The Sun Rises On a Few Garden Plants

For the Last Time This Year

This is an early sunrise over the Niagara River. It is still pretty dark outside and the park is not yet open to the tourists. In the far off distance, the view of the Grand Island Bridge is visible.

In my garden the petunias were pulled today and their soil put into the garden. The plants went to the compost bins. It is always sad to see them go, especially when they are still flowering.

The cleome is still in the garden but I pulled the coleus.

I took those coleus still in the pots indoors, but you can see what the weather did to those still in the garden. The mums will be blooming with snow on the flowers.

The potted annuals all went to the compost, still flowering, but hit by the cooler temperatures.

The outlook ahead for the coming weeks looks cloudy and rainy. The temperatures are dropping consistently to the forties and night times of the low thirties. It really looks like winter is on the way.

The sun rises and more seagulls take wing. It is such a beautiful morning.

I really do feel bad for the annuals at this time of year. Mostly because some get to live inside, like the potted coleus, while others hit the compost pile.

I like the framing of this image, it almost looks tropical where the sun and heat rule. We do not have the spectacular sunrises and sunsets like happen in those warm seaside places though, but occasionally in a cloud filled sky, we have some that are memorable. No clouds today though, but many rain clouds will be rolling in by tonight’s end.

I have yet to pull the Angelonia, but as a zone 10 plant, it has no hope for living much longer here. You can see it planted with the PeeGee Hydrangea below.

It is the first year I grew it in my garden and it took quite a long time to fill in and look nice. The variety is Angelface Blue.

It gets over eighteen inches tall and is a graceful looking plant. I can attest to it being drought tolerant too. The PeeGee is a thirsty little tree and anything happy below it is a sure winner.

The Carpathian Harebell made a re-blooming this fall, so unexpectedly. Our dry summer made a few plants try again. Harebell is another plant that can sustain dry conditions and is planted below the Concolor Fir. They are pretty, but very small and delicate looking. They were planted between rocks in my garden but the rocks have since been moved. They are best planted in a rock garden to show in the best light. They really bloom a long time, but the re-bloom was a surprise.

As the sun gets higher in the sky, shooting into the sun darkens all that is around. I could have exposed for the foreground detail, but the color was so intense, I like the silhouette of the foliage.

The Delphinium was unexpected this late and put out two small flowers. They will be cut down shortly. The foxglove is blooming as well, and quite nicely I might add. We will see what the weather does to them.

Liking cooler temperatures, the alyssum will be blooming topped with snow. Now it is getting a covering of Autumn leaves.

This is a reflection of the sunrise because the sun is getting higher in the sky. When you ride the trolley at the Niagara Falls State Park, this is where you pay your two dollars. I have only taken the trolley twice the whole time I lived here in the Falls. It is a nice ride that completely circles the large park.

And as you have read previously, I always let the weeds have free rein after August. The dandelion is usually mowed down before the seed heads appear, but you can see I accidentally missed this guy along with that daisy fleabane. So the month ends still having a garden with blooming plants. And wouldn’t you know, “the autumnal blaze of colors is always to be treasured, all the more so because it is so ephemeral.”

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24 Responses to The Sun Rises On a Few Garden Plants

  1. elaine says:

    Beautiful sunrise pictures – it is a sad day when the annuals are pulled but they have done their job I suppose – and there’s always next year.

  2. Bridget says:

    Lovely pics…especially those sunrise ones…reminds me of Indian sunrises.

  3. One says:

    That reflection on the window is simply awesome! The picture changes all the time too.

  4. Tatyana says:

    A lot of blooms in your October garden, Donna! Cleome started blooming very late in my garden and alyssum is going strong. I also was sad to pull out petunias since they had some lovely flowers. Campanula is blooming for the third time right now! Love your sunset pictures. Yes, they ask to be framed! I’m glad that snow hasn’t come to your place yet!

  5. Tatyana says:

    Did I say sunset? He-he, I meant sunrise!

  6. b-a-g says:

    Donna – I wish I had foxgloves in autumn, I have lots of self-sown plants but they don’t look mature enough to flower.

  7. Dewi says:

    How wonderful and the view is breathtaking!

  8. Donna says:

    Well I composted all my pots last weekend. I knew we were in for a freeze soon and we have had a few since TH so everything is done including the dahlias that were still cranking out flowers. I have a few surprises still blooming that will go in my W4W post Monday….lovely sunrises…I am driving to work and actually almost there (an hour drive) as the sun is rising…

  9. John says:

    Very lovely pictures. I think Fall lends itself to more quiet moments of contemplation like this. Even though there are always so many Fall chores to be done, it seems like the perfect time to pause, enjoy the weather, and appreciate the season before the snow flies.

  10. Beautiful sunrise shots, I love the reflection shot, and the way the light is setting the railings on fire. I have earmarked this week as being the week that I will lift the dahlias, despite them still stuttering along throwing up the occasional flower. It feels mean, but I need the pots and space for other things. At least some of your annuals will get to carry on blooming.

  11. HolleyGarden says:

    It’s so sad that you have to lose so many annuals. They are so pretty – especially the angelonia. It looks beautiful under the hydrangea.

  12. Your sunrise shots are stunning! And of course the lighting on all the blooms is perfect! I think I just might be able to join in on the Word for Wednesday meme this week. Such a great idea, Donna.

  13. Les says:

    As these gorgeous pictures show, it pays to get up early. I started pulling summer annuals this weekend, but only those in places where I want to put pansies, kale and mustard. The other annuals will stay until our first freeze, hopefully a few weeks away.

  14. Indie says:

    You are so on top of things – I usually don’t pull anything until it’s dead and gone! Though I don’t usually have snow to contend with here. I love the photo of the delphinium bloom, and the picture of the reflection on the window is so cool!
    Thanks for the link love!

  15. Absolutely beautiful photographs.

  16. Cat says:

    Sorry you’re having to pull up all your pretty annuals Donna. It is a bittersweet time of year to be sure. We’re finally having steady relief from the heat and the garden is having a resurgence…still too dry but the plants are happy about the cooler temps. Our annuals usually make it through to at least Thanksgiving. The zinnias are still going strong out front along with the basil. It won’t be long though…another winter upon us.

    Beautiful sunrise images. I can never seem to see a sunrise…I’m not that early of a riser!

  17. Saxon Holt says:

    Donna – Sorry I was unable to leave a reply and feedback to the GGW contest on your meadow post. It is closed to comments now it seems. Great submission though.

  18. What a great shot of the sunrise reflected in the window of the ticket booth. I like how the gates practically glow. You show us beauty in such ordinary things.

  19. Barbie says:

    That is a perfect sunrise! What a way to start the day! Marvelous!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hi Donna, The sunlit flower photographs sing a beautiful swan song this past summer’s garden. A hard frost has carried off my annuals. I feel a little sad to see them go.

  21. Even though it’s sad to see the annuals go this time of year, at least destined for compost, they’ll help to make your spring garden that much more beautiful.

  22. Lyn says:

    I love the way you alternated photos of the sunrise with flower portraits. My favourite shot is the ticket booth with the sunrise reflected in the window and the colour reflecting off the railings. Your garden is still looking lovely.

  23. What a spectacular view you have – so dramatic! The intensity of the color in your sunsets! must be a view you never tire of!

  24. The sunrise pictures DO look tropical. Beautiful images!

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