Bucolic – A Word for Wednesday

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bucolic |byoōˈkälik|
of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life : the church is lovely for its bucolic setting.
noun (usu. bucolics)
a pastoral poem.
ORIGIN early 16th cent. (denoting a pastoral poem): via Latin from Greek boukolikos, from boukolos ‘herdsman,’ from bous ‘ox.

No place does pastoral better than the UK and Scotland with all those free roaming sheep. We have cows galore in New York, but I did not shoot the Holstein. So what is bucolic in your neck of the woods?

Well, Lynn from, From Lynn’s Garden responded by emailing me images taken by her sister of a bucolic scene beside a road. You agree?

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18 Responses to Bucolic – A Word for Wednesday

  1. Les says:

    Your photos are apt, even without livestock.

  2. Greggo says:

    Tallgrass Praire

  3. GirlSprout says:

    Bucolic is such a great word. I’m fond of “sylvan,” too.

  4. Shyrlene says:

    [“I want to go to there!” (Liz Lemon, “30 Rock”)] Your photos make a reader feel like they are standing next to you in the field. Like you can smell the late-summer around you and feel the breeze.

  5. One says:

    That’s a new word for me. The only colic I know is related to babies and crying.

    I did see some bulls and cows today while driving. They were out there in the drizzle. Some look lost. Some which are far ahead look like they are waiting for the lost ones. I didn’t make it up. Really.

  6. Barbie says:

    Thank you for these stunning country photos. It makes me want to go out there and show you our countryside….. I think I will do this !!!!

  7. Great word! Your photos certainly captured the bucolic life!

  8. Bom says:

    That will be my word for the day. Bucolic. To answer your question, Donna, there is nothing remotely bucolic where I am, which is in the middle of the capital city. However, my wife and I are fortunate to have godparents who always open their weekend home to us. Bucolic to me is spending a weekend at the foot of an allegedly magical mountain . . . surrounded by indigenous plants . . . listening to the rustling wind, chirping birds, cicadas and the rushing of the nearby stream . . . being served snacks of homemade rice cakes from town complemented by fresh young coconut juice from the trees on the property . . . fiddlehead fern from the mountain served as a salad topped with freshly prepared goat’s cheese . . . no TV, no radio, no intrusions . . . I could go on and on. We have a long weekend coming up this post of yours is inspiring me to enjoy things bucolic.

  9. Always associated this word as an adjective for ‘complexion’ – meaning ‘weathered, rough’. The ruddy, leathern face of a country dweller as opposed to pasty faced townies. 3rd image is fave, can imagine lying in the golden grass, looking up at the blue sky. Beautiful

  10. patty says:

    A few horses among the cows would fit in nicely.

  11. Donna says:

    I frequently see deer, turkeys, fox and coyotes in the fields as I drive the NYS Thruway which is very bucolic

  12. I am surrounded by bucolic when I am in Maine. Your photos are lovely illustrations.

  13. Beautiful photos. No sheep around here, but we do have cows. For me the perfect buccolic scene has to be cows and in the background hay bales.

  14. Marguerite says:

    You’ve started out with one of my favourite images – I cannot resist a barn. There’s something about them that makes my heart sing.

  15. One of the things I miss from living between Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence Seaway is how pastoral the countryside is. One of my favorite nurseries was about 20 miles away but I went there just so I could drive through the countryside. :o) Rural Virginia is very pretty and parts of it could be described as bucolic, but my neck of the woods in northern VA involves heavy traffic and way too much development. There is nothing bucolic about it!!!

  16. Bucolic is on my doorstep – though no sheep nearby but deer, grouse and the fiercesome Scottish midge! Lovely shots Donna – I could sit by that pond all day.

  17. Karen says:

    Donna, love the photos! Of course, I would love them since you could have taken them in my backyard. I’m a bucolic-aholic……..I can’t get enough of the peace and quiet and fear the rest of the world is running by me much faster than I even realize. I guess it doesn’t matter much; as we all march to our own drummer and so on and so forth. My drummer is really, really slow, lol.

    Even around here, it’s hard to find Holsteins to photograph, though, they all moved to the Mega Farms.

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