Garden Walk Buffalo-Through the Garden Gates #6

Coming, coming, coming…The Niagara Falls Garden magazine, Sunday evening.
Here are preview pages, 18 to 25 on Through the Garden Gates.

These welcoming gates say it all about the wonderful gardeners that open their private spaces to the public once a year on Garden Walk Buffalo. A few shown are also open for the Open Gardens held weeks prior on Thursdays and Fridays. I hope these images give you a sense of what it is like to take a tour in Buffalo where there is so much attention to detail and the love of gardening radiates block after block. Considering the dry July that we had, these garden do not give a hint to how challenging the season has been, all in testament to the caretakers of each garden I visited.

Make sure and stop back for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on August 15th and the monthly Niagara Falls Garden Magazine for August, 2011.

About Garden Walk Garden Talk

I love to photograph, paint, draw, design, garden, travel the world, and pass on a few tips and ideas that I learned through experience as a Master Gardener and architect. I am highly trained in my field and enjoy my work each and every day. I garden in Niagara Falls, NY in zone 6-B. Find me at:
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16 Responses to Garden Walk Buffalo-Through the Garden Gates #6

  1. Donna says:

    I love how people create the welcome to their garden especially with arbors and gates. I have a pergola and gate on one side but nothing as beautiful as this…

  2. Karen says:

    With all the hustle and bustle around here, I missed some of your earlier posts on the garden tours, so I’m going to go back in time to revisit them. These gates are wonderful, every garden needs one or three or more. Gardening is a passion in your area, that is obvious. I wish the same idea would catch on around here, but people just don’t seem to take or have the time for gardening which is too bad. Now, off to visit the gems you have shared.

  3. Greggo says:

    Gardens are for people. Thomas Church.

  4. linniew says:

    Love garden rooms and the gates into them. (In my next life I will learn to be a welder so I can make all the gates I need.) Enjoyed the walks!

  5. The gates do seem to invite the visitors in. Thanks for taking us along!

  6. Holley says:

    A glimpse through an opening, made to walk through, really draws people in to see what’s on the other side. I guess it’s the curiosity in all of us!

  7. b-a-g says:

    People opening their garden gates with such a warm welcome doesn’t happen in the UK (at least no-one’s told me anyway…). The gardens you have showed us are amazing but it’s the sense of community that impresses me more.

  8. Lovely entrances, they really do make you want to go into the garden. – Ronnie

  9. These garden gates are so inviting! Everything looks so lush and green.

  10. Arches and doorways literally entrance! No 19 shows me what my Black Eyed Susies should look like if only….

  11. p3chandan says:

    A new trend? Inviting visitors to your gardens…but of course must be a really worth seeing type of garden! Such lovely gardens shown here, so informal and shady.

  12. Christine says:

    I enjoyed my walks through all the gardens you featured! One day I will get to Buffalo and I’ll make sure its during your “Open Gardens” season.

  13. Joy says:

    Donna these garden gates are truly stunning .. I so wish I had the room to make such a bold statement too .. I do have my little metal one smothered in Sweet Autumn clematis again this year so that is a little thrill I can enjoy .. but look out when i win the lottery girl .. full on garden and structure mode then !!
    Joy wink wink

  14. dona says:

    I love those gardens, your magazine is always interesting!

  15. VP says:

    Nice pages!

    I was sent over by Diana at Elephant’s Eye as I was looking to style some of my Fling posts as magazine pages and she thought you might be able to help re software app recommendation(s). However, what I have in mind is totally different to your presentation here and I have a sneak feeling I have the answer to hand.

    However, I enjoyed my visit here very much 🙂

    b-a-g – loads of the villages around here in the UK have Open Gardens weekends where you pay one fee and there’s lots of gardens you can visit (plus teas, plants for sale etc etc) with that ticket. All the money raised goes to good causes either in the village and/or charity.

    We also have lots of other UK wide schemes such as the National Gardens Scheme which raises money for cancer charities. These are extremely popular and often hundreds of visitors will descend on a garden for the afternoon and enjoy both the garden and the hospitality of the gardeners.

    • VP,
      You might try MagCloud by HP. . It is like a real magazine and I thought of using it, but I did not want or need hard copies and subscriptions. I want to do it just for fun. You need to be a member first, then there are some recommendations to follow. My magazine is done in Photoshop. It was very nice of Diana to think of my posts. Hope you find what you are looking to do.

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