Month in Tens Calendar

The pictorial weather calendar is growing.

A look at the weather and corresponding temperatures by time for the month so far….

  • 11 January 2012 10 am 40° Sunny and Calm
  • 12 January 2012 10 am 41° Rain and Clouds

  • 13 January 2012 10 am 21° Snowy
  • 14 January 2012 10 am 12° Snowy

  • 15 January 2012 9 am 14° Snow Sunny
  • 16 January 2012 11 am 30° Sunny

  • 17 January 2012 10 am 45°  Rain
  • 18 January 2012 10 am 20° Sun Early with Snow Shower

  • 19 January 2011 9 am 23° Sunny then up to 4 inches of Snow and 40 mph Wind

Nature is strange sometimes and what is ordinary most of the time becomes extraordinary on occasion. And it does not have to do with anyone’s ability to Shoot the Ordinary.

I have to admit never seeing ice form this way before. Nothing was inside it either, as these ice ropes were all over the White Pine. I knocked a few down to see inside and nada. This image was taken last year about this time at the farm. I wonder if I will see it again this year? Beautiful and strange as it draped the pine…. the uniqueness reminds me of the ice coating on the the grass at the Falls that I showed previously. It seems to happen in certain locations, situations and weather conditions.

Month in Tens coming up on January 21, and the W4W on Wednesday, January 25 is Reflection. See you then!!!!

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18 Responses to Month in Tens Calendar

  1. You take the most amazing shots. I want to go on a walk with you to see you in action…wow that ice rope is indeed one of the most unusual formation I have ever seen…Our weather continues its changes…back to several days of warmer temps this weekend. I even saw a Great Blue Heron fishing in a pond this week…now that is so strange for it to be here in January….

  2. Have never seen such a rope. Almost un-nerving.

  3. Jennifer says:

    We have a few pine trees in the yard and a few more behind our property. I will have to keep an eye out for ice ropes.

  4. I am really loving this series because, as you know, I already consider you my friend and it’s like coming to visit you at home. Do you intend to do a whole year of the daily weather and photo (if you said this before I can’t remember)?

  5. Christine says:

    I love your photos and I love this series of posts you are doing!!

  6. HolleyGarden says:

    Love your idea of a photo every day on a calendar! What a great way to remember the year! The ice rope is unique. I wonder if the wind had to be blowing just right?

  7. Diane says:

    Your photos are always beautiful and thoughtful! What a great way to document each day. And each day is unique in and of itself, never to be repeated in the exact way. You do a great job of capturing this. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. That is an amazing find! It would be interesting to discover how that shape was made…perhaps by the wind. I enjoy seeing your daily weather details.

  9. One says:

    The ice rope is indeed amazing! How did it form that shape, I wonder?

    The post looks like a magazine. Very pretty.

    Yes, Stop Censorship!

  10. b-a-g says:

    Ice rope is amazing. Checked google to see if there was anything similar out there – but only found regular icicles.

  11. elaine says:

    Loving your calendar and exciting pictures – keep up the good work!

  12. I love the idea of a pictorial weather calendar. This year, here, it would be a way to document how crazy our winter weather has been. 70 degrees one minute, 24 the next, dry for two months, then deluge. At least it would make for an entertaining calendar!

  13. Indie says:

    What a great pictorial calendar! It looks awesome. I like your stop censorship banner too!
    The ice ropes are crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that before!

  14. What a creative idea, Donna! Great job! Love it.

  15. debsgarden says:

    The daily photo calendar is a great idea! Interesting that earlier this month your weather was similar to ours, but no longer now that your colder temps and snow have arrived. The garlands of ice are fascinating! It would be interesting to find out what causes this particular formation.

  16. Thanks everyone for commenting on the ice rope, but I got an observational clue today in my own garden. I am not sure if this reasoning is sound, but what I noticed was how the ice today was about five inches away from a stair riser in the backyard. It was shaped in a curious ‘S’ shaped, (and still mostly vertical), formation. This lead me to think how it might have formed with temperatures hanging around, up from, and below freezing, all within roughly the same time frame. It would melt slightly, freeze, remelt , refreeze and gravity slowly changed its form and position with each change. So I deducted the same to have happened with the ice ropes. They slowly melted off each branch that they covered , keeping the basic branch shape as they melted, in just the right temperatures to keep them in a mostly solid form but with enough pliability to conform to what gravity had in store.They curved and twisted as they melted and slowly fell. What do you all think? Am I on the right track?

  17. vwgarden says:

    Yikes! You’ve had some cold temps. I guess we’re probably about the same here, but I haven’t been venturing out to take pictures 🙂 Stay warm and hang on until spring!

  18. Malinda says:

    Beautiful Donna – very inspiring! We’ve had snow and ice too this week – unusual for us! Will you publish your calendar?

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