Christmas Tree Farm Fun in the Fields

When you come to Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure, you must be prepared to walk the fields filled with live Christmas Trees if you are not choosing pre-cut or live balled trees.

Make sure to have on good boots and warm clothes. One thing that is difficult, is making only one choice. Every tree looks like the one to take home. So often, people pick trees too big for their house, or too big for the ride home. Choosing your tree is very important. So let’s see how fun it is to get to the growing fields. Take the ride….

By a tractor pulled covered hay wagon. You cross the beaver dammed creek. A beaver just might swim by.

The wagon pulls a trailer to bring back the cut trees. Here it is passing me, coming and going.

And with the excited kids and parents on board. Looking out the open windows you might just see that eagle I always talk about, or an owl, coyote, or turkey.

Armed with a hand saw, the people wander the fields looking for the perfect tree. So often you take your newly cut tree home and it has an added bonus, a songbird nest.

The tractor drops the people off and they start their search. There are so many trees, the decision is a tough one.

There are trees of all sizes. Even really large ones. You can see how many colors and textures of trees that can suit any decorating style.

These two huge trees are in the do not cut area. See the normal sized tree tops at the bottom of the photo?

The kids really enjoy this place and it truly is an adventure for them. The road these folks are on leads to the landscape nursery tree fields. That area is also cordoned off. I often show you those trees too, but now, they are all leafless.

The tractor runs about every 15 to 20 minutes bringing groups of people all day long. The Farm is also open for business with night hours this year. It will be so pretty when we get some snow, and the Christmas spirit abounds.

When a tree is found, the guys take it back to the wagon where it is tagged so the people know which tree is which. After you spend so much time looking, you want to make sure you go home with the right tree.

Sometimes, people drag in their own tree.

It gets loaded on the trailer for the ride back to the area for baling.

Then carried by Santa’s Helpers to get shaken and baled. More on that later. So much happens around the lodge and at the Farm. I often show you the nursery and wildlife at the Farm.  At this time of year is the only time the Farm is open to the public.

I am a Santa’s Helper too, making wreathes and Kissing Balls, so you might see me! I do it for the fun, the place is always filled with Christmas spirit.

The kids get tired from all the excitement, but still are quite amazed by it all. The kids love to feed the deer and zebra. More on that later too.

See Green Apples, The Buck Stops Here for some pretty photos of the deer at the farm. The kids are feeding the does too!

I want to let my readers know that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Daily Graff, a really fun read. John has a very humorous take on life and the little things you find along the way. He has photos that he captions very creatively. I would encourage you to stop in for some really fun, short posts. I very much appreciate this honor, but my time to do a post like this is extremely limited due to the work I am doing at the Farm this holiday season, so I am politely declining nomination. I did promise to promote his blog and encourage others to see blogs that he has nominated.  I thank him very much for selecting GWGT for the award.

The Word 4 Wednesday is Accidental,  garnering the most votes. The Patient Gardener kindly submitted the Word 4 Wednesday for November 30. I guess we will be having unexpected, happy plantings, those volunteers we just can’t remove.

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32 Responses to Christmas Tree Farm Fun in the Fields

  1. What a wonderful adventure! Have never heard of anything like this. Fantastic.

  2. Cat says:

    It’s so joyful to go to a Christmas tree farm to select and cut down your own tree! Looks like it was a nice day to be there judging by the clothing everyone was wearing. Thanks for the tour!

    You mentioning the beaver made me smile…my daughter is in school close to the Oklahoma border in a small town. She took a picture of a beaver walking across the road the other night! Not a common occurrence! More likely an armadillo, skunk or rattler in these parts!

  3. John says:

    That all looks like so much fun. Nothing puts me in the Holiday spirit like hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.

  4. Lona says:

    What a wonderful outing. Making memories with the kids is so important.
    Looks like a fun time for everyone. I would always pick one too big.
    They do not look that big when your looking for one until you get it home. LOL!

  5. Karen says:

    Donna, this is a very fun post. I would love to go the field and hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, too. Lately, we’ve been cutting our own trees for the holidays, since I planted too many, too close together. This year’s tree will probably be only 3′ tall, but that’s ok. Less work to decorate.

    Your post makes me feel I was riding along on the wagon, hunting the field for the Perfect Tree. Can’t wait to see your next installments (and maybe, just maybe, a picture of you?)

    Congratulations on the award, too, you certainly deserve it, though I can see you have very limited time. I will go and check out his blog, too.

  6. Victor Ho says:

    Congratulations on the nomination. Your story is very nice. Your pictures are just like we experienced. We cut our first tree last year. We went to the farm picked out the tree and brought it home. It had pine cones as a bonus.

  7. Looks like fun–it’s that fun time of year! Congrats on your nomination. It’s well-deserved!

  8. HolleyGarden says:

    Congrats on the nomination! I loved this post. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a cut-your-own tree farm, although I did for several years when the kids were young. Just need a little hot cocoa, and the tree cutting day would be perfect!

  9. Lyn says:

    It looks like such a fun thing to do, especially with children!

  10. I love tree farms and cutting down a tree..we stopped when we started traveling to see family at Christmas…I need you to show me how to make my own kissing balls…love them….what a great award and I will check out his blog…I think you may have guessed my W4W post it appears…

  11. This brings back happy childhood memories of hunting for the perfect Christmas Tree with my parents …
    Looks like a wonderful place to get into the Christmas spirit.

  12. debsgarden says:

    Picking out THE tree is always fun! It can be challenging, but it always puts me in the Christmas mood. It looks like this tree farm has a wonderful selection of perfect trees.

  13. One says:

    I like the photo where you mentioned that there are many types of trees for everyone; sizes, textures and colors. I like the purple and the 3 different shades of green in that capture.

  14. andrea says:

    You are really very privileged when you live in a country that everything you need and you think of needing, you have a place to get it or delivered to your doorstep. You just need the money to pay for the services. It is difficult in a country where it is a bit difficult to find things you need, much more to pay for them! Haha! I love most the colors of the people you chose to photograph, I also had been trying to look from among the faces who you might be, but of course you are at the camera! What a lovely day. If i am with you i will also volunteer to help in whatever way.

  15. Alistair says:

    Beats a visit to the garden centre any day.

  16. I have fond memories of doing this as a child. Unfortunately, the only trees that grow in the South that are suitable for Christmas trees I don’t like. Most of the Christmas trees sold at the lots here are from NC. I like the trees you pictured with the cones on them.

  17. Can almost smell the pine in these shots. Bet you’re busy as Santa this time of year Donna but congrats on the nomination. You’re not only versatile but prolific – and terrific at still finding time to stop by other blogs. Thanks for all your support.

  18. Bom says:

    This is one thing I would like to experience but very much doubt that I will be able to. The closest I ever got to a live tree was when we used several potted local araucaria around the house. Not the typical Christmas tree look.

    Congratulations on your nomination. I’m sure you will receive more and hopefully at a time when you are not as busy.

  19. helensadornmentsblog says:

    These pictures are great and are motivating me to try and take more Holiday pictures this year.

  20. Love the different shades of green.

  21. Grace says:

    It must have been a very fun outing for you. I’ll check out the Graff blog. Congrats on the nomination.

  22. b-a-g says:

    What an adventure! – I’ve only ever had plastic Xmas trees.

  23. I haven’t had a live tree in the house in decades, although we always had a fresh tree when I was a child. I was cured when our cat insisted on eating the needles every year, and then throwing them up all over the house. I do miss the smell of a fresh-cut tree though, and ironically, here I’m surrounded by Christmas-like trees, especially with our redwoods. The setup there looks fabulous, and I love the diversity of color and species too. There is a tree farm not far from here, but from what I can tell they only grow one species, so it’s all the same the green. I’m rather partial to the blues of some of the spruces myself.

  24. Jeanette says:

    I can smell the pines. Lovely. Congrats!

  25. Jess says:

    For so many years my stepfather had a tradition of getting all of us kids bundled up and walking out into our woods and picking a tree and dragging it home. My mom got fed up with lopside 30 foot trees that wouldn’t even make it in the door, that came with birds nests and bug colonies…. so now we go to the tree farm and she picks it. 🙂

  26. We go to a tree farm like yours every year to cut down our own tree. It is so much fun and really gets us all into the Christmas spirit. They take you to the fields in wagons pulled by draft horses with the furry hooves and when you get back you get free hot cider or hot chocolate.

  27. Looks like fun! We used to buy real trees but they are $75+ here and it was just cheaper to buy an artificial one that’s already covered in lights. I do miss the smell, though.

  28. The best tree farm I have ever seen… the tractor ride, the wildlife… did you say zebras!!!!

  29. Indie says:

    Wow, this looks like so much fun! I’ll bet kids love it! And the smell must be heavenly! My kids were so excited to decorate a Christmas tree this year that we went and got one the day after Thanksgiving, just at a local store.
    And deer and zebra?! I can’t wait to hear about that..

  30. Tatyana says:

    Hi Donna! What a fun story! We do this with our kids every year. It’s much more interesting than just to buy a cut tree! It’s a great family tradition!

  31. TufaGirl says:

    This blog posting needs smellovision! Ah, to smell the pines…

    Good to see your tree business is doing so well. The drought has hit the tree farms very hard here. Some older trees are dying/dead and saplings did not make it through the summer. It will be a hard crop for us here for the next few years.

  32. One of my favorite things used to be picking a Christmas tree, though never this early and never, sadly, from a plantation. Nowadays family allergies mean the use of an artificial tree, which lacks so much in the way of romance, aroma, and the magical pressure of Picking the Right Tree… I envy you being a part of that ritual for so many families.

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