Bearded, The NFG Magazine Pgs. 3 to 15


Acapulco Gold



First Stitch

I have iris all over my property, the front (First stitch is in the front), sides and between the peonies. But I have been showing you this bed because of all the changes it goes through in a season. Also because the micro climate of the bed itself is greatly affected by the weather throughout the years.

Check out the dates on previous years. The weather this year has made plants that bloom in succession, bloom concurrently.

Mystery Iris

Since my Iris are thriving, I joined The Irish Garden Lady’s meme on My Garden, My Hobbies, called Thriving Thursday. Take a peek and join, something must be thriving in your garden.

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13 Responses to Bearded, The NFG Magazine Pgs. 3 to 15

  1. Greggo says:

    Orange, that is Orange Power! ……………that’s my schools colors. I agree this year’s weather is unusual. So what’s next? snow in July? hail in January? cats and dogs next week? I didn’t mine the cool spring, but this 100 degree b.s. is getting me down. woops. got to stay up. your “mag” is cool. I planted my first “beards” last week. Purple I believe. Maybe you can send me your orange one…

  2. One says:

    I guess you didn’t want orange with your purples. On its own, orange is beautiful.

    As usual, your magazine is spectacular.

    It’s raining cats and dogs here right now. Weather has not played havoc. No snow.

  3. I’m guessing that 900 people are going to volunteer to take that gorgeous orange iris off your hands.

  4. Donna says:

    You know I love orange…my philosophy is to have colors that draw your eye to different parts of the garden so you know I’d take it from you…great magazine again and gorgeous irises….

  5. Kala says:

    These are among some of the best iris images I’ve ever seen.

  6. Your irises are to die for! Just stunning! I LOVE orange and that iris is amazing. Isn’t mother nature interesting. I love how you have the same shot each year so you can compare your bloom times. This makes me really want to add more irises to my garden. They look so stunning en masse!

  7. Thanks for joining. I love the Iris. Mine are done now…I’m in Dutchess County NY so quite a bit south of you but I do understand the lack of Thriving at times.

  8. Mary Lou McGuire says:

    Love that orange also…it’s such a great anitdote to all the pinks and purples in the garden now….I’ve got some orange/tangarine colored lilies to perk up my garden now!

  9. Holley says:

    I love orange, so I like the diva. But I understand orange is a bit jarring in some gardens. Funny how things bloom at different times each year. Here, I’ve noticed a two to three week (earlier) difference from last year.

  10. Donna, I saw the first photo, and I was just composing my response about the beauty of the orange iris, trying to be ever so clever, when you anticipated my every move–so funny. You can send that gorgeous orange iris to me. As you know, I love orange, especially with deep purple (but it looks great with ‘First Stitch’). I am honored to be referred to as your good friend. Thanks, Carolyn

  11. Bearded Irises are stunning! I’ve had a similar situation to yours regarding plants blooming concurrently that usually would bloom sequentially. I love the your variety of Iris colors!

  12. amanda says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Like Carolyn, I will happily have that beautiful orange……I have quite a few orange flowers in with my blues and purples so it will look right at home. 😉

  13. Gotta say, I love that orange iris!! I love how audacious orange flowers are, esp. when planted with purple. All you’re missing is a drink with an umbrella and some samba music!!

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