Garden Extraordinaire

Ooh, La La, Pretty Daylilies

Before Night Falls

The garden of Mike Shadrack, renowned Hosta grower and author, and his wife Kathy, also an author and Daylily expert, was opened to the public for the Open Gardens as part of the National Garden Festival in Buffalo, 2011. The Lewiston GardenFest was one of 14 garden walks in this 5 week-long regional event. So was the Historic Niagara Falls Garden Walk held last weekend.

I may show some of Lewiston in an upcoming post, but go to to see images I uploaded after the event. Go to the tab, See the Gardens and check out both sub headings, Open Gardens and Marlene’s Garden. Very pretty gardens and they are extraordinary too!

I had the pleasure of visiting and also meeting Mike, the gracious host. Many of you bloggers had visited the Shadrack gardens last year as part of the Bloggers’ Meet Up held in Buffalo in 2010.

It only seems fitting to show what you are missing this year. So many are calling this the year of the Daylily and this garden is blooming in a sea of Daylily.

Touching the Sky

There are four distinctive gardens at this rural property.

The one garden I am featuring here is the terraced daylily and iris garden. So take a look at a really remarkable garden on a property with many more of equal comparison.

The terraces are all naturally constructed of stone and the paths are gravel. The walls overflow with trailing perennials.

Midnight Oil

Other paths, flagstone stepping stone, are inter-planted.

Pumpkin Prince

You can see how the property slopes towards the home.


The rear patio and terraced gardens beyond.

From the sunny gardens into the shade and the Hosta.


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21 Responses to Garden Extraordinaire

  1. I so much like such crammed in and ‘naturalistic’ styles.


  2. Incredible combinations and colors! I really enjoyed the Daylily and Iris path. Everything looks so cool and fresh!

  3. One says:

    This is the kind of garden I would like to have. Natural stones, gravel paths, lots of healthy plants with some matured trees… Thanks for sharing my dream. 🙂

  4. Laurrie says:

    Very nice garden. The sunny areas and the bright daylilies are great, but it was the natural shady stream that I loved!

  5. GirlSprout says:

    Thanks for transporting me to this garden paradise! I love the raised beds. It gives me some ideas for my garden.

  6. a beautiful garden Donna, must have been even better in the real, thanks for sharing, Frances

  7. Karen says:

    ‘Before Night Falls’ is a truly remarkable daylily, I have never seen such coloration. How wonderful to go along on a tour of the highly esteemed Shadrack garden. This is a place I would never have been able to tour on my own, so thank you for the opportunity, Donna!

  8. Donna says:

    Absolutely makes me long for my old terraced shade gardens…and the colors and varieties of the daylilies…I have to be careful with daylilies or I just keep buying new ones that catch my eye 🙂

  9. What an incredible piece of property. I like how they have used the natural terrain to landscape and showcase their plants!

  10. That’s my kind of garden – loose planting, natural stone walls, that wonderful stream overhung with trees made me sigh with pleasure. Amazing portraits of the daylilies too Donna. I really must have some in my next garden.

  11. TufaGirl says:

    What is not to love about daylilies and all the colors now available? A lovely presentation.

  12. AngryRedhead says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty. What a great variety of colors and plants!

  13. Nice close ups of daylilies! Love the lush full gardens… nice to walk and find many nice surprises!

  14. Cathy says:

    What a wonderful garden! I love all the daylilies you featured. Thanks for sharing your visit there with us!

  15. dona says:

    I’m in love with “Before Night Falls” and “Midnight Oil” varieties!

  16. gail says:

    I love their garden and had the pleasure of touring it last year at Buffa10~It’s really special and the creek running through his house is a delightful surprise. Thank you for taking me back their and the good memories. gail

  17. Les says:

    I am a sucker for these pretty daylilies, but that small waterfall is fantastic.

  18. andrea says:

    Incredible colors of the lilies, trully Oh La La! How i wish they can grow here too!

  19. I stumbled upon your Blog looking for another. Love the daylilies. Especially “Midnight Oil”. I am an new at all of this but I have now hybridized over 450 different daylilies this past four years. This week they are beginning to bloom. WOW. Hard to believe that some of the combinations I put together have come out looking as they do. Must be the recessive gene thing. Absolutely beautiful.. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan I think they really enjoy the “living”, just like people! Each month I pick out one or two Blogs to add to my follow list and you are one of the lucky ones this month. Like it lots! Jack

  20. Hanni says:

    Wow…I am fairly ignorant of all the kinds of daylilies, but you have showcased some very unique and beautiful ones!

  21. Pearl says:

    Love your daylilies! Very nice blog too!!

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