Some Like it Hot – End of the Month June

End of the Month – June is Sizzling

Actually the temperature is only 71°, but the flowers are comfortably blooming in the hot and warm colors….

finding companions in the cooler colors quite friendly.

Lilies come in both Asiatic and daylilies. In all colors, shapes and size. They are so budded out, that the lily show has only just started.

Throw in a some orange in a Gerbera that was a prize from one of my garden clubs.

More daylilies (Happy Returns) are pumping out flowers like real troopers.

Out in the front yard, it is toned down with pinks, whites, blues, and purples.

In the back we have the reds. Monarda is just starting to open.

The little fly is taking a siesta.

Petunias are in a pot with more purple and red companions.

The geraniums are cohabiting with Nemesia, Bluebird, also in a pot.

And here is where all the blooms are living in the back garden.

And this is the front yard. Surprised? More of it for The Niagara Falls Garden magazine, Blooming Blue and the Color of WOW, next week.

A little worker, just starting her foraging.

And a half a bee. Well, not exactly, but I do not know what it is. His head is covered in pollen, I think, so I guess he is not so bad since he is the only one of his kind in my garden. Those are stumpy wings on his flat, fuzzy back. He flew away, but kinda slowly. No motoring with wings that size.

UPDATE: I found my mysterious ‘bee”. It is a beetle like I thought, but I had no luck researching it until I found another individual posting a photo like mine, asking the same question. A kind person responded and sent us to this website.

So I guess my beetle is not so harmless after all, his grubs are though. My beetle is prettier because his fur is yellow.

Soon on GWGT is The Niagara Falls Garden magazine’s Bad Borer. This one is a puzzle. Maybe you can help to identify the insect. Even the Extension officer had no clue. I was going to send it to Cornell’s entomologist, but thought to give you readers a try. It is not any of the common culprits.  Stop in for a peek.

Please see the post on Green Apples called More Than the Falls in Ontario. I was in Canada on Wednesday and shot water features that are NOT the Falls. And of course there are two gratuitous shots of the Falls, but not framed as you would expect. And later in the week on Green Apples… the Niagara Parks’ GARDENS. A real treat for the eyes, both formal and informal, they have it all.

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26 Responses to Some Like it Hot – End of the Month June

  1. Cathy says:

    Stunning as always. And not a single nibble mark from a red lily leaf beetle on your lilies! I’m envious!

    • Cathy, I am not so lucky. I had a yellow Asiatic last week that got eaten to nothing by the Scarlet Lily Beetle. In two days all flowers were gone. I do not use pesticides so I am really at a loss what to do about it other than just hope next year the problem is remedied.

  2. AngryRedhead says:

    Lovely shots and blooms! It’s like going back in time for me because my lilies bloomed over a month ago. I wish we had highs in the 70s… SO JEALOUS!!!

    • I am really amazed how across the country gardens differ so much in bloom time. Niagara Falls always seems to lag behind most. Just today I asked the Parks Department why they are so late planting their formal beds with annuals. They said the schedule was thrown off this year and tulips bloomed later than ever before. Their park is within walking distance of my garden so I was surprised. They must plant all the late varieties because mine have been long gone. I have photos of them planting today.

  3. Ginny says:

    Gorgeous as always! Love your back garden and the front is beautiful, too. So sorry about the lily beetle damage 😦 Some type beetle is eating holes in the foliage of many of my plants but I have yet to actually see the culprit.

    • Thank you much, Ginny. Bugs in general are bad this year. All the lush growth from the constant rains has caused quite a bit of population explosions. I have seen many tiny slugs, but not as many big ones. Last year we had very little rain and many 90° days, so the slug population was hampered. Judging by the grackles in my yard, the grubs may be down, or so plentiful that my roses may be sorry soon.

  4. Holley says:

    I love how the colors get warmer as the days do, too. Your front garden is gorgeous! Love the white daisies.

  5. Lona says:

    Your gardens and lilies are just spectacular! I love your planting combinations.Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. This is pure WOW Donna! I am so glad I have your blog to get my “flower fix” whilst my garden is resting. What an absolute joy to have all this blooming now – I am seriously envious!

  7. Masha says:

    The picture of your front yard is really special, I love the composition and the cool colors. Your lilies are gorgeous, thanks for all the wonderful pictures. That last insect sure looks unusual, I wonder what it is..

    • Masha, I researched the beetle and found out the name. It is a Chafer beetle and I updated the post with a link to info about it. They mimic bees and are an odd beetle that collect and feed on pollen. Hence the yellow, pollen laden head.

  8. All the blooms are stunning. My fave is the pink lily..and so nice against the blue/purple. It is amazing that all those blooms fit in that space…must be due to your great care.

  9. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful! I’m feeling quite inadequate as a gardener.

  10. Layanee says:

    This is prime time in the garden isn’t it? My bee balm is not yet blooming but soon.

  11. Donna says:

    your flowers are so happy and gorgeous…finally seeing all the colors and I spied those veggies growing too…

  12. Andrea says:

    The petals of your lilies are so crisp, as if they are satin cloths. I wonder if that’s because of the actual specimen or the expertise of the photographer! I love your photos, you already know that! And the back gargen is so lovely with that undulating walk.

  13. No matter how hot, your flowers are stunning.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. Your gardens look beautiful. Amazingly, they are at about the same stage as mine. Love that orange flower.

  15. Karen says:

    I am a fan of all colors and can never decide which one is my favorite. I will never win an award for color coordination, that’s for sure. I love all the photos you have shared with us today; the hot and the cool and the inbetween. Your garden is amazing, what a testament to your skill as a garden designer.

  16. b-a-g says:

    It’s amazing how your garden has turned around so quickly from daffodils in the snow to lilies in the searing heat. Beautiful.

  17. patientgardener says:

    Thanks for joining in again this month. I thought my garden was colourful but I think you might have the edge on me. Love the beetle

  18. GORGEOUS!! What are the pink lilies in the shot with the scabiosa? So pretty!

    • Toni,
      They are an Asiatic called Tiny Todd. They mature to 22″, but I only planted them late last year, so they are not quite as tall yet. It is suggested to divide them every three years, but I may do it next year because they are getting large and close.

  19. Shyrlene says:

    Donna – I love how your boxwoods ‘hug’ the flowers in your back garden. That is so cool looking!!

  20. Greggo says:

    I’m a sucker for delphs.

  21. I really love your combinations Donna. Is that a Cleome with the Happy Returns next to it? They look so good together.

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