Sultry Dottie

Dottie with the blue eyes that melt you on the spot.

She’s a beauty.

Look at those long, slender, shapely legs.

She is a ham and loads of fun.

Just give a whistle, and she comes running.

Did you ever see a set of long lashes like these? All natural too.

She goes for a little girl on girl action with kisses all around.

Always the life of the party.

And boy do those boys intently watch her strut by.

And show off when she is around. Really, Dottie is a real doll and the sweetest little deer around. All together now…Awwwwww.

The many tame deer can be seen at Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure until Christmas Eve. And all you folks stopping in from the Erway’s Christmas Tree Adventure website, don’t miss the posts on Green Apples. There are some handsome bucks and dainty does, all found at Erway Farms.

Stop in and feed the deer this holiday season after you purchase your Christmas tree.

There are some gorgeous trees still available for your Christmas festivities, so don’t miss out. It is fun for all, but especially, the kids.


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22 Responses to Sultry Dottie

  1. oh she is so cute…I love those lashes and her blue eyes…so unusual…

  2. Martha says:

    Why is she captive? Is she on a farm that raises deer?

    • Martha, the farm is a large tree and shrub nursery, a deer farm, a landscaping company, and a Christmas Tree farm open to the public at this time of year only. They have four main businesses from their location. It is a wonderful place to visit for people because the deer, elk and zebra are attractions, along with SANTA. I just love spending time there even if I am working. So yes, Dottie is in a deer pen, but it is a HUGE field, very similar to their conditions in the wild. They have a stream through their field too, which you can see behind the image of Dottie running.

  3. One says:

    Dottie is a cutie. I like the poses she did for you! I would have stopped in and feed the deer if the farm is nearby.

  4. andrea says:

    How lovely to be working in that farm, I would love to tag along with you again! I can be a handyman, er, handywoman!

  5. elaine says:

    with a nose that colour she should be called the female equivalent of Rudolph. A gorgeous girl.

  6. Alexandra says:

    Oh wow! I’ve never seen an animal like Dottie!

  7. Donna, Dottie posed for you! Such a beautiful creature!

  8. HolleyGarden says:

    Oh, she is adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deer with white markings like that. No wonder she catches all the male’s eyes!

  9. Lynn Rogers says:

    very unusual eye coloring for a deer. she must be part albino. very flirtatious lass. Loved it.

  10. Oh my goodness … those eyelashes!! How insanely cute she is!!

  11. Wow, those big eyes…so cute! Love the pic of the deer peering through the fence. Beautiful post for this time of year! Happy Holidays =)

  12. how precious! I never knew deer could have blue eyes and a pink nose… maybe Rudolph had something to do with it? 😉

  13. Marguerite says:

    I’ve never seen a deer with blue eyes and white fur like that. Little wonder the fellas are eyeing her up with those good looks. Even her nose is light coloured. Is she a special type of deer?

    • Dottie is a piebald deer, which is a genetic variation of a regular white tail. Many times they have much more white and makings similar to a pinto or American Paint horse. It is the same as in horses and is called piebald.

  14. Masha says:

    It was so great to come to your blog and see that lovely deer face looking at me. I enjoyed looking at the deer so much, thank you for the pictures!

  15. OMG, Dottie is just the cutest! Love that face! 🙂

  16. GirlSprout says:

    Dottie looks like sweetness incarnate. Beautiful photos and she does melt my heart!

  17. Barbie says:

    Oh she is so gorgeous! I ant one!!

  18. I think I’m in love with Dottie myself. 🙂 She is just adorable. I love, love, love those photos and this post! 🙂

  19. Now here is a place to spend the holidays! I am smitten.

  20. Mac_fromAustralia says:

    Awwww, adorable.

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