Off Into the Woods of Lewiston Gardens

I entitled this post Off Into the Woods because these are properties in a Lewiston, suburban neighborhood. You would not expect that the backyards have a naturally wooded landscape. A few typically designed gardens transition into a wooded wonderlands of discovery.  The path above was described as a path to nowhere by a commenter and also by a few visitors on the garden walk until they took a stroll.

But before we have a walk in the woods, let’s take a look back and see why this path is so interesting. In architecture we talk of discovery and mystery and paths often have these qualities inherent. Lighting plays a big part and so does tickling all the senses. You feel as if you left one space and entered another. The temperature drops and more moisture is around you. The sounds of the street lessen until all that you hear is the chirping of the birds. The sun all but disappears, peeking through at various points during the day, always changing perspective and scenery as it washes through the canopy.

What you find is often what is really not expected, both natural and those positioned as surprising vignettes.  These blue chairs are very unpredicted, but their bright blue color lights up the landscape. And BTW, you can’t get to them either as they are in dense brush. This is a great siting because as the season progresses the chairs almost disappear. It is a changing environment, adding to the discovery aspect.

Of course, there is always the expected too.

This garden has an Asian feel and a very natural path and cute bridge. They also have a Japanese tea house out of view.

This is as close as I could zoom in on the chairs, but you can see all the natural vegetation in which they sit.

But we find some of our favorite perennials hiding in the brush too.

This path leads to a seating area. Notice how the hanging basket is sited in the brush. This is a wonderful juxtaposition and if I had more time, would have made a pretty image isolated by itself.

Many perennials hiding amongst the wildflowers.

Oops, here is our basket again with the chairs barely visible in the background.

This image shows how the path veers off. The horse shoe on the tree marks the spot.

Another path treatment leading on a journey of discovery. The rooster guards the path.

Here a welcoming flag marks an entry. Daylilies, grasses and carex line the entrance to the mulch path.

This bird house is my favorite. It is so rustic and placed without a care. But notice, it really was carefully placed to follow the lines of the gnarly trunks.

More pretty daisies to brighten the walk.

Trees get ornamented.

And we can not forget the bats.

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24 Responses to Off Into the Woods of Lewiston Gardens

  1. What a lovely wandering path! Each stop on the path was filled with awe…my favorite – the bench tucked away in a veer off the main path.

  2. Cindy says:

    This is so beautiful and peaceful. Would love to take a walk through here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Carolyn♥ says:

    What a beautiful walk, this morning, Donna… I feel refreshed now. Love the horseshoe!

  4. Laurrie says:

    I enjoyed this woodland walk. We keep thinking gardens are all about plants, but they are not — gardens are paths into places and through vegetation. Plants enhance them and happen to be around them, but they are the background. The real garden is the path that takes you somewhere (it’s the journey, right?)

  5. Beautiful. I love this type of garden. Peaceful, calm, beautiful .. a place to wander around and think.

  6. EvoOrganic says:

    This is my dream backyard! Definatly a post I will have to bookmark and revisit many times.

  7. b-a-g says:

    Clever idea to use bricks to make a path.
    In the UK we have hanging flower baskets hanging from the eves of pubs, from lamp-posts, or outside people’s houses at eye-level. I’ve never seen them suspended just above the ground like this. Good way of adding another dimension to a floor bed, and slug-proof.

  8. dona says:

    A lot to learn about paths arrangement. Thank you, Donna.

  9. Thanks for the pretty tour but especially for the thought provoking analysis.

  10. Jess says:

    yep, I see you are walking through the woods too, its an epidemic!

  11. What a lovely retreat within an urban locale! Your photos really captured the serenity and peacefulness walking down the paths. I love the horseshoe and those blue chairs. Very clever!

  12. Donna says:

    Love the paths…not sure of my fav but do love the blue chairs in the meadow…I think I love the hidden view of the brick path the most…so very clever these gardeners

  13. beautiful walk Donna, I have some old wooden chairs where the seat can be taken off, I painted them blue (paint left over from painting the outer doors) and I use them as plant supports, they are not in use this summer as there are no plants needing support, I got mixed reactions, some thought they looked great and a good idea others didn’t say but looked at me as if I was mad! thanks for a shady stroll, Frances

  14. Holley says:

    What a fun, whimsical garden! Love the pathways, and all the details that seem just thrown together. A wonderful path of discovery.

  15. Cathy says:

    Such a lovely, peaceful place to spend some quiet time. It reminds me of P. Allen Smith’s philosophy…. there should be surprises around every corner and turn in the garden. I enjoyed walking along these paths with you, and I identified with your very sensitive observations about the change in the temperature and the sounds. It immediately brought back to me wonderful memories of my childhood. We had woods surrounding us and I experienced all of that and was very aware of it every time I wandered in the woods… I had forgotten those days! Thanks for bringing the memories back to the forefront!

  16. TufaGirl says:

    I feel 20 degrees cooler already. Really is nice to have the woodland areas to retreat into during the heat of the summer. I loved the ornamentation all along the pathway.

  17. lula says:

    Just a perfect place for a summer vacation!

  18. 2sweetnsaxy says:

    I wouldn’t mind taking a stroll through here with my camera. Thanks for sharing these.

  19. Nice! If I wasn’t enjoying my own garden so much right now, I’d wish I was there. It looks very peaceful.

  20. linniew says:

    Garden paths into garden rooms. And the priceless trees.
    I’ve never seen a brick path done like that. Mr. O has STACKS of bricks. Hmmm….

  21. GirlSprout says:

    Thanks for a breath of fresh after I just finished a peaceful hour of yoga. I have a path to nowhere, but haven’t been quite happy with it. Your post provided lots of inspiration for me to mull over.Thanks!

  22. Kala says:

    It is hard to believe these shots are of suburban gardens – the best of both worlds – convenience and tranquility.

  23. I was intrigued by these suburban gardens that “segued” into the woods. We city dwellers don’t back up against forests. Growing up we had woods on two sides of us, but short of a well-worn path made by us kids, there was never a thought to transition from yard to woods. I saw many of these yards when I was there this weekend.

  24. How utterly magical. I love the whimsy of the blue chairs, and can never resist a winding path through trees.

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