Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens #3, Mary’s Garden

Mary’s Garden

This sunny, flower-filled garden is the result of a couple deciding they wanted to come out from under the shade. Owning a next store property, they tore down the home to create a large garden sanctuary for birds, bees and butterflies; full with plants both standard for the our climate and those not commonly seen on the garden tour. They have beautiful dahlia that they overwinter and start in pots outdoors in April.

When you enter the picket fenced lined property, you enter a world of color and creativity.

The couple lived here for a very long time, but soon after creating the garden, Mary died of cancer, but the garden lived on with her husband and later, his new wife. Annabelle is a lovely person, knowledgeable about the garden and talking with her is a joy. Annabelle’s garden is shown from 2010 below, and a small plaque notes the garden.

One of the couple stays in the front and one in the back to greet the garden walkers. The sign you saw in the beginning of the post was put up in memory of Mary.

Many less common plants are growing throughout the garden. Datura, passion flower, mandevilla, and honeysuckle are but a few.

Many paths wind and take you on a journey from space to space, from light to dappled light.  Each space has a slightly different feel whether it has period perfect climbing roses or a shade loving kaleidoscope of coleus.

Potted, Black Pearl Pepper

Children’s Interactive Garden

Welcomed Shade

Even the basset hound has beautiful accommodations.

Lovely gravel tree-lined paths.

A view from the porch.

A quiet seating area in a spot of shade.

A happy visitor.

Trees are important in the garden as well.

Raised beds for the daylilies.

And a pond for the fish.

Here is Mary’s Garden in 2010

Make sure and see Green Apples for Garden Walk gardens too. #4, the gardens of Allentown are posted here. On Friday on Garden Walk Garden Talk, see Garden Walk Buffalo – Allentown 4 1/2.

So, the next post on both blogs will look at the gardens of Allentown. Allentown is also part of Garden Walk Buffalo. It is an art filled town and with historic homes. The small gardens are really a treat.

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24 Responses to Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens #3, Mary’s Garden

  1. Just love it all, one thing is more beautiful and lovely than another wherever you look but I especially like the gated arbor. If that don’t say come on in and sit a spell I don’t know what does.

  2. Karen says:

    Wonderful garden tour! How nice that the couple keeps Mary’s memory alive with a special garden for her. What a labor of love. The entire garden flows very well, and those dahlias, wow!

  3. Ginny says:

    Beautiful! We have a similar garden here – only in this case the wife had already died of cancer and her husband established the garden to honor her. It’s on a lot across the street from the house and is open to the public all the time. The man has since died and his grandson lives in the house and takes care of the garden.

  4. Jennifer says:

    What a lovely garden! I like the arbor with the bench seating below it. The children’s interactive garden is also charming.

  5. One says:

    Lovely! Both 2011 and 2010.

  6. Chad B says:

    Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed the details about the gardeners themselves too.

  7. Cindy says:

    This is spectacularly beautiful. Someday I hope to get my garden to this stage. Thanks so much for sharing this special place.

  8. Donna says:

    What a beautiful story to go along with this beautiful garden…the fence, the plants…i always admire people who grow plants that they overwinter such as dahlias. Such dedication to such a gorgeous plant.

  9. tina says:

    It’s so beautiful and wonderful that Mary’s Garden lives on.

  10. Holley says:

    How nice that Mary’s garden lives on. What dedicated gardeners, to overwinter the dahlias and other more tropical plants. Everything looks just perfect. Love the dog house – shows how everything is made to be beautiful, with no detail forgotten.

  11. This is a very beautiful garden with special places and corners. I really enjoyed the tour.

  12. I love it! My favorite part of the design is how they have incorporated seating areas throughout the spaces to sit and enjoy the garden.

  13. Donna, you make a superb guide round these gardens with your narrative and images, just stopping long enough to highlight something.

  14. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog, and I had to leave a comment to say what absolutely stunning photographs of a wonderful garden! I feel as if I’ve walked around it and seen all these lovely flowers with my own eyes (particularly like the Black Pearl Pepper). Many thanks for sharing and brightening my rainy Yorkshire morning! Jane Gray

  15. Dee A. Nash says:

    Ahh, it is so beautiful, and the plaque and story honoring Mary’s memory is also lovely too. Thank you for taking us with you on Garden Walk Donna. I feel like I’m right in step with you.~~Dee

  16. skeeter says:

    Marys Garden is so inviting. Thanks for the tour…

  17. What fun garden. I will have to go back and get caught up on the rest of the tour!

  18. Masha says:

    Beautiful garden! I like the way it was planned – very tight plantings, and not much lawn. Thank you for the tour.

  19. patty says:

    What a wonderful and colourful garden. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Greggo says:

    my favorite so far.

  21. That looks like a garden with heart and soul, as well as lots of lovely plants. That long bank of rudbekias is very striking.

  22. A wonderful tour! What a beautiful garden and I love how they honour Mary.

  23. Bom says:

    Lovely garden. Can you please give more details on the children’s interactive garden? It has piqued my interest and I’m thinking I’d like something similar for my kids. TIA.

    • If your email works here Bom, I will send you photos of the gardens. There were two of them and they actually were interactive. The kids did the rearranging of furniture and plants, like a outside garden of a dollhouse. They owner encouraged kids to play, which is so unusual in the garden walk gardens. The objects were setting in tufa containers that the owner made to desired size. She did plant the bast though and the ‘trees’ were potted so they could be redesigned by the kids.

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