18. Donna, Your painting is so good. Did you ever think of exhibiting and selling your work. I find deer when startled to be very loud, they blunder into everything in their attempt to get away. One even destroyed about 10 potted plants in my nursery when someone surprised him and he tried to clamor up a bank. Carolyn

  19. dona says:

    Your photographs are a work of art and thanks for reminding us the stunning paintings of Claude Monet.
    Please stroke Billy Bob for me!

  20. Breathtaking! I wish I were sitting by one of those ponds…seems like a lovely place to ponder. And Billy Bob is so cute…for a big guy!

  21. Cathy says:

    This post was a delight and an education rolled into one! I savored every word and drooled over every image.

  22. GirlSprout says:

    Thanks Donna! It’s always great to stop by your blog. It’s like opening up a present on Christmas Eve.

  23. I enjoyed this thoughtful post very much. Oddly, I am not a fan of Monet (even though I live in Paris – it’s wasted on me!) and found your photos of reflections in the water more compelling. I had never thought of reflections as being like brushstrokes, but now you say it, it’s seems such a perfect comparison.

  24. Bumble Lush says:

    What great pictures! I lvoe all the green, and expecially like the shot of the elk. He looks very relaxed.

  25. Les says:

    We got the chance to see Monet’s lilies at MOMA last summer. My wife and I stopped and stared in silence, as both of us are particularly drawn to these paintings. My 13 year old son looked as if he would rather be anywhere else on the planet than that museum.

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